Eminem vs Cage

How many whack and average artists have accused Eminem to have copied their style or rhymes? Well, if Eminem was actually inspired by some of you and took some of your whack or average work to make it look brilliant, that makes him appear much more than a genius in the public’s eyes.
Underground rapper Cage from New York belongs to those emcees who claim that Eminem copied their rhymes and their style.
Their beef goes back to the release of the Slim Shady EP in 1998. At this time, Cage accused Eminem to copy his rhymes and his style, which has been denied by Eminem. Cage gets dissed in the song ‘Role Model’ from the Slim Shady LP, where Eminem says: ‘Bought Cage’s tape, opened it and dubbed over it.’
Eminem also disses Cage in a freestyle called ‘Drastic Measures’:
‘Are you afraid of a blade made of a razor wit AIDS
Blood dripping from it
Ripping your stomach up from the waist up
You talk a lot of junk, but you was never ill though
I’m strong enough to beat you to death with a feather pillow
Tipped over some cows, just for a joke and a laugh
Jumped up choked a giraffe
Snapped its neck and broke it in half
Waging wars
Went on stage and sprayed Cage wit Agent Orange
And wiped my ass wit his page in Source
The demon is here, i’m steaming this year
I rip Mystikal’s voice box out, and scream in his ear
It’s not a gimmick trick, it’s an image I live it
Give a damn? I don’t know what a damn is to give it
Man I don’t think this guy is well, I’m high as hell
I beat you with a live cat while I’m swinging him by his tail
I’ll freakin’, I’ll freakin’
Lay your nuts on the dresser, just your nut sack by itself
And bang them stuffs wit a spiked bat
Cut your neck off, and glue your head right back, and leave you like that
You just triggered the prick who mixed liquor
Who’s itching to leave you disfigured
And stiffer than Chris “Stiffer” Reeves
I was teething with strep throat when your mother was breast feeding
And gave her the flesh eating disease
I’m iller than taking a hammer and beating your knees
And walking through South Central L.A. bleeding in jeans
Flash you back to being shot and repeating the scene
On how you just got smoked
And if you do live
You’ll be too scared to tell it, like a Biggie and Pac joke
Did my best to edit in the curses
In these verses
When it dispurses…’

Despite the fact both emcees despise each other, Eminem and Cage have something in common: both are abused children. The article ‘Rage In The Cage’ will give you further information about the underground emcee:
Cage calls Eminem’s rhymes “Tired rhyme styles from Detroit, Michigan”.
Cage justifies his retaliation against Eminem this way: “It started because he is a bitch ass nigga! Right now it stands with me kicking in his fucking face, real horrorshow, I ain’t lettin’ all the shit he said slide.”
Here are some lines written by Cage that are directly aimed at Marshall and at his alter egos:
I heard some blonde bitch walking through New York looking for Cage, I’ll stab you in the face, ten times in the same place. Lace your little infant ’til you thinking different, When in the same building on the street lift you off your feet. The illest four letter word in the world, supporter, Rhyme slaughter, the listener to death save the gun for the Blonde Ambition, fell off the Christian wagon. Your systems saggin biting my shit and I’m laughing, I can freak simple shit and sell records but I don’t. I write the illest shit that cause fans to enter bitin’ zones, Keep your guards by your guard you showing cards on the low. See a man gotta deal, now y’all look just like ‘Cro (Necro), all you schizophrenics need help with reality. Kill your two little personalities, shark getting snuck a salary, Observe gravity pullin ya in to earth gradually. You’ll see you need a style I create to try and battle me…’
Cage, who despises Slim Shady calls Eminem’s alter ego ‘Censored Lady’. He also created a Dr Dre diss called ‘Still Cage’ which is supposed to be a parody of ‘Still Dre’.
Since the beginning of his career, Eminem has caused a lot of envy and jealousy in the world of hip hop. Because he is incredibly gifted for rap and because he handles words like nobody, many emcees would like to be rap like him.
Why not try to improve your style and work a lot harder instead of picking on the best MC?

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  1. Thats cause he is NOT the best MC. Are you serious? Explain Encore, that is a piece of shit. Cage ‘s flow and style destroys Eminiem. Eminems Slim Shady LP is his best and only album. He has become to money driven, nothing he says has any meaning just 100% pure garbage.

  2. Wake the fuck up, my man — Eminem DID bite Cage, repeatedly, and Movies for the Blind and Hell’s Winter both outshine anything Eminem has ever done….and judging by his last two albums, anything he will ever do. Learn your history.

  3. Yeah, Bdizz and Wombaticus Rex are obviously right. I’m currently listening to Movies for the Blind and Hell’s Winter on Shuffle, and it certainly does outshine Eminem. The only denying it would have to be pop culture. You wont ever see a Cage video on MTV, and he can still outshine Eminem. I think there are more and more people listening to underground music now, so artists like Cage can still sell albums. If it wasn’t for Ems major label, Cage would have it in the bag. But Cage doesn’t want to lower himself to that level, where every new album just gets cornier and more ridiculous than the last.

  4. C’mon man Cage was accusing Em of stealing his shit even befor Em blew, its obviose he wasnt doing it for the attention or anything to that nature. My guess is you have never listend to any Cage albums and just assume thats he wack couse he aint on mtv, and Em hasnt been dope since the MM lp, how can he be the best?

  5. Cage is wack. I went to a Cage concert and that shit was terrible. Atmosphere (Slug) is better than both Cage and Eminem. That stabbin, horror, murder, death, kill crap gets boring.

  6. you have obviously not heard Hell’s Winter. Give it up, Cage wrecks Eminem with everything he does.

  7. Cage in my opinion is far better than Eminem, however Em is still tight. The problem i have is that kid who said Atmosphere is better than both Cage and Em. He or she should stop crying themself to sleep. My music is much like Atmosphere, and we both suck!

  8. Screw Cage, Eminem forever. So they were both abused, forget Cage, Eminem’s beef with Cage put Cage on the map, we wouldn’t have known he existed without Eminem. Em never actually released “role model” as a diss to Cage and Cage took it personally. So screw Cage, Eminem is better.

  9. I’m more of an Eminem fan, than a Cage fan. But in the beef Cage won, hands down. He never really stopped dissin Em. Check out the tracks: Illest 4 Letter Word, Bitch Lady, Escape To 88, And So Kiddies then there’s tracks with little disses in like A Crowd Killer, Unlike Tower 1, Haterama (part 1).
    I think Kuniva once had a line dissin Cage, sayin something about pourin piss down his throat and tellin him he had AIDs.

