Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem

‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ is one of Eminem’s songs that had a major influence on my life. It has cured me from a huge pain I had kept inside till my childhood. The song and the video are indeed a great masterpiece of work.
‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ is a song I enjoy singing along. It helped me to get rid of my rage against my own parents.
I’ve heard people arguing so many times about the song and saying: ‘How could Eminem do a song against his mom? Tupac loved his mom. Eminem is a bad person etc…’
Because Eminem is angry with his mom (and he’s got good reasons to hate her), he automatically gets targetted as a bad person. Even worse, some people think he only lets his rage out in order to sell his records. The more famous he gets, the more people want to doubt his story.
If you take a look at the script of 8 Mile and despite the fact the movie is semi autobiographical, you may discover some elements of Debbie’s personnality in the role of Stephanie.
The dialogue at the end of the first part of the movie shows an indecent behavior from a mom towards her son. Don’t misinterpret me. I’m not saying that it corresponds to reality, but it may show how instable and how indecent Debbie must have been towards her son.

Stephanie: “Greg and I are having sex problems.”
B-Rabbit: “Please, you’re not gonna talk to me about that.”
Stephanie: “Greg won’t go down on me.”
B-Rabbit: “Fuck, mom!”

Many people are judging Eminem on the facts he sarcastically expresses in his songs :
‘ A lot of people are going to be like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you said that!’ But until you’ve been in my shoes, don’t judge me. ‘ (Eminem)
Think twice before calling Eminem a monster, because he attacks his mom. He has good reasons to do so. Debbie has mishandled and abused her son, she has humiliated him in so many ways. Now that Marshall retaliates as an adult person, he gets pictured as a monster ? That’s really simplistic.
Can you imagine what a kid is going through when he feels he cannot trust his own mother ? It is a living nightmare.
Matter of fact : Debbie Mathers used to suffer from Munchhausen’s syndrome. She made her son believe he was sick when he wasn’t.
You can find more informations about Munchhausen’s syndrome on this website :
In 2003, I was horrified when I listened to Debbie Mathers on TV and when she stated :
‘ Marshall was very timid, he didn’t dare going outside and I was forced to throw him out of the house’ ‘.
Does Debbie dare looking at herself in the mirror ?
It is well known that she used to throw Marshall out of the house all the time, just to get rid of him.
She claims that she’s been overprotective, that Marshall left her home when he was 26( and she adds that it’s so unusual for a boy to leave his mom at 26).
Debbie, you’re an hypocrit. Maybe Marshall stayed with you that long, but why don’t you also give some precisions : Marshall used to pay your bills and even your rents for your trailer and when he wanted to stop paying, you threatened to sue him in Court !
As Eminem stated it in a Rolling Stone interview, his mom used him to pay her bills. Those are the words Debbie used against Marshall. A very loving mom, huh ?
” ‘Get a fucking job and help me out with these bills, or your ass is out. Then she would fucking kick me out anyway, half the time right after she took most of my paycheck.”
Marshall is not the horrible person some people think he is, he needs to let his rage out, which makes him feel better. Do you realize that Debbie is not really what we could call a victim’
Marshall didn’t need to make this song called ‘ Cleaning Out My closet ‘. After the massive success of his two preceding albums and of the ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ D12 album, nobody could deny Marshall was wealthy enough to care about money. People who know Eminem well know him for his authenticity and sincerity. That’s exactly what he expresses in his song :
‘Now I would never dis my own mama just to get recognition.
Take a second to listen for you think this record is dissin’
But put yourself in my position.
Just try to envision witnessin’ your Mama poppin’
prescription pills in the kitchen,
bitchin’ that someone’s always goin’
throuh her purse and shits missin’.
Going through public housing systems,
victim of Munchausen’s syndrome.
My whole life I was made to believe I was sick
when I wasn’t ’til I grew up, now I blew up.
It makes you sick to ya stomach,
doesn’t it?’

First of all, I’d like to state that facts about Eminem’s childhood are proven facts. Matter of fact: Marshall’s childhood was living hell. He was constantly bullied at school and while he should hace found some security and love at home, his own mom treated him badly. She abused him mentally and physically. Debbie Mathers has left deep wounds inside of her son’s heart.
What should we think about a mom who still claims that she loves her son after dropping a 12 Million dollars lawsuit against him. You will find a lot of info about the legal lawsuits Debbie dropped against her son here:
Worst: how would you describe a mom who wished her own son to die instead of his uncle Ronnie?
If you were Debbie’s son wouldn’t you feel angry? Let me tell you that Eminem has the right to be angry against his mom.
Paul Rosenberg confirmed that all the facts about his past Eminem is referring to can be verified. And I believe so.
Vanilla Ice lied about his past and it has been discovered. When you’re in the show business, there is nothing about you that cannot be verified. If Eminem had fabricated his past, the scandal press would have talked about.
Debbie Mathers is an instable person who has also been addicted to drugs and who’s been poisening Marshall’s childhood:
‘ When I say my mom does more drugs than me, people think I’m just cracking jokes, but that shit is real.
“[My] mother was doing a lot of drugs, so she would be in and out of different mood swings. My mother would take three or four naps a day…”

But his mom’s behavior are not the only skeletons in Eminem’s closet. Eminem has suffered a lot from his father’s absence and he shares his feelings with his audience :
‘ I’ll take you back to 73 before I ever had a multi-platinum sellin’ CD.
I was a baby, maybe I was just a couple of months.
My faggot father must have had his panties up in a bunch,
cuz he split. I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye…’

Eminem’s father left him in 1973, when he was about 6 months. Growing up without his dad’s presence, experiencing a rough childchood in Detroit with his crazy mom, Eminem has suffered a lot from the situation and he hates his father for leaving him alone. He knows how hurtful such situations can be for kids and he wants to be different. He wants to be a good father for Hailie, no matter what happens between Kim and himself.
“No, I don’t on second thought, I just fuckin’ wished he would die.
look at Hailie and I couldn’t picture leavin’ her side.”

‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ contains a lot of emotions and pain Eminem is trying to work out. Kim’s behavior in the past has also added to his pain. Kim’s infidelity is one of the worst dramas in his life. Eminem recalls those tragical moments and shares his feelings with his listeners who are invited to watch his life as a show. Wecome to the Eminem Show:
‘Even if I hated Kim, I grit my teeth and I’d try
to make it work with her at least for Hailie’s sake.
I maybe made some mistakes but I’m only human.
But I’m man enough to face them today.
What I did was stupid, no doubt it was dumb,
but the smartest shit I did was take them bullets out of that gun.
Cuz id’a killed ’em, shit I would have shot Kim an’ him both.
It’s my life, I’d like to welcome y’all to The Eminem Show…’

Eminem would like to introduce you into his world, he would like you to share his immense pain, make you understand how it is to grow up with an insane and addicted mom:
‘But put yourself in my position.
Just try to envision witnessin’ your Mama poppin’
prescription pills in the kitchen,
bitchin’ that someone’s always goin’
throuh her purse and shits missin’.
Going through public housing systems,
victim of Munchausen’s syndrome.
My whole life I was made to believe I was sick
when I wasn’t ’til I grew up, now I blew up.
It makes you sick to ya stomach,
doesn’t it? Wasn’t it the reason you made that CD for me, Ma?
So you could try to justify the way you treated me, Ma?
But guess what, yer gettin’ older now and it’s cold when your lonely.
An’ Nathan’s getting’ up so quick, he’s gonna know that your phoney.
And Hailie’s getting’ so big now, you should see her, she’s beautiful.
But you’ll never see her, she won’t even be at your funeral.
See what hurts me the most is you won’t admit you was wrong…’

Moreover, the song is a real therapy for kids who are going through the same circumstances. Eminem shows them that they are not alone and not forgotten.
It is sad to notice how Debbie tried to use her argument against her son to get some publicity. This is the CD Marshall is talking about and you can listen to it here:
The song ‘ Dear Marshall’ appears to be a bad comedy, knowing how Debbie behaved in front of her son.
According to the latest news, Debbie is very sick, facing breast cancer. She wishes reunion with her son. Debbie Mathers made the headlines recently, being carjacked by a teenager at 8 Mile Road.
If it is true that Debbie is that sick, maybe her son will grant her wish and forgive her in the end. But will she ever realize how much damage she has done in Marshall’s life?
Marshall’s deep wounds haven’t been vain, though, because ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ has actually been a real therapy and blessing to many people, including me.
Verse 1
Have you ever been hated or discriminated against?
I have, I’ve been protested and demonstrated against
Picket signs for my wicked rhymes. Look at the times.
Sick is the mind of the motha fuckin’ kid that’s behind
all this commotion. Emotions run deep as ocean’s explodin’.
Tempers flaring from parents, just blow ’em off and keep goin’.
Not takin ‘nothin’ from no one, give ’em hell long as I’m breathin’.
Keep kickin’ ass in the mornin,’ an’ takin’ names in the evening.
Leavem with a taste as sour as vinegar in they mouth.
See, they can trigger me but they never figure me out
Look at me now, I bet ya probably sick of me now.
Ain’t you mama, I’ma make you look so ridiculous now.
Chorus (2X)
I’m sorry, Mama. I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to make you cry, but tonight
I’m cleanin’ out my closet.
Verse 2
I got some skeletons in my closet and I don’t know if no one knows it.
So before they thrown me inside my coffin and close it,
I’ma expose it.
I’ll take you back to 73 before I ever had a multi-platinum sellin’ CD.
I was a baby, maybe I was just a couple of months.
My faggot father must have had his panties up in a bunch,
cuz he split. I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye.
No, I don’t on second thought, I just fuckin’ wished he would die.
look at Hailie and I couldn’t picture leavin’ her side.
Even if I hated Kim, I grit my teeth and I’d try
to make it work with her at least for Hailie’s sake.
I maybe made some mistakes but I’m only human.
But I’m man enough to face them today.
What I did was stupid, no doubt it was dumb,
but the smartest shit I did was take them bullets out of that gun.
Cuz id’a killed ’em, shit I would have shot Kim an’ him both.
It’s my life, I’d like to welcome y’all to The Eminem Show.
Chorus (2X)
Verse 3
Now I would never dis my own mama just to get recognition.
Take a second to listen for you think this record is dissin’
But put yourself in my position.
Just try to envision witnessin’ your Mama poppin’
prescription pills in the kitchen,
bitchin’ that someone’s always goin’
throuh her purse and shits missin’.
Going through public housing systems,
victim of Munchausen’s syndrome.
My whole life I was made to believe I was sick
when I wasn’t ’til I grew up, now I blew up.
It makes you sick to ya stomach,
doesn’t it? Wasn’t it the reason you made that CD for me, Ma?
So you could try to justify the way you treated me, Ma?
But guess what, yer gettin’ older now and it’s cold when your lonely.
An’ Nathan’s getting’ up so quick, he’s gonna know that your phoney.
And Hailie’s getting’ so big now, you should see her, she’s beautiful.
But you’ll never see her, she won’t even be at your funeral.
See what hurts me the most is you won’t admit you was wrong.
Bitch, do ya song. Keep tellin’ yourself that you was a mom.
But how dare you try to take what you didn’t help me to get.
You selfish bitch, I hope you fuckin’ burn in hell for this shit.
Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me?
Well, guess what, I am dead. Dead to you as can be.
Chorus (4X)

Think twice before calling Eminem fans “idiots” and “losers”

To all the true Eminem fans all over the world, with all my love.
Many of our detractors spend their whole time criticizing us and calling us names. They are unable , most of the time, to debate intelligently against us.
Intentionally ignoring the fact that Eminem fans come from different backgrounds, they target us as ignorant and stupid people. Not all of us are teenagers, but some of us are also students, journalists, teachers etc’
Teenagers who are fond of Eminem usually know why they are supportive to the artist. They have found somebody who is close to them and who fully understands the problems they are facing in their every day life. Like Dr Dre expressed so well, kids can also learn a lot from Eminem’s life story :
‘ Kids can look up to Em as having come from nothing and made something out of his life. ‘
Eminem haters and detractors have no right to belittle teenager’s opinion and let me tell you why :
-despising teenagers means despising future citizens
-teenager doesn’t mean stupid’some teenagers are much more intelligent, open minded and able to debate than many adults who keep blind to things that shock them.
Kevin Devine was 13 when he wrote this brilliant article :
Here is a website where Eminem has been debatted by students :
On another website, a student has spoken out about Eminem and taken his defence :
Many adult fans love and respect Eminem, because they have discovered the depth of the artist and the high level of skills of the contemporary rap poet.
Haters, you want to oppose a few (pointless) reasons to hate Eminem ? I will give you an infinity of good reasons to love Eminem :
As I pointed it out, Eminem’s art is poetry. Eminem is considered a lyrical genius, because he actually has a high level of skills. He is appreciated for his talent and it is not because he is white. Eminem is gifted in his wordplays. I consider him a poet as well as I do consider Saul Williams (who is black) a poet.
The Black/White debate is silly and has nothing to do with talent. People who deny accessing hip hop to Whites will probably deny it to Asians too.
So stop arguing about race and about the marketing of his image.
Even if nobody supported him, I’d still consider Eminem a lyrical genius, because I admire the way he plays with words. I find his art deep, amusing and subtle.
Eminem has the depth of French poet Baudelaire’s verses who talked about controversial subjects like drugs.
In the 19th century, Baudelaire was also considered as controversial and censored by Catholic Church.
Open your eyes, Eminem is not the only poet to talk about rape !
German poet Goethe has also talked about rape in his poem ‘ Erlenk’nig ‘ (Erlking). Erlking is taking a sick child by force :
‘ Ich liebe dich, mich reizt deine sch’ne Gestalt,
Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt’ ‘
‘ I love you ; I’m charmed by your beautiful form ;
And if you’re not willing, then I’ll use force. ‘

