Dr Dre album Detox to hit 2005

Co-producer of Dr-Dre, Scott Storch told MTV that Dre’s new album is someway from being released but will be worth waiting for. Dr Dre’s new album has been titled The Detox.
Storch said “I’d describe it as the most advanced rap album musically and lyrically we’ll probably ever have a chance to listen to.”
Storch said the album has been in development for long over a year but a final cut is yet to be made with over 100 tracks to choose from.
Storch said Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Knoc-Turn’al would all feature, as well as newer names like Lloyd Banks, Guvner and Game.
“The whole family is gonna be on there,” Storch said. “If not the last Dre album, this is gonna be one of the last Dre albums we’re gonna get. So he’s putting a lot into it.”