  10. Are u fuckin kidding me? alright, i’ll admit, i’m a huge underground hip hop fan, but never took the time to listen to cage’s shit until just now. i heard “Hell’s Winter”, & don’t have the first clue to what makes him appealing. he reminds me of a ….. more talented version of ICP… which means, he still sucks. i, myself, am an underground artist & just started doing local shows, & traveling to austin & manhattan this summer to do more of them since i’ll have time… & one thing i know – if you’re an average mc, but want to obtain a huge following, claim you’re “horrorcore” & you’ll have a mob of confused, depressed, mad-at-the-world fans behind u. i’ll be the first to admit that “Encore” was pure shit w/ the exception of m/b 3-4 songs, but Hell’s Winter? there’s not one track on that garbage album that i’d ever play again.
    go back to listening to punk rock/death metal, scream in the mic, & leave underground hip hop alone – & take dumbasses like cage & ICP w/ u. cage’s lyrics are sub-par… they’re descriptive but repetitive, the lyrics aren’t complex at all, his flow’s choppy as fuck, his delivery is horrible… i’m tired of hearing the same universal corny wanna-be voice over & over. take ppl like blackalicious for example, nice lyricist… but corny voice. some ppl have the voice for hip hop, some dont… cage doesn’t. when i first heard about cage, i expected some horrorcore repetitive punk rocker turned rapper… but i expected breathtaking lyrics after reading opinions from his fans – his lyrics are average at best ppl. & “The Eminem Show” was actually my favorite album by em to date… ppl mature as they grow older, & true mc’s don’t feel the need to fit a mold. on that cd, em talked about real shit – but still shined lyrically… on encore, the complexity of his lyrics fell off. listen to any cage freestyle, then listen to an em freestyle… they’re on 2 completely different levels ppl.
    & i actually like atmosphere – i don’t think he’s nearly as good as em was when he was coming up, but he’s a shit load better than cage. eyedea’s pretty nice too. this is a prime example of confused suburban kids ruining hip hop though. i’m white, but it annoys the hell outta me when i see someone’s myspace page for example, & see “Favorite Artists: rock rock rock rock, eminem, rock etc.” if u like hip hop & like eminem or cage or whoever b/c u like they’re music… props, but if u just listen to them & like them b/c they’re white, you’re retarded. in this thread u have “the best mc” discussion brought up, & cage, eminem, atmosphere, etc. are thrown out there – you’ve gotta be out of your fucking mind if u think someone like cage is the best mc ever. atmosphere? not close, eminem? not anymore, never was either… but he’s up there. listen to ppl like Louis Logic (the best mc IMO), Celph Titled, One Be Lo, Apathy, AZ, Nas, Jay Z, Common, Ras Kass, Canibus, Rakim, Talib Kweli, etc. – then tell me that “Cage” is anything above average. cage isn’t hip hop, period.
    oh & btw, whoever was saying something regarding “cage could easily sign w/ a major label & blow up, he just doesn’t want to”…. hang yourself…. twice. believe me, anything that cage sells is due to his skin color & “horrorcore” label. i have a ton of friends from diverse backgrounds/cultures. most actually like eminem. why would a black person like eminem? b/c if u appreciate lyrical skill & talent, u respect him. if i put in that “Hell’s Winter” bullshit, those same ppl would look at me like i was crazy. rakim himself said “if eminem wasn’t white, he might’ve not sold as many records, but he’d still sell a ton b/c the cat has a lot of talent”. i’d bet my life savings that a hip hop mastermind/icon like rakim would turn cage’s shit off after 20 seconds. now, proceed to go watch House of 1,000 Corpses, paint your face, put on your all black attire, & leave REAL hip hop alone.
    Sincerely Yours,

  11. Yo cage is nasty! Ems old shit was hot but yo he’s been sleepin on that shit. DAmn Cage has some nasty shit tho. yo Keep it real! 1

  12. if u sayin da best mc is the one hu uses their lyrics to show how ‘fucked up’ and ‘dangerous’ they are on da mic then on av. Cage has the sicker style. ive listened to them both enuf n I fort eminem was sicker at 1st, but i reckon thats only cos ive erd him more. Plus he was the 1st one i erd with that sorta style so it was all new n he had no real competition wiv as much limelight as him. if they both came out at the same time and blew up cage wuda kicked his fuckin head in. only reason y ems style has matured is cos he had to if he wanted to be mainstream. U cant sell records if ur saying ‘stab a cunt fuck u jus take loads ov drugs’ all the time its not gonna work so he had to broaden his style n make it more accessible to more types of ppl.

  13. Fluency… you just said you never bothered listening to cage until hell’s winter… lol his old shit is some of the craziest hip hop ever. listen to movies for the blind, weather proof, and leak brothers before making your shit argument … I mean your comparing him to icp… LOL, are you deaf? Ems got nothing on Cage…

  14. Hells Winter is garbage and so is Encore, but Cage will never be anywhere near Eminem’s level. That dude Fluency spoke the truth.

  15. If you call Hells Winter horrorcore you loose all credibility right there. Red flag #2 is ” i, myself, am an underground artist”…sure. 3rd, you think Cage woke up one day and said, Horrocore! thats it! If you knew jack about music in general you would know that artists dont come up with labels for their music, thats for the critics. You think i waste my time typing out Eminem is medicore at best, and he sucks Viacom’s dick? What for? I have plenty of excellent music to keep me entertained without listening to something constructed by a record label that things im a mongoloid and will buy anything. Get back to your rhymes and stay off the internet trying to explain other peoples music.

  16. Fluency-
    Dude seriously your an idiot, your pretty much saying that anyone listening to hardcore, punk, progrock etc shouldnt be listening to hiphop? i listen to all forms of music including rap.
    eminem is a fucking sellout poser that has no respect to fans or any credibility. anything cage touches is fucking gold, and im sick of cunts saying cage is an indie fuck and all that shit because he doesnt where the fucking hiphop uniform and has people like daryl palumbo featuring (head automatica and glassjaw also cages closest friend). cage is bringing something new to the plate by doing these things.
    Most commercial music loves the cock anyway including eminem.

  17. Oh and by the by fluency, we all listen to the mc’s you listed and cage.
    you miss the point, its not just the way he does it or what he says, its the ideas presented in his music that make is so amazing.

  18. listen u fools eminem is the best thing to come out of rap since pac and big in my opinion he is in the top 2 best lyricist’s ever on par with 2 pac. who the hell thinks this “cage”even deserves to be spoke of!!!!!!!!! em’s lirical content is a work of art that even William Shakespere would have to marvel at. i think alot of u head bangin metal heads need go back and listen to ur slipnot and slit ur writs. LONDON BIG UP…WERE TAKIN OVER SOON.

  19. I think Cage “LYRICALLY” better thanEminem guys… COME ON MAN!! Don’t give me wrong, Eminem is a pretty nice rapper. I understand the people who said Eminem better than Cage because Eminem shook the WHOLE rap-game with his album. Each EMINEM album sold over 4X. But when is comes to lyrics in my opoinion, Cage is better.

  20. o yea…. ya might be mad if i say this but that “Tailb” dude is right. Slug is better than both Eminem and Cage. to me, people who don’t like atmosphere never bought an atmostphere album or just don’t like Underground rap much. Atmosphere latest album and “Overcast” are both HOT albums… but i disagree when “Tailb” said Cage only raps abous horror stuff… listen to Hell’s Winter.