But nobody is shocked by Goethe in the 21st century.
People like to pick on Eminem, because his language is direct and his stories look much more than Edgar Allan Poe tales, most of the time. Eminem is the poet who represents the uglyness of society and its imperfections. The talented rapper draws the pictures of our contemporary society’s dramas and he does it so well. He’s got a great sense of realism.
And no, Eminem is not all about swearing. There is a positive message contained in his music. This message is reflected by the lines of ‘ Till I Collapse ‘ from the Eminem Show :
‘ Cause sometimes you just feel tired.
You feel weak and when you feel weak you feel like you wanna just give up.
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
and just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up
and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse. ‘

Eminem’s whole life story is a story of pain, courage , faith and determination.
Eminem is not just a selfish whining man : he teaches us a lesson. The more personal he is in his lyrics, the more universal his message becomes. Why ? Because so many people can relate to what he is saying in his songs.
Matter of fact : Eminem has a huge influence and has earned many people’s respect :
As you probably know, a majority of people in America also consider his lyrics more truthful than President Bush’s (empty) speeches, which means Eminem has some political weight. He has the courage to point out the government’s hypocrisy.
Some of them haters say that Eminem will be forgotten within five years, which is wrong : Eminem has entered the legend whether you like it or not. He is brilliant : his sincerity and his integrity as an artist are undeniable. Eminem has a particular relationship with his fans, he stands very close to them, that’s why his audience loves him so much. If my words haven’t convinced you yet, go see him in concert : his sincerity will totally convince you.
Some Eminem haters also seem to be very fast in judging people. To all of them who have kept judging me, this is my answer :
‘ Whatever misjudge, prejudge,begrudge me’ ‘
I have found my way in Eminem’s music which fullfills my every day life with joy and happiness. If you have a problem with that, there is really nothing I can do for you. Eminem actually changed my life in a positive way and his music has given a new sense to my life. So keep saying negative things about me, doubt me, I don’t care. Your words won’t bring me down.
At least, I have found my way. Some people find it in different kinds of music, philosophies or elsewhere and I’m happy for them. Can you say the same about you ? Have you found your way ? Are you happy ? Your expression of hate is a proof of your great unsatisfaction and that is enough said.
You seem to be sad persons with no life to have only hate and incomprehension to spread all around. What about getting a life ?
We Eminem fans lose ourselves in the music, we have no time to waste on our haters. So keep on hating on us, talk about us, spend your whole spare time on us. Guess who are

Kill you by Eminem

‘Kill You’ is one of the most controversial tracks from the Marshall Mathers LP. It is also one of the most sarcastic of the album. If you got Eminem’s sense of humor, you will have fun while listening to the song. You will appreciate his parody of raping and killing women a slow death.
And to the conservative and closed minded people who seriously believe Eminem actually is what he says in his lyrics, relax a little. Eminem is no danger to society. In fact your closed minded minds endanger society : you are the real threat to freedom of speech. Get a sense of humor and try to understand what Eminem is trying to say. No, Eminem is not a monster, he doesn’t hate women’
The first lines of ‘Kill You’ bring you back to Eminem’s childhood, to his earlier years :

When I just a little baby boy,
my momma used to tell me these crazy things
She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man,
she used to tell me he hated me
But then I got a little bit older
and I realized, she was the crazy one
But there was nothin I could do or say to try to change it
cause that’s just the way she was

First of all, the song ‘ Kill You ‘ is a way for Eminem to work out his problems with his mom. And the rage expressed by Slim Shady against women is much more the expression of his frustrations and rage against Debbie.
Back to Eminem’s earlier years. What do we know about Eminem’s childhood ?
We know that Marshall grew up with Debbie who raised him as a single mom. But most of the people ignore that Debbie didn’t raise Marshall in his very early years. Another woman, who remains in the shadow of the public’s eye, took care of Marshall until he was 5 years old : Edna Swartz. Who is Edna Swartz ? Edna Swartz is Eminem’s great aunt from his paternal side who lives in Missouri.
Marshall grew up believing that his father was an evil man who hated him, because Debbie, his mom, made him believe it as a matter of fact. I’m not trying to defend Eminem’s father, but some facts speak by themselves. Debbie left the appartment she used to share with her husband with no explanation. When Eminem’s father went back home, he found an empty appartment with now furniture. No wife, no kid. No explanation at all.
Marshall’s dad recalls that horrible moment :
“I’d just taken over my dad’s job as a hotel manager and came home after a shift and found the place empty.
There was no note, nothing. I can still remember the day, even though it was nearly 30 years ago.
I’ll never forget that feeling when i opened the door and was greeted with just dead air. There wasn’t a sound.’

According to Marshall Mathers II, Debbie told Edna that he was abusing her and she promised never to reveal anything about Marshall’s whereabouts. If she did, Debbie would cut all her ties with her. So Edna accepted the deal.
Debbie left Marshall at his great aunt Edna’s home and she raised him for more than 3 years before Debbie reappeared in 1977.
One thing is sure : Debbie Mathers is a manipulator. As well as she must have manipulated her ex husband, she has manipulated her son Marshall. She made him believe for years that his Dad was a bad person who hated him, which is something very destructive for a kid. But in the end, she showed her own sick behavior towards her son, constantly abusing him.
Eminem needs to let his rage out. He also needs to share the dramas that happened to him during his childhood with his listeners. Slim Shady, Eminem’s evil alter ego helps him to get rid of his rage against his shady mom. Nothing’s more hurtful than being betrayed by the person who is supposed to love you most on earth : your own mom.
Slim Shady is ready to retaliate against Debbie who know appears as a weak victim who begs for mercy. Slim Shady rapes her and kills her. Symbolically, Debbies gets her punishment.
In the first verse, there is also an anticipation to the press’ reaction after Eminem’s second album release :

They said I can’t rap about bein broke no more
They ain’t say I can’t rap about coke no more

Eminem’s debut album, the Slim Shady LP, was all about drugs and poverty and now that he had money, people were asking themselves :
‘ What is he going to talk about now that he solved his financial problems. He probably has no subject to talk about any more. ‘
But they seemed to forget that Eminem is a master of originality and of controversy.
The parody of violence and rape he offers in his song ‘ Kill You ‘ has raised a lot of controversy. Because he is so much misunderstood, Eminem is often accused of advocating violence and misogyny.
In Ontario, Canada, where Eminem was performing in 2000, some officials tried to stop his concert, because they thought his lyrics were advocating violence against women.
Valerie Smith claimed that Eminem’s lyrics violated hate crime laws in Canada :
“His lyrics seem to be a little bit over the line.
“If you replace the gender insult with racial insults, you get hate propaganda.”

