Detroit rapper DJ Rick

DJ Rick is a Puerto Rican rapper from Detroit. He used to live in the most dangerous parts of Detroit.
He started rhyming since 1996.
Although he is far from being talentless, he had to face some problems in recording 10 of his songs in 1997.
His nickname ‘ DJ Rick ‘ comes from the name he had on-air at 89.3 WHFR, a College radio station.
DJ Rick has collaborated with many artists like Detroit’s MC Skully, Da Hardheads, DJ Butter.
DJ Rick’s discography is quite impressing :
He is a hardworking emcee who struggles for recognition.
DJ Rick has also collaborated with Cuban rapper Link From NYC and another New york emcee Jelani Wray.
DJ Rick has finished his ‘ Wanted For No Reason LP ‘ in January and he is supposed to release the album for Summer 2004.
You will learn more about the talented artist on his official website :
There are many interesting tracks to discover on the audio part of the rapper’s website which is really worth visiting