Think twice before calling Eminem fans “idiots” and “losers”

To all the true Eminem fans all over the world, with all my love.
Many of our detractors spend their whole time criticizing us and calling us names. They are unable , most of the time, to debate intelligently against us.
Intentionally ignoring the fact that Eminem fans come from different backgrounds, they target us as ignorant and stupid people. Not all of us are teenagers, but some of us are also students, journalists, teachers etc’
Teenagers who are fond of Eminem usually know why they are supportive to the artist. They have found somebody who is close to them and who fully understands the problems they are facing in their every day life. Like Dr Dre expressed so well, kids can also learn a lot from Eminem’s life story :
‘ Kids can look up to Em as having come from nothing and made something out of his life. ‘
Eminem haters and detractors have no right to belittle teenager’s opinion and let me tell you why :
-despising teenagers means despising future citizens
-teenager doesn’t mean stupid’some teenagers are much more intelligent, open minded and able to debate than many adults who keep blind to things that shock them.
Kevin Devine was 13 when he wrote this brilliant article :
Here is a website where Eminem has been debatted by students :
On another website, a student has spoken out about Eminem and taken his defence :
Many adult fans love and respect Eminem, because they have discovered the depth of the artist and the high level of skills of the contemporary rap poet.
Haters, you want to oppose a few (pointless) reasons to hate Eminem ? I will give you an infinity of good reasons to love Eminem :
As I pointed it out, Eminem’s art is poetry. Eminem is considered a lyrical genius, because he actually has a high level of skills. He is appreciated for his talent and it is not because he is white. Eminem is gifted in his wordplays. I consider him a poet as well as I do consider Saul Williams (who is black) a poet.
The Black/White debate is silly and has nothing to do with talent. People who deny accessing hip hop to Whites will probably deny it to Asians too.
So stop arguing about race and about the marketing of his image.
Even if nobody supported him, I’d still consider Eminem a lyrical genius, because I admire the way he plays with words. I find his art deep, amusing and subtle.
Eminem has the depth of French poet Baudelaire’s verses who talked about controversial subjects like drugs.
In the 19th century, Baudelaire was also considered as controversial and censored by Catholic Church.
Open your eyes, Eminem is not the only poet to talk about rape !
German poet Goethe has also talked about rape in his poem ‘ Erlenk’nig ‘ (Erlking). Erlking is taking a sick child by force :
‘ Ich liebe dich, mich reizt deine sch’ne Gestalt,
Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt’ ‘
‘ I love you ; I’m charmed by your beautiful form ;
And if you’re not willing, then I’ll use force. ‘

But nobody is shocked by Goethe in the 21st century.
People like to pick on Eminem, because his language is direct and his stories look much more than Edgar Allan Poe tales, most of the time. Eminem is the poet who represents the uglyness of society and its imperfections. The talented rapper draws the pictures of our contemporary society’s dramas and he does it so well. He’s got a great sense of realism.
And no, Eminem is not all about swearing. There is a positive message contained in his music. This message is reflected by the lines of ‘ Till I Collapse ‘ from the Eminem Show :
‘ Cause sometimes you just feel tired.
You feel weak and when you feel weak you feel like you wanna just give up.
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
and just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up
and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse. ‘

Eminem’s whole life story is a story of pain, courage , faith and determination.
Eminem is not just a selfish whining man : he teaches us a lesson. The more personal he is in his lyrics, the more universal his message becomes. Why ? Because so many people can relate to what he is saying in his songs.
Matter of fact : Eminem has a huge influence and has earned many people’s respect :
As you probably know, a majority of people in America also consider his lyrics more truthful than President Bush’s (empty) speeches, which means Eminem has some political weight. He has the courage to point out the government’s hypocrisy.
Some of them haters say that Eminem will be forgotten within five years, which is wrong : Eminem has entered the legend whether you like it or not. He is brilliant : his sincerity and his integrity as an artist are undeniable. Eminem has a particular relationship with his fans, he stands very close to them, that’s why his audience loves him so much. If my words haven’t convinced you yet, go see him in concert : his sincerity will totally convince you.
Some Eminem haters also seem to be very fast in judging people. To all of them who have kept judging me, this is my answer :
‘ Whatever misjudge, prejudge,begrudge me’ ‘
I have found my way in Eminem’s music which fullfills my every day life with joy and happiness. If you have a problem with that, there is really nothing I can do for you. Eminem actually changed my life in a positive way and his music has given a new sense to my life. So keep saying negative things about me, doubt me, I don’t care. Your words won’t bring me down.
At least, I have found my way. Some people find it in different kinds of music, philosophies or elsewhere and I’m happy for them. Can you say the same about you ? Have you found your way ? Are you happy ? Your expression of hate is a proof of your great unsatisfaction and that is enough said.
You seem to be sad persons with no life to have only hate and incomprehension to spread all around. What about getting a life ?
We Eminem fans lose ourselves in the music, we have no time to waste on our haters. So keep on hating on us, talk about us, spend your whole spare time on us. Guess who are

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  1. whoever wrote this is a genuiss. i like eminem too and all your points are true in this article. eminem is blessed to have fans like this kid!

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