Standing still (freestyle, by me)

You may claim your rhymes to be so ill, but I’m the only one to be standing still
No need to swallow the pill to chill, I’m standing still
You ask why ? Dawg, no need to claim that I have the fame
Inside I got a burning flame but you’re a shame to the game
Calling yourself a villain, reaching you’re level of stupidity, look, it’s plain
You’ve been the prisoner of your own chain
No need to sound tragical, philosophical, rethorical or intellectual,
I’m a knife, I’m surgical and logical
I do cut fast, in no time your mouth gets shut.
Thinking you’re a dinosaur ? Man, just go and close the door.
Why should I kiss somebody I’m supposed to diss in an eternal torture and bliss ?
But even then, when i get wild, I have the decency not to insult your child
Man, I can face your fake ass attack while you’re trying to sell your whack track, come back !
I’m getting personal, I shoot at you (bang, bang !) with my arsenal
You soon gonna know who’s who cuz you all know I am true
Don’t try to sound so clerical, my attack is technical, antitheoretical, structural,
I’m breaking off the wall
I can hear the sound of your SOS calls.
You claim to be ill, but I know that I have the will
To lyrically kill a man deprived of any skill
Who claims to be as good as Cypress Hill,
Man, I’m standing still.