Wordshot (freestyle by me)

No need for me to possess a Smith and Wesson, man, to teach you a lesson
Your work always undone in your sick run to be number one
Thinking your a G when you ain’t none
no need to be so full of yourself when you could be taught by each one
No need to have a crown to bring you down, man you’re a bad clown
Nearly as silly as ICP take a look at yourself really
Against you words will spread like a pistol to make you fall
Man you stole a bad role I’ma put you into a hellhole, traitor with no parole
You lost in the jungle with no address only emotional distress,
I’ma make you stumble go on mumble your unspoken word you fucking nerd
You talk like you were underage, let me expand my rage and put you in a cage, your story is an empty page, I’m doubting your mental age
Now you’re afraid, speaking like you’ve been betrayed on the ground you I’ve been layed
On you I’m dropping my grenade you renegade words to counter your masquerade a full tirade to destroy your serenade, to stab you like a knife blade
Words to disarm, words to harm with charm with a certain will to kill like a poison pill
Admit that you have to quit before your throat gets slit
Words crimes I commit and this is my latest hit.