  21. Eminem the 2nd best rapper??? u stupid man. Eminem is NOWHERE as good as Nas, Jay-Z, Big L, Phonte, Raekwon, GZA, Big Pun, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Ghostface, Common, Lyrics Born, and the list goes on!! I don’t even think Eminem is the best white-rapper. To be honest with u man… i think Sage Frances, Aesop Rock, Slug, 7L & Esoteric are better than Eminem lyrically. Also Cage is an amazing rapper dawg, Better than Eminem in my book. Hell’s Winter and Movies for the blind shit all over eminem album… i think Marshall Mathers is REAL over-rated… so before u say anything else stupid as that… go learn more about rap and shut the fuck up!

  22. Everyone needs to stop hating on Eminem so much.. the man gets no credit for what he’s done. Yes, Encore was garbage (except for the fat beats) but lets be honest here. The best lyrical artists can tell stories in their songs instead of regressing back to lame nursery rhymes. Pac could do this, Biggie could do this, Big L could do this, and so can Eminem. The only other rappers able to do this today consist of game, immortal technique, and then kanye,mosdef, etc.. if you like that rap. What really makes Eminem so good is the fact that you can ACTUALLY understand him. He articulates his words extremely well and raps about funny, crazy, and serious shit.
    Cage’s lyrics are boring and his beats are horrible. His album belongs in the trash along with himself.

  23. Obviusly eminem is better then cage becuz no 1 wants to sighn cage cuz all his shits gay and the same, eminem slays cage in any freestyle that ive ever herd.

  24. I think it’s funny how all of the pro-eminem people posting on here have horrible spelling.
    It immediately makes me think you’re all a bunch of kids.
    Ya Eminem has had a few decent tracks, but all his more recent tracks suck (especially the ones with D12).
    Cage is amazing.
    His beats are awesome, his lyrics are great and flow so well, his work with The Weathermen kicks ass.
    Cage has an actual story to his life.
    His father was a heroin addict who abused him.
    He moved to Germany and lived with his uncle, who abused him.
    He came back and ended up in a nut house and was a guinea pig for the not-yet-released prozac drug, which ended up making him suicidal.
    He got out and ended up being a drug addict, and still depressed.
    And now he’s clean and raps about how horrible his past was, and gives hope to those going through those things.
    Cage survived it all, and he’s a better man now for it.
    THAT is a fucking life’s story.
    What the fuck does Eminem have on that?
    “Oh, I was brought up on 8-mile in a trailer park and I had no friends”
    boo fucking hoo.
    Ya sure, he’s on MTV and everyone in America knows who he is, but he’s got no style now.
    Every song he releases now is a fucking joke.
    and the joke isn’t even that funny.
    Eminem sucks solo.
    Eminem sucks w/ D12.
    Cage is awesome solo.
    Cage is awesome w/ The Weathermen.

  25. And that people sums it up ^
    any cage haters here seriously need to actually listen to him, you obviously heard someone bagging your idol eminem and immediatly wrote cage off.

  26. OMG i Luv U Em!!1!111!
    I’m obviously on Cage’s side here. …Hense my ability to type properly.
    To his credit, Eminem started off gritty with some half way decent lines, I mean I remember listening to him back in like…8th grade. But come on, look at him now. He’s a “celebrity” not an artist. What’s he like 5’7″ and a buck 20, always surrounded by his big bad security guards. Wow, thugggg life.
    For the person who said Cage could be signed to a major label but chooses not to…Def Jux might night be a MAJOR label but they are definitely up & coming, not to mention they feature some other really great artists. Cage could have been just as big as Em if he had done the same: SOLD OUT. Cage’s style has EVOLVED but he hasn’t ditched the rawness that makes him…him. He’s more dedicated to his work than that, &more dedicated to his fans. I’m sure he’d love to be living in some huge mansion sitting on millions, we all would; Cage, however, has stayed down to earth.
    &For the record…Chris has overcome ten lifetimes more in his personal life than Em could even dream of fabricating. & all that shit about growing up in a trailer park on 8 mile road….yeah, go visit there sometime, not a trailer park in sight.

  27. Hey, just bc eminem is mainstream and Cage is underground hip hop doesnt mean he automatically sucks. He’s up there for a reason. At least you can understand what the fuck’s comingg out of his mouth- as opposed to aesop rock. And who you are as an artist doesn’t depend on how bad your life was. People can’t choose where they’ll be born- and their circumstances. What if Cage hadn’t grown up with abusive family. Eminem grew up with abusive shit too. You try growing in a trailer park in detroit- with no father supporting. It isn’t about the stories they can tell. It’s about the talent that they do have.

  28. Are you serious saying Cage is sub-par and he’s wack trynna claim Eminem bit his style.
    Lets take a look at something, Go back, way back to the Infinite album and Slim Shady EP (EP not the LP) now listen to both of them then listen to Cages shit which was before the release of SSEP now Cage had a violent ryhme style and stuff, then listen to SSLP and MMLP and tell me Eminem did not at least get ideas of Cage. You must be stupid as hell to think not.
    HAHA and saying they both were abused all I can tell from Eminem is that he was bullied and had a bad mum/mom (ive been bullied so many people have) now Cages childhood oh lord. His dad was a Heroin addict and had a stand off with A sherrif after his dad turned the gun on his kids. this was at the age of 8, Cage then had stepdads and one of his step dads beat him repeatedly (listen to The Soundtrack) then his mother sent him to his uncle’s who was a vietnam vet and hated Cage and beat him for a year, then cage went back to his mothers and stepdads where he got into drug and more trouble from 13 to 15 where he then was sent to a mental Institution by his mother, he spent 18 months there (in stoney Lodge) it was supposed to be a 2 week evaluation. after he got out he started rapping.
    Now who had it worse?!

  29. Who ever said that shit in the blog about “Talentless no name rappers claiming eminem took styles” needs to shut up and get there head out of the MTV gutter , if you havent heard of cage before eminem said his name that doesnt mean dude is wrong or wack or whatever.It just means your to close minded to stop listining to top 40 radio stations and downloading fake eminem remixs off of kazaa (ie EMINEM CAGE DISS REMIX FET JAY Z PDIDDY BIG BOI RICK ROSS OUTLAWZ 2PAC SNOOPDOG) smarten up yungin!

  30. well i downloaded the Hell’s winter album, and i felt sleep from 12:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and i still want to do it everytime i hear the name Cage, he has good lyrics and a nice flow but those beats are borin as fuck.
    and ’bout Eminem, since i hear the Straight From the Lab EP he’s dead for me.