Eminem, who is not deprived of a great sense of humor (Canadian officials could learn it from him), dedicated ‘The Way I Am’ to Valerie Smith. Adressing to the crowd during the concert, he said:
“They said if I was to perform ‘Kill You’ tonight, then they were gonna arrest me. Well, guess what? I already played it. So I don’t know if you are all aware of the shit that’s been going on in the media, but I dedicate this song to that motherfucking bitch, Valerie Smith.”
This is, again, a typical example of misinterpretation of Eminem’s lyrics. Appearently, government officials from many countries seem to lack humor. A good sense of humor might help them to stop wars in this world, though.
Slim Shady, the psychopath ladies rapist and killer with his chainsaw is scary, that’s a matter of fact.
Slim Shady is an actor is playing the role of a bad guy who wants to scare ladies to death before killing them:
Eh-heh, know why I say these things?
Cause lady’s screams keep creepin in Shady’s dreams

But let me remind you that Slim Shady isn’t Marshall Mathers.
It is so obvious that Slim Shady is just a character. If you are honest enough to read Eminem’s lyrics from the beginning to the end and also, if you are ready not to take each word literally, you will fully understand Eminem’s sarcasms. Sarcasms are much more obvious in ‘Kill You’ than in many other songs. Because Eminem concludes:
‘ Hahaha, I’m just playin ladies
You know I love you’ ‘

His final sentence which is (by the way) full of tenderness, cancels the preceding.“Kill You”
When I just a little baby boy,
my momma used to tell me these crazy things
She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man,
she used to tell me he hated me
But then I got a little bit older
and I realized, she was the crazy one
But there was nothin I could do or say to try to change it
cause that’s just the way she was
They said I can’t rap about bein broke no more
They ain’t say I can’t rap about coke no more
(AHHH!) Slut, you think I won’t choke no whore
til the vocal cords don’t work in her throat no more?!
(AHHH!) These motherfuckers are thinkin I’m playin
Thinkin I’m sayin the shit cause I’m thinkin it just to be sayin it
(AHHH!) Put your hands down bitch, I ain’t gon’ shoot you
I’ma pull +YOU+ to this bullet, and put it through you
(AHHH!) Shut up slut, you’re causin too much chaos
Just bend over and take it like a slut, okay Ma?
“Oh, now he’s raping his own mother, abusing a whore,
snorting coke, and we gave him the Rolling Stone cover?”
You god damn right BITCH, and now it’s too late
I’m triple platinum and tragedies happen in two states
I invented violence, you vile venomous volatile bitches
vain Vicadin, vrinnn Vrinnn, VRINNN! [*chainsaw revs up*]
Texas Chainsaw, left his brains all
danglin from his neck, while his head barely hangs on
Blood, guts, guns, cuts
Knives, lives, wives, nuns, sluts
[Chorus: Eminem]
Bitch I’ma kill you! You don’t wanna fuck with me
Girls neither – you ain’t nuttin but a slut to me
Bitch I’ma kill you! You ain’t got the balls to beef
We ain’t gon’ never stop beefin I don’t squash the beef
You better kill me! I’ma be another rapper dead
for poppin off at the mouth with shit I shouldn’ta said
But when they kill me – I’m bringin the world with me
Bitches too! You ain’t nuttin but a girl to me
.. I said you don’t, wanna fuck with Shady (cause why?)
Cause Shady, will fuckin kill you (ah-haha)
I said you don’t, wanna fuck with Shady (why?)
Cause Shady, will fuckin kill you..
Bitch I’ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I’ma conceal you
in a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you
Buck with me, I been through hell, shut the hell up!
I’m tryin to develop these pictures of the Devil to sell ’em
I ain’t “acid rap,” but I rap on acid
Got a new blow-up doll and just had a strap-on added
WHOOPS! Is that a subliminal hint? NO!
Just criminal intent to sodomize women again
Eminem offend? NO! Eminem insult
And if you ever give in to him, you give him an impulse
to do it again, THEN, if he does it again
you’ll probably end up jumpin out of somethin up on the 10th
(Ahhhhhhhh!) Bitch I’ma kill you, I ain’t done this ain’t the chorus
I ain’t even drug you in the woods yet to paint the forest
A bloodstain is orange after you wash it three or four times
in a tub but that’s normal ain’t it Norman?
Serial killer hidin murder material
in a cereal box on top of your stereo
Here we go again, we’re out of our medicine
out of our minds, and we want in yours, let us in
[Chorus (first line starts “Or I’ma kill you!”)]
Eh-heh, know why I say these things?
Cause lady’s screams keep creepin in Shady’s dreams
And the way things seem, I shouldn’t have to pay these shrinks
this eighty G’s a week to say the same things TWEECE!
TWICE? Whatever, I hate these things
Fuck shots! I hope the weed’ll outweigh these drinks
Motherfuckers want me to come on their radio shows
just to argue with ’em cause their ratings stink?
FUCK THAT! I’ll choke radio announcer to bouncer
from fat bitch to off seventy-thousand pounds of her
from principal to the student body and counselor
from in-school to before school to out of school
I don’t even believe in breathin I’m leavin air in your lungs
just to hear you keep screamin for me to seep it
You faggots keep eggin me on
til I have you at knifepoint, then you beg me to stop?
SHUT UP! Give me your hands and feet
I said SHUT UP when I’m talkin to you
[first line starts “Or I’ma kill you!”, ninth line starts “Bitch I’ma kill you!”]
Hahaha, I’m just playin ladies
You know I love you

