Many good reasons to appreciate Eminem

Eminem is one of the most talked about superstars in this world. And also one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is amazing how some people are rapid in their judgement why they start talking about Eminem.
It is easy to misinterpret his words if they are taken literally.
There are so many good reasons to love and to appreciate Eminem as an artist and as a person, though :
-Eminem is an artist with a high level of skills. It’s a real pleasure to discover the way he handles words and syllables. Eminem has understood the power of language and he knows how to use words and sentences to create the effects he wanted to. His words are poetry and many people apreciate the talented wordsmith for his ability to play with words.
-Eminem’s work is full of originality. Each video is different from the other. The videos are the result of the hard work of the artist with his team.
-Eminem’s texts are full of humor. Anybody with a sense of humor will appreciate them and find them funny.
-The rage that is expressed in his music can be used as a positive power to the youth. Unlike many conservative people’s opinion, you get ged rid of negative emotions and manage to let them out while singing along. I am not the only one to have experienced this. Many people can testify it.
-Eminem is a great defender of freedom of speech. He has pushed freedom of speech to its limits, which is something very positive.
-Eminem’s authenticity on stage cannot be doubted. To see him on stage is to love him. His audience particularly appreciates him for his sincerity.
-Eminem has a political opinion. He reacts against the American government’s policy. He wants people to use their criticism instead of accepting the government’s (hypocritical) speeches.
-The talented rapper has reunited the poor black and white underclasses. He has started a revolution in hip hop. Thanks to him, hip hop has become accessible to a larger audience.
-As a person, Marshall Mathers has earned many people’s sympathy :
his personality, his ‘ just don’t give a fuck attitude ‘ have influenced a lot of persons in a positive way.
-He has shown his loyalty to his fellows from D12 after becoming famous. He would never let them down. Marshall is known as a loyal person by all the people who have approached him.
-Marshall never fakes his feelings. He openly shows when he likes or dislikes a person, which is a real quality. His honesty and his sincerity cannot be doubted.
-Marshall’s life is reflected in his music. A lot of people can learn from it. The main lesson he teaches us is never to give up and to believe in our dreams.
-Marshall is a dedicated father to his daughter.
Of course, Eminem is not perfect, but nobody is. He has made mistakes in his life and he had the great honesty to admit them publicly. It is so easy to stereotype and to predjuge him at first sight. I wish people who constantly talk against him would make the effort to have a deeper look at the artist and at the man himself. They might be surprised to discover so many positive things about him.