  31. in all honesty this is a battle that will never be one…people here are comparing cage and em to people not even in that fuckin catagory.
    if we’re talking in terms of white rappers hands down Louis Logic or Apathy are the most talented in that catagory. But i dont even think this is a matter of who is the best MC. Cage is lyrically more interesting to listen to than Em. Eminem has some good lines and some pretty risque stuff, but for what its worth, Cage steps farther over the line then Em does, people gawk at Em’s lines because hes fucking mainstream where as you dont see cage ripping apart a human body on MTV – eminem has mad a fucking career out of dissing on people which in my mind is fucking pathetic. In all honesty, Cage is my favorite rapper and not because hes white or because hes got that horror-core style its because of his history and how it amplifies the intensity in his music .
    Non-Phixion (Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac Red, DJ Eclipse)
    Cage Kennylz Or all the Weathamen for that matter
    Apathy, Celph, Louis
    ^^ all those MC’s are lyrically talented in their own ways, beats lyrics, evoking feelings in your mind, its all just a game to see who can evoke a response from you…em disses people to get responses…
    CAGE WINS πŸ™‚

  32. “Until the worms eat my flesh I guess they better burn me
    These are the thoughts of a child I keep ’till thirty
    I lack patience ’till I was packed with patients
    In the mental facility forced on all the wrong medications
    Prozac genie pig, I don’t feel bipolar
    But got a folder that claims I am in a stack that reaches my shoulder
    Music, my only savior in every instance
    Makes each one of you a prophet to my existence”

  33. both great rappers. i think em WAS a better rapper than cage.
    cage is better in presens.
    but at the time when they where beefing there is no doubt about who came out as the better-man.

  34. What the hell is wrong with some of you??? Who gives a damn who beefs with who???? Eminem had beef with Canibus too….you people can’t even think for yourselves, you just side with whoever you’re a fan of. Whoever said Cage’s lyrics are boring….UHHHH have you heard “Grand Ol’ Party Crash”??? His lyrics are far from boring, they’re pretty fucking amazing.
    I think Eminem’s great too, I’ve always been an Eminem fan since before I heard of Cage.. (wasn’t really exposed to much underground back then) and even after I started listening to Cage, I wasn’t clear on his beef with Eminem… and franky, I don’t really give a shit. They’re both sick MCs, who gives a fuck about whatever personal drama they had??? I think Canibus is the shit too, even Eminem would admit he’s skilled…
    Though I have to say Eminem’s newer shit is somewhat disappointing… I loved The Eminem Show and everything before that, but Encore ehhh some songs are alright but in comparison to his old shit it’s mediocre… however Cage’s most recent album Hell’s Winter is incredible. I like the old shit too but it just seems like with this album he’s grown as a person and as a MC and his lyrics show it…
    Atmosphere is good too, but I haven’t really gotten into him as much as Eminem and Cage… Necro is great too, although probably too brutal for some… and I can’t believe no one’s mentioned Aesop Rock??? Also Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon, Immortal Technique…probably more I can’t think of right now.
    OKAY somebody said something up there that pissed me off… about how Cage isn’t even hip-hop and how he would only sell because he’s white… I didn’t even know he was white when I first started listening to him… WHO FUCKING CARES ANYWAY? Sure it would effect record sales because he’d stand out but that DOESN’T take away from his talent…and he CAN write and he CAN rap… and some people might not be exposed to a lot of underground rap, so if they like mostly rock music and happen to like Eminem, so what? That’s probably the only kind of good rap they were exposed to…
    Maybe Cage isn’t the BEST rapper ever but he’s one of my personal favorites, probably because I feel like I can relate to him more. Canibus is great and all, but sometimes it’s like he’s just so out there… Cage’s lyrics I can just FEEL more, and that’s how it was with Eminem too… if they were black, would they write about the same things? They would have different lives…
    I don’t just relate to them because they’re white either, it’s just certain patterns of thinking that show up in their writing and it’s like wow… Insane Clown Posse are white and I don’t FEEL them like I FEEL Eminem and Cage… just get over the fact that they’re white and don’t fucking tell people to kill themselves because they recognize their talent and maybe they actually prefer them because of their lyrical CONTENT, not their skin color.

  35. cage sucks i could beat him in a rap battle he’s to gay for me cuz i rather to a real life story kind of a rap then cage’s gay ass homo shit CAGe IS a FAGgot

  36. Fluency, you lost all my respect when you said Louis Logic is the best MC. Louis Logic has awful flow and sounds cheesy as hell. He’s a frat boy on a mic. Also, the fact that you’re judging Cage off of one album is crazy. Go back to Movies for the Blind, then you can talk. Also, Cage is a much better lyricist than Slug. You’re dissing “horrorcore” fans and you come out saying you like emo rap! WTF?
    I’d have to say, I like Cage better as an artist, but I think that Eminem is better with the disses. As for those two verses above though, I’d have to go with Cage. Eminem comes out with a bunch of threats that he could really say to anybody. He could have put anybodies name in that track. It wasn’t really a diss so much as an “Oh yeah!? Well I’ll beat you up!” Cage, on the other hand, made several personal attacks on Eminem. That makes it pretty much in favor of Cage right there.

  37. i just saw this now, but if anyone is listening, this is how it breaks down
    em is pop, commercial he does shit just for $, he is not an artist, maybe at one time early in his career, he was true to himself. and i’ll use the cliche ‘he sold out’. really.
    he sacrificed his originality and creative artistry for $. but who can blame him.
    commercial music in general is purposely made dumbed down to reach more people and sell more records. even jay-z said ‘i dumbed down my lyrics and doubled my dollars’. it is just a fact that the majority of people in our country are not intelligent and creative mentally. there is a ‘follow the herd mentality’ and most people cant explore music past the radio and mtv, where em thrives.
    thinking logically, being a fan of music that takes intelligence to understand artistic concepts, i personally think cage is a much better artist. em cannot even be considered an artist. he is just a rapper, specifically a battle-rapper.
    it is a shame that so-called underground and indie artists will never get the attn they deserve, b/c simply the more creativity and originality you put in music the less people it reaches. simply the general public cannot understand anything but simplicity.
    like dreddy kruger says, please attempt to “Think Differently”

  38. 1. New eminem sounds like he just tries to make his whole verse into one word making a different noise for each word.
    2. Eminem does not know how to produce music. At all. Name 3 tracks he made, where he could have used MILLIONS of different snares, that didn’t use a hand clap to keep tempo. Gross.
    3. You have zero credibility as far as hiphop goes.
    -Comparing ICP to Cage.
    -saying, ” The Eminem Show” was actually my favorite album by em to date.
    – claiming you like Atmosphere, but then referring to Atmosphere as one person. The guy you meant was Slug.
    -comparing Eminem to Slug. Uh… they’re both white and they write rhymes.
    similiarties cease there.
    – you stated, ” now, proceed to go watch House of 1,000 Corpses, paint your face, put on your all black attire, & leave REAL hip hop alone.”
    leading me to believe both that you are ignorant to the definition of horrorcore and to what real hiphop is.
    -you said Celph Titled would have the spot of best MC over Cage.
    Wow. Have you ever heard of anything called context? or subject matter?
    Celph Titled is a series of punchlines with no common idea or motive mixed with glued on facial hair.
    -Cage not complex?
    ” I put a sick twist on every other frame design so, you see AIDS victoms sellin pretzels at a slide show ”
    get a fucking clue, please. we are not trying to get you to like cage.
    if you’re going to claim you know what “real hiphop ” is then get a clue.
    oh, and eminem recycled his “freestyle” lines. that punk used shit during a freestyle battle that was on his Infinite cd. what a punk.
    Oh. AAAAAAANNNDDDD let us not forget he lost to J.U.I.C.E. who is from CHICAGO. get fucked buddy.
    CK WM CC
    ” Used to pistol whip, till Shady made it look pussy”