A pretty clear example of unprofessionalism and bad journalism

Ain’t this obvious ? The Source is manipulating people’s minds against Eminem.
Kim Osorio seems to belong to one of the worst category of journalists : the kind of journalists who are ready to misrepresent the truth for the only purpose to serve her magazine’s interests. Frankly, I despise those kind of persons. They are not doing their job correctly and it’s a shame. In her place, I’d rather lose my job at The Source magazine than losing my integrity.
The question is not to know if you like Eminem or not, but it is rather about telling the truth and not trying to trash the talented rapper by any means just to get some publicity.
MC Chaos Kid had demented some allegations Kim Osorio made in her article about Eminem’s former tape. Chaos Kid who was a friend of Eminem and a member of Bassmint Productions recently wrote a letter to Mrs Osorio in order to put things clear. He was the co- writer of the lyrics the group wrote from 1988 to 1993.
In fact, it is so easy to make look anybody like a bad person if you take his or her statements out of context, that’s the easiest way to cheat with reality and to bring some confusion in people’s minds. And that is exactly what Kim Osorio does.
People need to realize that Eminem’s tape goes back to a period of high racial tensions between black and white communities in Detroit.
Eminem’s former friend clarifies the background of the tape, which makes it appear in a different light. Those freestyles, called ‘ suckering rhymes ‘, were supposed to be as stupid as possible, as their name explains it. White MC’s used to be rejected and booed on stage. These sarcastic freestyles are used as a revenge, but not meant to be taken literally. They appear to be a protest against white racism from the black community. People also should keep in mind that Marshall was the person to experience racism from the black community and that he never retaliated. He recalls the time he was dating Kim and how it was dangerous to go to Kim’s part of the town, because of the racial segregation :
‘ Detroit is really segregated and to get to Kim’s part of town, I would have to walk through all-black neighborhoods. I would always get my ass beat; I even got shot at once. But Kim would usually meet me halfway. Or sometimes we would walk down the railroad tracks- nobody would fuck with us there’ ‘
Matter of fact : Marshall never spoke against Blacks nor allowed himself to use demeaning words towards Blacks in real life.
“It’s just not a term I choose to fuck with, because I do Black music. I always show that respect.” (Eminem about the N word)
Chaos Kid knows as well as many Eminem lovers, that Eminem acts on stage, that he often plays a character and that his ill character doesn’t correspond to Marshall Mathers in reality. When Chaos Kid says that Marshall always expressed against racism, I totally believe him. Eminem strongly believes that hip hop is the key to stop racism.
Bassmint productions may have been composed of white MC’s only, but Marshall’s closest friend, (who is black) Deshaun Holton aka Proof used to hang out with him since he was 13 and they both used to live in the same street in Detroit. It is a proven fact that Eminem used to live in the black hood of Detroit, a fact that is confirmed by Chaos Kid.
And if Eminem was such a racist, would he have joined his friend Proof’s group D12 with Kon Artis ? A real racist wouldn’t have belonged to any group created by Blacks, nor would he have attended to the hip hop shop to battle black people with his freestyles. The Source’s arguments are invalid and they perfectly know it, that’s why they have no other choice than misrepresenting the truth in so many ways.
Chaos Kid also confirms that Bassmint Productions were created by Manix alias Mike Ruby (another former friend who used to rap with Eminem).
Eminem fired back at The Source in the Green Latern mixtape, Invasion part III and made Dave Mays and Benzino look ridiculous in this newest freestyle :
‘ I got a riddle
What’s little and talks big
With midget arms and creamy filling in the middle?
That will do anything to throw dirt on my name?
Even if it means walking the whole Mediterranean?
Isn’t it Albanian? Armenian? Iranian? Tasmanian?
No it’s Dave, Raymond and a ho’ ‘

Dave Mays, who is well known for his hypocrisy, stated about Eminem :
‘ He’s certainly a legitimate artist. He’s skillful and talented. We’re not trying to censor him. We’re just doing investigative journalism. ‘
What ? They are doing investigative journalism ? With wrong elements and lies that don’t match into the puzzle ? A good and professional journalist is supposed to investigate the truth and not to spread any info just to start some controversy.
I even doubt that the release of Eminem’s former tape is legitimate. It wasn’t aimed at a public audience. The ‘ suckering rhymes ‘ were supposed to be sarcastic freestyles shared by friends chilling together.
So now that things have been put clear by Chaos Kid will The Source correct the mistakes and lies that have been told to people about Marshall Mathers or will they keep on digging their own grave ? Step by step, they have shown their unprofessionalism in order to serve Benzino’s interests.
In fact, The Source owes Eminem an apology for defaming him and misinterpreting facts about him. It is high time they slowed down and realized they are wrong.
I’m addressing not only to Eminem fans, but also to true hip hop lovers in general not to accept to be manipulated by The Source and to systematically boycott the magazine.
To all the people who feel like me, you are welcome to join the anti Benzino board I own with a fellow fan from Michigan to protest against The Source :
Your comments, disses and ideas against the magazine and its owners will be very welcome.
Kim Osorio’s article
There’s something in the way of things. At the end of The Roots’
Phrenology, poet Amiri Baraka warned of an influential force that no
one would name. Hip-Hop is being driven by something but isn’t driven
by anything. No, it’s not just Eminem. That would be giving him too
much credit. But he is a symptom of it. A symptom of
our reluctance to take control of what we created instead of being
idle participants. That “something” in the way is a jarring emptiness
and lack of focus. Turbulence. But in the pages that follow, The
Source takes the controls and allows our artists, politicians and
readers to finally confront the forces of racism, sexism and denial
that are slowly killing our culture.
The Source uncovers the startling truth about
Marshall Mathers and the racist comments
that have Hip-Hop patiently waiting for answers
Words by Kim Osorio
Let’s do the math. If Eminem were Black, he would have sold half-or a
lot less than half. His story, that of a skilled lyricist born and
raised in Detroit, fully immersed in Hip-Hop culture and struggling
through lyrical battles until he finally triumphs at the top, has
been hyped up as if it were something really special. But in truth,
it’s really just the same story as many Black rappers’. If you think
about it, it could have easily been his boy Proof, a member of D12
known in his community to be an equally skilled MC. But it wasn’t.
Today, Marshall Mathers III, a White MC born in St. Joseph, Missouri,
is rap’s biggest success story. Without a doubt, he is a very skilled
rapper-maybe one of the best. After all, his independent work
garnered critical acclaim and earned Em a spot in the coveted
Unsigned Hype column in this magazine before he was ever signed. In
his seven-year career, Eminem has released three major-label albums,
sold over 20-million records worldwide, started his own Hip-Hop
label, and has been called a genius by Rolling Stone. But his race
has earned him privileges. He marched into the MTV Video Music Awards
with over 100 clones of himself, something no Black rapper would have
been allowed to do.
Arguably, there is a desire on the part of top executives at major
media outlets and corporations like MTV, which has had, at best, a
shaky history of dealing with Black music, to see a White person in
Hip-Hop slide into the top spot. But because Hip-Hop represents the
oppressed communities and speaks for the victims of the embedded
racist structure that is still prevalent in this country, there is a
risk when these tendencies go unchecked. It is, in fact, the duty of
these corporations who are involved in Hip-Hop to be sensitive to
these issues. And now, the harsh reality is that the people that have
laid down the foundation, along with the younger generation for whom
it was created, are being forced out of the one thing they have that
truly gives them a voice.
Until recently, Eminem has seemed very careful about his place as a
White rapper in a predominantly African American and Latino Hip-Hop
culture. And in a November 2002 Vibe article, he had this to say
about using the word “nigger”: “It’s not my place to say it. There’s
some things that I just don’t do.”
But on an old recording (produced by White beatmakers he no longer
works with), which was given to The Source in October of last year,
Eminem opposes dating Black women “’cause I don’t like that nigger
shit.” On another song he calls Black people “moon crickets,” “spear
chuckers” and “porch monkeys.”
To put it in perspective, remember this is a White rapper with the
ability to influence millions of minds who is saying these things to
other White people behind closed doors.
To date, few Hip-Hop players have called Marshall Mathers out on
these racist comments, probably because he holds so much power in the
game, but there is a growing chorus of dissent among Black leaders
outside of the music industry. And many of the people near his
beloved 8 Mile, people with whom he collaborated during his rise to
superstardom, aren’t afraid to speak on it. Understanding Marshall
Mathers’s past-his life before the Black community accepted him-
explains how a rapper of his caliber could have something like the
racist recording hidden in his closet. See, during his high school
days, he was going back and forth across 8 Mile.
8 Mile is a major roadway in Detroit that divides the suburbs from
the city. If you go toward 7 Mile, you find the ‘hood, complete with
Coney Island restaurants and oversized liquor stores. That side is
predominantly Black. The city of Detroit, as a whole, is actually 83
percent Black, with the third highest number of Blacks of any city in
the United States. On the other side of 8 Mile, going north toward 9
Mile, is considered the suburbs. That area is mostly made up of White
Historically, Detroit has been a breeding ground for talent,
specifically Black talent. The birthplace of Motown Records, Detroit
has seen the rise of Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5, among many
others. But where Hip-Hop is concerned, there’s a long line of
artists whose names have somehow been written out of history. Few
have actually achieved mainstream or national recognition, aside from
Eminem and Kid Rock.
The first rap artist from Detroit to sign a major recording deal was
late-’80s pioneer Awesome Dre. Then came Esham, who sold hundreds of
thousands of records independently. Both were hardcore rappers and
are cited as pioneers of Detroit Hip-Hop. Eventually, gangsta groups,
such as Detroit’s Most Wanted and Rap Mafia, became local legends
like their predecessors. Their stories are the ones that are rarely
But when Hip-Hop began to reflect its more conscious artists in the
early ’90s, Detroit lyricists such as Proof started emerging. Soon
thereafter, clothing entrepreneur Maurice Malone founded the Hip-Hop
Shop, a clothing store where local artists showcased their lyrical
skills. Eminem was a part of that circuit.
The VH1 specials, articles, MTV shows and especially the film 8 Mile
would have you believe that Eminem grew up in one of Detroit’s Black
neighborhoods. But, actually, Marshall Mathers went to Lincoln High
School, a predominantly White school in the Detroit suburb of Warren,
Michigan, dubbed War-n-tucky for its reputation as a hotbed of
racism. He moved to Warren in his early teens.
From 1988 when Em was 16 until around 1993 when he was 21, Eminem
formed a rap collective known as Bassmint Productions. The all-White
crew consisted of Eminem (M&M) himself, another MC, Chaos Kid, and a
pair of brothers, DJ Buttafingaz and Manix, who did production.
Together, they performed at local shows and recorded hundreds of
tapes. In 1991, Manix’s friend Shortcut, a White Hip-Hop dancer who
frequented the clubs back then, met Champtown while dancing for Rob
Base in Canada, and Shortcut introduced him to Bassmint Productions.
Champtown is an African American rapper and entrepreneur who started
rhyming when he was 9. He was raised in the streets of Detroit and
was a reputable Hip-Hop head in the community. He had been down with
Esham in his earlier years and later started his own label, Straight
Jacket Records. He introduced Eminem to his side of 8 Mile. This man,
however, has been left out of Eminem’s story, and there is much more
to it than people know.
Bassmint Productions’ two MCs had different styles. “Eminem was a
battle rapper, very heroic, very egotistical, while Chaos Kid was
very conscious, a Poor Righteous Teachers, Public Enemy, KRS-One type
of guy,” says Champtown. “[T]hey definitely clashed on the creativity
side. They both had skills as far as delivery goes, but their subject
matter was different. If they are on a record and one is rapping
about himself and what he will do to MCs and then Chaos Kid would rap
about how the sun is going to fall and burn us all, it would just be
too much of a difference, [so] eventually they decided to go their
own separate ways.”
Chaos Kid, who is currently promoting a community-focused
organization Idle Kids, no longer speaks to Champ-town, but agrees he
and Eminem were too different to remain in a group together. “For a
while, I did influence him ‘ but I was about Public Enemy and he was
Naughty By Nature,” Chaos Kid explains.
And here is Chaos Kid’s letter to Kim Osorio. She denied that she ever received this letter that has become public:
I don’t know where to begin… to sum it up, this article is partly good, but the longer I think about it, it’s mostly bad. You were concerned as to whether or not I feel you’re article to be unbiased. Well, thank you for not portraying ME in a bad light but as far as maintaining an unbiased stance, you certainly failed. As a matter of fact, I am forced at this point to recognize that there are obviously some ulterior motives/personal hang-ups/political/racial agendas going on behind the scenes at The Source and this is making it impossible for you to present the issue of these tapes in a true light that would give a full spectrum of perspective. I am presenting a solution to this problem. This is Chaos Kid’s letter to the Source editor:
I will write a ‘letter to the editor’ which you will agree to print in the next issue of The Source which will present the most vital facts surrounding the issue of these tapes. I will do this as to give you an opportunity to present the WHOLE truth of the story BEFORE I go to other, larger publications and media sources, some of which, are bound to print the WHOLE truth. If you agree to print my ‘letter to the editor’ and I am satisfied with the way you print it (in other words, unedited) then I agree NOT to go to other publications with the truth. Let’s review these facts I’m talking about and I’m sure you will agree that the most vital part of what I said was left out and how this could possibly damage the Source’s credibility as being an unbiased, fair and accurate source of information:
1: Most importantly: YOU DID NOT GIVE THE BACKGROUND OF THE TAPE. Here are the facts which I specifically remember telling you REPEATEDLY in the interview as being the MOST IMPORTANT FACTS and REASON WHY I did the interview in the first place: 1) these songs were NOT WRITTEN – They were FREESTYLES. 2) This freestyle is one of the HUNDREDS OF FREESTYLES we did over the years. 3) The NAME of these freestyle sessions we called: SUCKERIN’ RHYMES. 4) The WHOLE PURPOSE of Suckerin’ Rhymes was to be as goofy/stupid/ignorant/wack
As you can see, if you were to present the tapes in THIS LIGHT, THE WAY I INTENDED IT TO BE, people would have a much more accurate and broader perspective by which to judge for themselves the motives and sentiments of Marshall Mathers when he recorded these songs. Here are some other CRUCIAL FACTS you left out:
3) Although you did mention that it was a ‘joke’, without the above information, this does nothing to put things in their proper perspective. Everone knows that someone can tell a racist joke and most likely the reason they’re telling it in the first place is because they are racist!! BUT – when you take ALL of the information into consideration – the fact that these were: SUCKERIN’ RHYMES AND THE PURPOSE WAS TO REPRESENT WACKNESS and my personal testimony that WE WERE THE VICTIMS OF BEING CALLED RACIST NAMES – ‘******’, ETC.. FOR BEING INVOLVED IN HIP-HOP MUSIC BY IGNORANT-ASS WHITE PEOPLE AROUND US AND THAT THESE RECORDINGS IN MY OPINION WERE REPRESENTING THAT IGNORANT MENTALITY FROM A FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW BUT WAS SARCASTIC – NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY AS THE OPINIONS OF MARSHALL MATHERS, it puts things in a much different perspective. Example: an actor can play a racist character in a movie about, say, the horrors of the Klan, but in real life that does not make him a racist. In fact, the reason WHY he probably did the movie in the first place is because he hated racism and wanted to expose the inhumanity and devastating effects of racist behavior!!
4) As we know however, these songs were freestyles, not written and did not have that kind of serious intention behind them as they were never meant to be heard in the first place. So, based on the above information, it is my BEST CONCLUSION THAT THESE SONGS WERE DONE OUT OF ANGER FROM EXPERIENCING WHITE RACISM AND UNDERSTANDING HOW IRRATIONAL, IGNORANT AND WACK IT IS AND SPEWING SOME OF THE VENOM BACK HE’S HEARD OVER THE YEARS – SOME OF IT DIRECTED AT HIM – ONTO THE MICROPHONE.
Another point I made in my interview which you neglected to report is:
5) In my personal experience with Marshall, during the time these recordings were made, HE NEVER USED THE WORD ‘******’ OR ANY OTHER DEROGATORY NAMES OR MADE ANY DEROGATORY REMARKS ABOUT AFRICAN-AMERICANS IN CASUAL CONVERSATION WITH ME. In fact, we personally had conversations talking about how we hated racism and racists and both had REAL songs denouncing racism!!
Now, regarding some of the other ‘facts’ you got wrong:
6) Marshall did not move to Warren in his early teens. He lived in the city of Detroit. The Northeast side between 7 and 8 mile which is still predominantly black. He never lived in Warren. He would, however, frequently get kicked out by his crazy mom and would sometimes spend a few nights at a time in Warren between 8 and 9 mile at Manix and Buttafingaz’ house. His girlfriend also lived in that area, so I assume he would spend some nights over there as well. However, most of the time his girlfriend would spend the night at HIS house in Detroit where he had his own room. He first went to a Detroit High School where he had some problems so for awhile he went to Lincoln High School between 8 and 9 mile in Warren. He did this by giving the school a false address within the school district. This is where he met Manix and D.J. Buttafingaz who were also attending Lincoln at the time. After awhile Lincoln High School found out that he wasn’t a Warren resident however and he had to go back to Detroit schools where he attended once again for a period of time before being kicked out or dropping out (I don’t remember which). All the music was recorded in Warren during this time over at Manix and Butta’s house but Marshall DID live in Detroit.
Going back to the tapes, I think it is important also to mention that THE FIRST VERSE OF ‘FOOLISH PRIDE’ IS ABOUT RACIAL UNITY!! Neglecting to report this fact is very shameful and again, shows a biased ulterior motive in presenting the story. You are not presenting the whole truth.
9) OK, as I’m looking at the article here, you did mention that they were freestyles, but without giving the history of the SUCKERIN’ RHYME, this does nothing to put things in their proper perspective.
10) Some of the ‘quotes’ you used of mine seem pieced together. If it’s not a direct quote from beginning to end, you should make your readers aware of that.
Overall, as I have said, a much better job could have been done. I don’t know what kind of internal politics is going on at The Source which is forcing you to present things in this manner. However, as I have said, I will give you the opportunity to correct things. I would like to write a ‘letter to the editor’ which you will agree to print in the next issue of The Source clearing things up. If you do not agree to print it, I will be forced out of concern for THE TRUTH to go to other mainstream publications. I will also be forced to site as one of my reasons for going to them the irresponsible fashion in which The Source has ‘reported’ the issue. This is not a threat. This is the inevitable, natural consequence of irresponsible journalism. If you wish to correct the situation, please let me know within the week so I can make a responsible decision regarding my next course of action.
peAce, anarchy, equality, justice –
chAos Kid.