  39. Yeah! Eminem is good and has gotten the credit but Cage rips it too and doesn’t get the credit he’s deserved.

  40. Cage Kennylz is just real. Em… love him, but seriously, is it necessary to promote your wack ass D12 click? or drop a horrifically poppy 1st single everytime you drop an album?
    Cage appeals to you if you’re looking for more than just what’s out there in contemporary hiphop. That’s why he’s part of Def Jux. The most innovative indie hiphop label around. Have you even heard the new EL-P album?!?!?!
    I am not white and I honestly don’t enjoy horror core, or anything of the genre (except necro – ‘i need drugs’ was hilarious, and a few gravediggaz tracks were cool), but there’s something about what he says and his story that really speaks to me. his choice of production is impeccable: RJD2 and Darryl Palumbo on the same track? Jello Bafara and DJ Shadow? El-P?
    Come on, you cannot even argue! Those are some tasteful and solid ass risks. Em never took risks like that except for when he had Elton come on stage with him, which was a huge publicity stunt more than anything. From a political standpoint… “mosh”?!?!?! come on! Cage has him covered on ‘Grand ol’ Party Crash’. w/ jello doing the bush impressions. When you compare who pushes the envilope further, lyrically and musically, CK wins.
    However, I really do respect Eminiem, and I love the song ‘rock bottom’. I’ll give him that he’s probrably a better freestyle artist, but really… if he didn’t rip anything from Cage, wouldn’t he be the better man and leave his name out his first major label debut?
    I can’t wait for Cage’s new record “Depart from Me”

  41. 1st of all i am a fan of hip hop….that underground an commercial talk dont even come into play cuz corny shit i wont even listen to because CORNY isnt HIP HOP…all i give a fuck about is lyricism an for me both slim an cage sre lyricists…jus cuz slim sells more records dont make him better…but also u cant use that against him neither cuz wen it comes down to it maybe he does drop that one track to sell more records but at the end of the day i still dont think u can ever question his lyrics…how he flips his syllables word play an rhyme patterns is amazin an sayin he has no crediillity is ridiculous!however cage if not better IS on the same level as em but to me there styles r totally different…they may say some things that sound alike but how they write an deliver they shit is totally different!some ppl wont give cage a chance cuz his voice is less radio friendly an they av no idea how to put words together or realise how the shits structured…they here wats said rather than how its said!to me it dont matter bout the beef…both r sick so ill continue to listen to an like both….even tho the artists i listen to r considered ‘underground’….arsonists,j5,high an mighty,mad skills,cage,weathermen,BIG L,immortal technique,heltah skeltah,ogz’z,buckshot an blackmoon etc that doesnt mean ima feel embarrased to admit i like eminem also….purely becuz his talent shines through all the ullshit bein spoke on him….same for cage….now keep hip hop alive an respect real hip hip for wat it is!!!!check my shit if you want

  42. Eminem’s a bitch that when “rappin” on the mic sounds lika a fuckin’snitch

  43. Okay, all of these losers are obviously kissing up to Cage because he’s ‘underground hip hop’ and Eminem is mainstream. You think that Cage wins because of what, grammar nazis and spelling whores take his side. First off, Eminem is purely original, Cage is straight trash. Eminem’s style, his flow, his delivery rips up Cage and fucking obliterates him. Comparing Eminem to Cage is basicly throwing Cage into a meat grinder. I took Eminem’s song lyrics, then I took Cage’s song lyrics, just for pure flow, to read that shit and check out his style and how it sounds compared to this whack underground MC Cage rapping about girls who slit their wrists. Eminem’s flow is SINISTER. Cage is nothing but another ICP rapper, straight trash, one of the worst to come out there. He isn’t rap, just a little emo kid who go throwin in a mental institution and a bunch of bullshit. Eminem took beatings too, he had a hard life as well but he doesn’t have to fall back on like, every song and relate to his past struggles. Cage uses his past as a gimmick, and is nothing more than a no talent fuck up. Eminem = Unchallenged flow.
    Nothing more than a giummick. How do you even compare these two? Btw you guys need to stop kissing Cage’s ass and each other’s, just because you’re not lazy and take time to type doesn’t mean Cage is better.

  44. Lets be truthful here….Cage is an emo bitch boy rapper. Listned to his shit and all you think is blah blah blah. He has absolutely no flow and bit Eminem’s style.

  45. The only album that I think Cage can be considered ’emo’ on is Hell’s Winter, which I’m pretty sure most fans would consider his worst album so far. None of the albums before that sounded emo to me at all, especially stuff like The Smut Peddlers, Nighthawks, and even Movies for the Blind. I actually believe Eminem has a lot of ’emo’ tendencies, especially on stage or when being interviewed/on MTV. It’s too bad we don’t get to see Cage on MTV.
    I’ve never been an Eminem fan and I’d heard a few Cage songs before even hearing Eminem and I immediately thought he was trying to copy his style in -certain- ways. Then it just got worse and worse when I compared the two, which caused me to not give much of a thought towards Eminem. I think Cage is a way better lyricist either way it goes, I just hope that his next album(s) won’t be quite as bad as Hell’s Winter.

  46. i cant believe i heard some1 say cage is garbage
    r u guys fuckin stupid cage was around before eminem is a hella good rapper, but i dont think em was biting his shit and even tho eminem sucks now i think when the slim shady lp came out he was better than cage, but shit like smut peddlers, leak bros n shit like that is still hella tyteee

  47. I used to be a huge eminem fan, long before he dropped the slim shady LP, I had most of the songs from that record by the way of trading underground rare bootlegged tapes.
    (it was the only way to get this shit back then)
    eminem was dope as fuck…
    cage has always been and will forever remain dope as fuck as well
    he just stayed true to himself and now he’s not washed up on the shit shore of an akon song.
    still widely respected, still successful…
    at this point I think just looking at it logically,
    if you’re impressed by ANY of the new eminem releases
    you’re like a codependant girl who doesn’t realize
    that she’s getting treated like shit
    and come on…. what kind of a name is slim shady.

  48. Wow can u say RETARD haha eminim and cage are both repetitive in what they rap about but cage changes up his style em just does same thing every record-“mom ruind my life and girl friend screwd me over every 1 hates me ill kill u all” and u want to speak on cage,pfft get off the computer stop E-thuggin and go buy a cage record u simpleton


  50. cage has always been and will forever remain dope as fuck as well
    he just stayed true to himself and now he’s not washed up on the shit shore of an akon song.
    Who every said that…i agree with you 110 percent

  51. i think what i just witnessed
    was every person in the world… thinking that if they vote for the under dog
    that thats promoting “real hip-hop” because the dude aint signed
    and never will be..
    his life story… damn.. i feel for him.. dude had it rough
    rougher then Em? of course he did
    now has that made him more musically talented?
    lets have a look see….
    nah… nah it hasn’t
    Marshall Mathers has been called a ground breaking artist and has made history
    and has been acclaimed by some of the living breathing greats such as Rakim, as an amazing artist
    in short
    all cuz the dude isn’t signed does NOT mean he’s wack… at all
    Em was once unsigned with a cd that sold less then a hundred records
    but if ur unsigned does that mean you’re good?
    no.. it doesn’t… all you Encore haters can get off eachother’s dicks for real
    so eminem finally made a CD that didnt have 15 solid amazing tracks.. he still had enough to outsell everyone else
    and ripped all of his verses on the Re-Up for those that think he “fell off now” ?
    but trying to teach sum1 sumthin when they think they’re right is like trying to teach a retard, Trig.
    so i give
    Cage is the best rapper ever
    all hail cage

  52. CAGE, hands down one of the illest MCs. EM’s only good shit was the Slim Shady LP.
    any of you fools who think EM brought cage to the scene are IDIOTS!
    CAGE claimed EM coped his style way before EM went mainstream.
    CAGE easily wins this beef.


  54. Its quite obvious nobodys gonna reach a comon grounds on whos a better rapper, cuz the eminem fans will talk shit about cage n the other way around.
    Ill give u the facts.
    1) Cages shit is true shit, he raps about his childhood and the fucked up things that happenned to him growing up.
    2) Cages flow and style was invented and around on albums before Eminem was ever even heard of, is it at all possible em heard his shit n said “hey, i wanna do that?” I think thats quite possible.
    3) Cages last album “Hells Winter” is about him trying to reform his life and get off drugs, and his struggle to do so. It may not be accepted widely by his fans, but its a good album if you consider what its for.
    4) Cages style is much more complicated than Em’s. When you listen to eminem you hear cages style in it, but it sounds like if cage had down syndrome because cages use of words is much more diverse and clever than ems instead of every other word being bitch, fuck and cunt.
    1) Em released his movie 8-mile to tell people about his struggles growing up in “the ghetto”. if ur gonna call cage whiney n emo call em that too cuz all he does is bitch about his problems getting into the black crowd.
    2) alot of the things in eminems movie are completely false and have been disproven by witness accounts and such.
    3) alot of the claims eminem makes about his mother and his troubled life have been challenged by his mothers book that tells the “true story” of his childhood.
    4) Eminem is widely considered a sellout because all he does is do shock-rap to get young audiences because nobody buys more records than a “troubled” teen, which is eminems ONLY true following. others buy the CD, but if these teenagers werent there to jump on the bandwagon Em would have been completely forgotten long ago.
    This is just some of the real shit that deals with this subject. Make ur decision on who you support, but as for myself i am Cage all the way. I prefer to hear about a guys fucked up life thats true, over a made-up story by a bleach blonde haired sellout who used to be a vanilla ice wannabe. if your wondering about the vanilla ice wannabe comment look for old pictures of eminem and my point will be clear.
    at this point id say eminem can suck a dick, but im sure he already has. probably elton johns…

  55. Bi-Polar Hi Roller all the way. No one has ever spoken better words about Cage. I have to say, I do like em’s early stuff, but just listen to him, he’s just a pussy. Atleast Cage actually lived through all this stuff that he so frequently writes about. Cage has been doing what he’s doing for so long, way before eminem got big or did anything good with hip hop, which he didn’t even do anything all that good. he’s become a generic mainstream rapper that i hate so much and i’m sure all of you do too. Cage has been true to hip hop through out his whole career. so fuck eminem, fuck all you cage haters cause you don’t know shit. Listen to his shit with the smut peddlers, listen to leak bros., listen to the weathermen, just listen to anything that cage is on or was associated with. eminem is wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. A while ago sometime in 1998, I first heard Eminem and predicted that he’d have staying power. Now, some 10 years later, I was right. But over that period of time, Cage entered my eardrum realm…
    Now, having grown up and with a stronger sense of what real music is, I can truly say this: Eminem is a battle rapper who is decent in lyrical wordplay, and by chance of being in the burgeoning Detroit underground hip hop scene plus the obvious “inspiration” in terms of subject matter via Cage…not to mention also freestyling on the Wake Up Show, attained fame.(being “discovered” by Dr. Dre)
    Cage is more of a novelist in terms of his wordplay and subject matter, along with his delivery (which I consdider his trump card and saving grace). This gets overlooked by the average so-called hip hop fan who depends on punchlines and shock value to find his or her comfort zone in a rapper…
    I haven’t heard anything decent from Eminem since the Eminem Show (which is overrated btw along with The Marshall Mathers LP); Hell’s Winter just left me in WOW mode. Now, with a growing fanbase and a highly possible biopic on his life re-enacted by Shia Lebouf, I can truly say that CK won…and that King Mathers (the upcoming Eminem album) will be outdone commercially and critically by Depart From Me (Cage’s upcoming album).
    Oh, and always keep an open mind on everything. It’s really beneficial. πŸ™‚

  57. The way I see it, there isn’t even a contest. Cage is one of the illest MC’s out there. Shady is a bitch/sellout/sensored/pop artist. That motherfucker has always been a bitch too. Anyone who rhymes about Tom Green, on some MTV shit is just in it for the ca$h. You can’t tell me that if you pick up a Cage, Weathermen, Smut Peddlers, or especially a Leak Bros. album and not instantly fall in love with that shit. I don’t know if it’s the simple fact that people can’t comprehend Cage or his lyrics, because there is no one out there as ill as him. Cage’s style, flow and especially lyrics are much iller and intelligent than Shady’s. Do yourself a favor and pick up “Movies for the Blind”, “Weatherproof” and “Waterworld” by the Leak Bros (Cage & Tame 1). Those are 3 of the illest albums I have in my collection, and anyone who has any love of hip-hop and respects it and the culture of it, would realize that Shady is really a bitch and Cage is real, and a million times iller than Shady.

  58. dude em had infinte and soul intent before he even cought the eyes of cage. and had the same style on infinte as slim shady lp.. 313, role model andrun rabbit run= cage’s lyrics/skill put together in a giant ball and put into a blank mc….cage is garbage learn your hiphop

  59. oh my fuckin god! Anyone that supports cage as even in the same league as emimen is a fuckin moron. cage’s lyrics are so boring and his beats so Shitty! Also his voice sounds just like my garbage disposal. Eminem has more talent in little toe than cage will ever have. eminems lyrics are absolutely brilliant. Just cuz they dont talk about stabbing and gutting and shooting and bluffing doesnt make them weak.
    Anyone that has actually listened to the lyrics in almost anyone of Eminems songs can see that hes a fuckin genius. cage is a half ass no talent tool that no one would ever have heard if he hadn’t put his name next to eminems.