Eminem’s impact on society

Nowadays, kids and adults are in search of authenticity and Eminem gives them what many artists completely lack: a great artistic integrity.
One main reason why Eminem has a great impact on society is the fact that he points out our contemporary society’s hypocrisy and failures. To conservative people who usually live in a too comfortable world to be real, Eminem will always be a big threat. Of course, the rapper’s words will always hammer against them. When you have everything you want, when life has always been easy for you, it is difficult to understand white trash and underground people’s rage. That’s why I particularly love those few lines from ‘Rock Bottom’:

Ah yeah, yo!
This song is dedicated to all the happy people
All the happy people who have real nice lives
And who have no idea whats it like to be broke as fuck’

I fully understand what Eminem means, because I have been through similar dramatic circumstances in my past.
Eminem points out the existence of white trash people in America while the American government would rather hide them as if they were America’s dirt.
Ghetto people have something to say and many of them have found their voice in Marshall Mathers.
To many of his detractors, Marshall Mathers is a menace to the youth. Let me tell you that you are so wrong. I remember one of my fellow fans telling me : ‘ Marshall has helped me to realize that I could succeed despite what I’m going through at home. ‘ Many teenagers find their solace in Eminem’s music and it helps them to move forward despite many difficulties they may go through at home or at school.
To Eminem’s detractors, I would also like to oppose that Eminem has’t invented society’s violence, hatred nor any other subject he is talking about. Eminem offers a clever parody of our society’s violence, misogyny and homophobia. I’m afraid people from the GLAAD (Gay And Lesbian Allliance against Defamation) never understood Eminem’s subtle way of telling it.
I have also heard people make some parallels between Eminem and Richard Wagner (in order to prove their racial and negative beliefs’). Comparing Eminem with Richard Wagner would be a big mistake. Let me tell you why.
Richard Wagner has lived in the 19 th century in a context where antisemitism was commonly admitted. He has been influenced by French writer Gobineau (whose racism is well known). Wagner’s beliefs corresponded to what he expressed in his art. The antisemistism you will find in ‘ Die Meistersinger von N’rnberg ‘, for instance, can also be found in his written works (Gesammelte Schriften und Dichtungen). Wagner clearly expressed his racial and antisemitic points of view.
Eminem doesn’t believe in his ‘ homophobic ‘ or ‘ misogynistic ‘ words. His words are sarcasm.
His art is satyre. Of course, you will need to have a sense for second degree to understand Eminem. Eminem used to live in a multicultural context on the black side of Detroit and has fully proven to be a non racist person, whatever the Source’s owners may want us to believe in order to increase their sales.
People should take time to go deeper into Marshall’s lyrics. This would allow them to discover a talented artist who intelligently handles words and sentences. Eminem has something to say. Have a deeper look at his words before trying to shut him down. His points are valid.
He is not responsible for our society’s decay, he ironically draws its picture to make you understand what’s wrong. Try to understand when Eminem says : ‘ There is a positive message in my music. It’s ‘ fuck you ‘. Try to get the irony of his statements instead of judging him at first sight.
Eminem has a big impact on a society that is in tremendous need of authenticity. His attitude has taught many people not to accept what they’re going through as a fatality. He has given them some hope and a new attitude and has shown them the path to success. The 8 Mile movie contains a great message of hope and encouragement that has reached many people and will certainly keep on encouraging them.