  60. Personally, I think both lyricists have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, I think Cage is a lot better at being descriptive and telling stories, whereas, Eminem is a lot better at the whole battle rap thing. Overall, I would have to say that Cage is the better of the two. He’s a better songwriter than Eminem. Also, Eminem has been on a steady decline for the past few years, while Cage has been getting better and better lyrically and artistically. Cage just makes more interesting music than Eminem does, hands down. Eminem has become boring and one-dimensional.
    A lot of people will say that Eminem has better punchlines, which is true, but punchline lyrics are not what makes a rapper good in my opinion. You can use all the most clever metaphors imaginable, but if you can’t write an intelligent song with some meaning to it, then your lyrics don’t mean shit.
    For example, check out newer songs from Cage, like Subtle Art of the Break Up, Too Heavy For Cherubs, Ballad of Worms. This all has artistic value to it. Eminem used to make songs that had a point to them, but stopped doing that a while ago. This is why I say that Cage is the better of the two. Im not saying Eminem sucks, because he still is a good lyricist, but he continues to decline while Cage gets better with every album.

  61. Another thing I’ll acknowledge, is that Eminem kind of got his foot in the door with the whole ‘Slim Shady LP’ (which was an ill album), but then made a career out of dissing everybody in the industry to get attention.
    This is what Im talking about when I say Eminem is one – dimensional. If you even pay attention to the disses, Cage’s disses were so much more relevant; he brought up actual weak points of Eminem. Eminem, however, just talked about how he thinks Cage is wack and he will kill him. That further proves my point; Cage is the better and more intelligent artist.

  62. YOOOO
    i grew up listenin to eminem and memorizing his lyrics .. and then i heard of cage and read plenty of bios and listen to most of his songs.. i beleive cage is the best rapper . in my opinion. and fuck if he looks like a punk. or his songs arent reall hip hop.. but listening to dipset and all that bullshit of “i get money” ” I GET BITCHES ” AND ” i got guns?”
    thats what every mainstream hiphop song is all about . eminem was crazy … WAS but even then, he wasnt anything close to what cage was and is. the point is .. hip hop is dying. slowly up on the surface. but the underground lives on. why?
    because the dont rap about. i money or bitches or guns.. they laugh at it and make fun of it in their songs.
    stay underground . where its alive

  63. Look, im 21 now, and i was the biggest eminem fan when he came out (i think i was 12 or something). i still got SSLP and MMLP memorized word for word. The dude got me into hip-hop.
    and, thanks to him, i listened to everything hip-hop has to offer.
    as my hip-hop matured… i got into the underground. didn’t know much about cage. jus knew that he was beefing with eminem, and like any eminem fan, i just blew him off as wack.
    with that being said, today… i can safely say, cage is 100 times doper than eminem. it doesn’t matter what eminem did. he just made up all his rhymes.
    Eminem was never true to himself from the start. As I watched his career throughout the years, i realized how much of a fraud he is. he even said in intervews that people didn’t like his “positive” shit on infinite, so he completely got on that slim shady shit, and just made shit up. he was never hardcore. he was never in the streets. he had like one friend who was proof. he was never into drugs until he blew up. dude just has a good imagination, i’ll give him that. and he was funny on his first two albums
    cage is just ill as fuck. all you eminem fans, this is comin from one of ya’ll. grow the fuck up. i can tell from sum of ya’ll posts, ya’ll don’t have the slightest clue about what real hiphop is.
    anyways. my favorite rapper is aesop rock. ya”ll need to peep his shit if u like cage

    best album ever
    cage and tame were unstoppable on that record
    has anyone else noticed the ratio of cage fans to M&M fans on “The Eminem Blog”?
    em was a flash in the pan,he blew up and disappeared like every other mainstream pop act. Now he doesn’t have any fans left to defend him lol
    “Depart from Me” drops summer 08

  65. cage sucks, necro sucks, all that hoororcore bullshit sucks.
    demigodz > weathermen
    cage got his teeth knocked out by celph titled, cage is a pussy. period.
    thank you and goodnight.

  66. *Sigh* Most of the people who actually know what hiphop is, can say cage is an amazing lyricist with endless talent….
    However in my opinion, as someone with an IQ above 50..unlike some of you. I like eminems delivery and lines better. I’m a huge cage fan, But don’t use hells winter as an argument unless you are a retard, I have heard a total of 4 ill lines in the entire album…
    Yeah some of ems albums were horrible..
    So was hells winter……
    Half of the shit on the blog is bias and idiotic shit, I will admit that. I doubt half of the quotes listed are real..
    But I will say that all in all I’ve seen a lot iller material from em than cage…..And this is all I do really, is analyze and listen to music, really not into anything else.
    Quotables from em outweigh quotables from cage, is ALL I’M FUCKING SAYING… Half of you are probably the same fucking person trying to back yourself up, get another hobby man…

  67. Obviously Eminem is one of the all time greats, and he has so much credibility already that it doesn’t even matter how many shitty albums he puts out. The Marshall Mathers lp is a fucking masterpiece.
    However, Cage hasn’t really put out anything bad, sure every rapper has a few bad songs, but to me his music is very consistent. And seriously FUCK all you who say Hell’s Winter is garbage, that shit might be the best hip-hop album to drop since Stillmatic. Yes movies for the blind and all of Cage’s early shit is good too, But Hell’s Winter is fucking ridiculous. 4 ill lines? Are you fucking joking “Wiw”. I don’t even think i could find 4 lines that aren’t ill on that album.
    Hell’s Winter and The Marshall Mathers lp are both right next to each other on my best hip-hop albums list. But Em’s released some bad stuff, Cage hasn’t yet. They’re both working on new shit right now. We’ll see…
    All time talent and credibility- Eminem > Cage
    The better MC as of right now- Eminem < Cage
    and just to piss some people off- The Marshall Mathers lp < Hell’s Winter

  68. Eminem Is About 10 Times SICCER, And 50 Billion Times Funnier And 2 Times More Creative. CAGE Doesnt Even Have Another Persona, Like “EM” Has (SLIM SHADY).Eminem Did Get Beat Up And Picked On At School, He Was Knocked Into A FUCCIN COlMA!! He Did Have A Mom On Drugs, He Did Try To Commit SUICIDE. On The Song Rock Bottom, He Talks About Being BROKE And Having A Daughter. Oh, And He Uses His Real Name MARSHALL MATHERS. He Has Nothing To Hide From And Cage Is A Fuccin NOBODY, He Sounds like SHIT!! For Real CANT EVEN HEAR WHAT THE FUCC HE’S TRYING TO SAY!!

  69. Weathermen, Leak Bros, Smut Peddlers, Nighthawks and Cage’s solo albums, ALL OF EM ARE FUCKING GENIOUS STUFF.
    Can’t feel it?
    Kill your self.