American Psycho

Have you ever travelled through the insane mind of a serial killer ? Probably not, but Slim Shady will give you the opportunity to do so.
You will be brought into the disturbed mind of a murderer, a sick drug addict’s mind that is full of dark thoughts. An universe that is full of black magic and that influences Slim Shady’s mad mind.
Travelling through Slim Shady’s mind is like watching a scary movie and the devilish athmosphere is there to threaten you and to scare you on purpose.
‘ American Psycho ‘ is a less known track of D12’s ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ album.
Bizarre follows Slim Shady to guide you into a mad man’s mind and he says the craziest things to scare you. He’s a dirty psycho who goes that far to eat his girlfriend’s miscarriage’Kon Artis finishes your trip into an insane brain. Crazy, drug addicted, he draws a terrific picture of a serial killer.
The subject matter of ‘ American Psycho ‘ is original. It’s a strange and terrifying feeling to travel through the psyche of a sick murderer whose universe is full of his victims’ blood, drugs and black magic.
The music guides you through your whole terrific journey. Bass, guitar and drums add to the dark atmosphere.
Eminem’s voice clearly shows the madness of the character, the rapid and jerked rythm add to the scary atmosphere. Bizarre adds to the disgusting details but his sentences are so surrealistic that it introduces a comical effect in the middle of a tragical context :
‘ My girlfriend had a miscarriage (I’m sorry) I had to eat it (ohh)
My dick is burnin, it ain’t cause of disease
Because I’m jackin off with gasoline mixed with antifreeze (AHH!)

Bizarre is supposed to add idiotic and bizarre elements and he manages to play his role so perfectly. The mixture of dirty and crazy elements creates the comical effect that is so typical to Bizarre.
Kon Artis concludes the dark journey with the scariest details. ‘ American Psycho ‘ is a great element of the ‘ Devil’s Night ‘ album. Scary tales lovers will be delighted by the song.
American Psycho
I’m the devil – if ever there was such a thing
The results of much too many drugs what you’re seeing
I’m a mindfuck, completely dis-(gus)-ting
I’m (white), a human mutt, fuck a being
I’m a dog – fuck lambs, I’m silencin ’em all
I’m involved in murders forensic science couldn’t solve
Giant set of balls too big to buy a set of drawers
Might as well unzip my fly and let ’em fall to the floor
Each thought’s completely warped
I’m like a walkin, talkin, ouija board
Speakin in tongues, I’ve never spoke this speech before
.. Hhem-delle-la, ennich-me-noughh-mi-niche-mick-norr ..
Have you ever experienced spirits in lyrics when you hear ’em
’til you scared to stare in into any mirrors when you near ’em
Well if so, get ready for some shit yo
Is this some kind of sick joke Shit no, motherfuckin schitzo
So disturbed, he just goes so berzerk he tiptoes
This verse was his urge to slit throats of just hoes
Just goes to shizzow you dizzon’t, fizzuck with
so-someone this disturbed, sa-sippin on si-zzurp
So – lock your doors, drop to the floors
Get your shotguns drawn – here comes another Clockwork Orange
Look at Bizarre; you really think he’s right in his mind
What the fuck you think’s goin through it when he’s writin his rhyme
[Chorus: Eminem]
You bout to – journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Blood spiller, mentality much iller
than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams
You’ll feel his pain and his silent screams
You bout to – journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Blood spiller, mentality much iller
than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams
You’ll feel his pain and his violent screams
It’s Friday night, I’m at a rave again
Pickin up transvestites on my Harley-Davidson (hey hop on)
My girlfriend’s a crackhead whore
She’ll come to your door, suck your dick on the floor
and take your bottles to the store (nigga I’m takin these)
Have you ever seen a bitch get beat because she won’t cheat
Run the street and suck another nigga’s meat
My son’s sixteen years old with nowhere to stay (dad it’s me)
I told him he wasn’t mine, slammed the door in his face
And I ain’t got no food, my job I’ve been cheated
My girlfriend had a miscarriage (I’m sorry) I had to eat it (ohh)
My dick is burnin, it ain’t cause of disease
Because I’m jackin off with gasoline mixed with antifreeze (AHH!)
I’m livin in Waco Texas, me and my girl
Fuck David Koresh, I’m startin my own world
It’s called Bizarre Cemetary, it’s scary
Eatin a virgin’s cherry, they’re all gonna laugh at you Carey
[Kon Artis]
I was born feet first, smoke 40’s and drink weed
The Lord rehearsed my birth, I’m the worst breed
A nigga you ever set sight on, my right arm’s
got more power than 5 a iontons Dragon’s python so
Journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
Light yo’ ass like a liquid nitro-gas spiller
Psycho slash Michael Myers, Michael Jack’s Thriller
Rifle slash knife faggot that’s your Cop Killer
As a yung’un, I was beat where I was livin (aight)
Crossdressed just to get thrown in the women’s prison
I guess I was just stressed to be a hoodlum
Being pressed caused the stress that caused the Ritalin
Pressed stressed and Ritalin caused the cop’s feelings
to be hurt after they seen what I did to those children
I’m vulgaric, you Bo Derek; I throw you face flat off the terrace
so you can have somethin to stare at

Dr Dre album Detox to hit 2005

Co-producer of Dr-Dre, Scott Storch told MTV that Dre’s new album is someway from being released but will be worth waiting for. Dr Dre’s new album has been titled The Detox.
Storch said “I’d describe it as the most advanced rap album musically and lyrically we’ll probably ever have a chance to listen to.”
Storch said the album has been in development for long over a year but a final cut is yet to be made with over 100 tracks to choose from.
Storch said Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Knoc-Turn’al would all feature, as well as newer names like Lloyd Banks, Guvner and Game.
“The whole family is gonna be on there,” Storch said. “If not the last Dre album, this is gonna be one of the last Dre albums we’re gonna get. So he’s putting a lot into it.”