  70. Man. This is is ridiculous. I can’t even believe people still talk about this CageEminem beef… its sooooooo 1999.
    People, get over it and move on. Eminem isn’t as good as he used to be and neither is Cage. I used to be into this crap when I was a teenager. I grew out of it and ventured into real hiphop.
    And the reason why Eminem never dissed Cage as much is because he is underground and below the radar, which would make Cage sell more records if he did. Just like when Chino XL dissed Tupac.
    And if I had to choose, I would pick Eminem over Cage anyday. Atleast Eminems rhymes make sense, and are well put together. Cage just doesn’t have it like Eminem, his words are shitty and don’t make any sense. Its like he just finds words to rhyme and doesn’t consider if they’re going to flow well. Like Necro for example, he’s garbage and only had a couple of hot songs, but he recycles a lot of the same rhymes, just like Cage.
    Bottom line is… they don’t have it anymore… none of them. And out of all of this Eminem lasted the longest, so even though Eminem sucks now, much love and respect to him for sticking it out the longest and have more dope and classic songs than Cage.

  71. eminem is more talented than cage, but it sure sounds like he borrowed cage’s persona.
    90% of eminem’s fans are white teeny boppers who never listened to rap music before they saw mtv.

  72. so eminem ripped off cage….who ripped his shit off R.A. the rugged man……
    R.A. > cage
    apathy > cage
    rise > cage
    majik most > cage
    dutchmassive > cage
    …….pile of week old dog shit > cage………….

  73. I dont have to comment. Tussin said it all.
    Cage is EASILY the more gifted of the two. Underground music always has been better than Mainstream anyway. Always has always will.

  74. How can you say Em fell off after Slim Shady LP you moron.
    The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show are two of the best hip-hop albums EVER.
    – Stan
    – The Way I Am
    – Drug Ballad
    – Kim
    – Who Knew
    – Soldier
    – Say Goodbye To Hollywood
    – Till I Collapse
    Some of his best tracks from them, oh yeah so ‘money driven’. Fucking idiot.
    Cage doesn’t come CLOSE to Eminem. Not even close. Go listen to Renegade and be tutored in real rap genius fuck head.

  75. First and foremost, I will give it to Eminem on being one of the first Emcee’s to bring real hiphop to the mainstream. The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP are his two best albums, hands down. Eminem is creative, he has skill there is no doubt about it. The thing with Eminem though, he re-uses ALOT of his shit. And no one can say that he doesn’t. I have scribble jam dvd’s of Eminem freestyling against people and he was spitting lines back in ’97 and some of the lines he used were on The Slim Shady LP, he can’t freestyle to save his life. He pre-writes almost all of his shit. Whether or not Eminem bit Cage’s style, I couldn’t tell you. I can tell you though, that Cage had it was tougher than Eminem. I mean he was forced to tie shit around his Dad’s arm while his Dad injected heroin into him? His Dad had a gun fight in front of him with the Middletown police department. Spending time in a Psyche ward, abusing PCP, and having been shipped to Germany just to get the shit kicked out of him by his uncle. Listen to the song on Hell’s Winter “Too Heavy for Cherubs” and “Stripes” Eminem openly admitted to not doing half the shit that he says on his records, he does it too just get a rise out of people. Cage on the other hand, Cage has always spit real shit. Movies For The Blind is a fucking amazing and incredible album, both lyrically and production wise. Agent Orange is suck an incredible song and anyone that says otherwise needs to re-evaluate their lives and go listen to some T-Pain.
    Here are some lyrics from Cage:
    -Agent Orange-
    I’m Against the Machine like Rage; bitches say, “I hate you Cage!”
    After circle jerks, I wash my hands off and do dirt
    Sick with a smirk, plus I be disturbed
    Fucked the first two bitches like dogs and I jacked off on the third
    I’m obvious oblivion but that’s my science
    Fuck your head up like corn rows put in by blind giants
    Haven’t been with it, since the last corpse kidded
    Wore a blood stained smile, and told the cop, “He did it!”
    Of course the most raw throughout the 9-1-4, 1-0-9-4-0
    Got you beasts shook like Doc Moreau
    Pour beer out for yourself because you’re walkin dead
    I’ll burn your house down like a fuckin Talking Head
    And get high like fuck, and pick apart my brain
    Disections [HA!] may [HA!] mentally [HA!] cause [HA!] infections
    Break you with inventions, sick intentions
    Leave most MC’s lost in my sentence
    I’m strictly, beyond and back, come and get me
    Hemotobin, left from a lip like a hickie
    Leak smoke got me ready to murder a rookie
    Killers on your block tuck in they dicks like Tootsie
    Come and witness what your shit missed
    Watch the glock kiss, Little Sis’ wetter like a Baptist
    Inconvenience; dilemma, like sitting on, Venus
    With no shuttle, treeless
    Try and pick apart some Agent Orange perception
    Catch frontal lobe damage and not manage correction
    I smell leak smoke, left by the anonymous
    Beats brought back to life, die, when I’m embalmin this
    Come around and get yo’ ass shot to clusters
    I’ma play the injuns with the arrows you be Custard’s.. back
    I write upon ya, divorce your head and neck then scalp it
    Rip off all your flesh and make a outfit
    – Among The Sleep –
    I’m seconds from meeting what mossberg had to offer
    And feed my thoughts to Christ to the altar
    I wake up on a red floor
    Axing a dead whore
    My dick chewed up, why I let this bitch give me head for?
    Pigs tryin’ ta kick down the door, I’m out for me
    Opened the sliding glass door and hopped off the balcony
    Fell 30 flights to car on 10th Av.
    Landed on a FedEx-disguised meth lab
    And after it blew up
    I woke up and threw up
    Stuck my hand in my pants, my shit ain’t chewed up
    Wiped the puke from my face
    Then leaved this place
    With a 4-5 in the waist
    At an elitist pace
    No breathing space
    I step out and show face
    Within 3 minutes I’m approached for H
    Then a shotgun to neck, now loose the weapon
    And my scull fragments painted the sky for seconds
    – Suicidal Failure –
    Took the phone off the hook, ate multi-colored pills
    Washed it down with Absolut and started writin out my will
    Give my dawgs bootlegs PS2 and DC
    To my girl who left me when she said, “Pick me or PCP”
    Since I love to smoke I thought it was a joke
    Tried to hang myself and I fell free from the rope
    Broke both my arms, my neck smashed my femur
    Got up somehow and limped in front of a beamer
    Cracked my rib cage, look what you did Cage, you’re dying
    But I’m not dead yet I’m still trying
    Cut my wrist and walked past some crips bleedin red
    In hopes that I get shot in the fuckin head
    In my opinion, Cage is a better and more real Emcee.

  76. that’s why cage is still making music, and eminem retired like a bitch and got fat. The Weathermen fucking stomp on D12. WM for life

  77. Cage is has way more skills and intelligence than Em.
    Not to mention: Went from battle rap to gunplay like we didn’t notice the change?……Yeah right.

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