Kim’s suicide attempts

It isn’t easy to be a rap superstar’s wife. Kim Mathers has been through difficult emotional times during Eminem’s rapid ascencion to the top. She has also shown a lot of instability in her behavior. Kim never really managed to get rid of her drug and alcohol addiction. Both addictions remain demons she will have to fight if she wants to escape to jail.
Serious problems started in Eminem’s couple when Kim was caught by her husband kissing John Guerra. According to Kim, Marshall’s reaction was ‘overrated’, but we may strongly disagree with her. When you truly love somebody who happens to be your wife and you eventually catch the person cheating on you, you can get really mad. Honestly, I don’t know how I could react out of jealousy under such circumstances. Eminem’s reaction was just human.
As a consequence, Eminem filed divorce that he considered now as unavoidable.
One thing is sure: Kim hasn’t be really prepared to her ex husband’s fame and sharing him with the whole world must have been far from easy to handle. She also could hardly handle Eminem’s character beating the ‘Kim doll’ and she felt rejected by Marshall at this time.
Although she had been caught cheating on Marshall with John Guerra, the thought of divorcing from Marshall must have been unbearable to her, when she decided to kill herself in July 2000 in presence of her mother, Kathleen Sluck. Nathan, Eminem’s brother was caught in the middle of this tragic event.
Sterling Heights police received a 911 emergency call at 11 pm from Kathleen Sluck that has been recorded:
‘ Dispatcher: Sterling Heights 911.
‘ Mother: I need an ambulance.
‘ Dispatcher: What’s going on?
‘ Mother: My daughter is trying to commit suicide. She just cut her wrists.
‘ Dispatcher: Where is she right now?
‘ Mother: Walking through the house, dripping blood.
‘ Mother: Kim, put it down! Put it down!
‘ Dispatcher: What has she got?
‘ Mother: Put it down! Please, I love you, please put it down!
‘ Dispatcher: What has she got?
‘ Mother: A razor blade!
‘ Dispatcher: What does she have in her hand?
‘ Mother: A razor blade!
‘ Dispatcher: She’s got a razor blade in her hand, she’s threatening to use it again.
‘ Mother: Kim, please give me the razor.
‘ Dispatcher: Ask her if she’ll talk to me?

She was so desperate that she slit her wrists several times with a razor blade. When the police officers arrived at the Mathers’ home, they found Kim bleeding and crying. She told them : ‘ There has got to be a better place than this. ‘
When the drama happened, Eminem was performing at the Auburn Hills Palace with Snoop Dogg. According to Todd Nelson, Kim attended to the concert and to the post party show before trying to kill herself.
After the incident, Kim was sent to the hospital.
Dennis Dennehy, Eminem’s publicist, expressed on the subject after the drama :
“Eminem is obviously concerned about his wife’s well-being. As far as anything else, it’s a private matter, which they’ll be addressing privately.”
“She never wanted to be a celebrity. She was unfortunately thrust into the position. She needs time to heal both emotionally and physically,” Neil Rockind, Kim’s attorney said. Neil Rockind described his client ‘a very pleasant and likable person’.
During the period Kim divorced from Eminem till now, she never managed to get rid to her drug addiction and she has recently shown some emotional instability.
In June 2003, while Eminem was on his Anger Management Tour, Kim has been caught with cocaine bags and driving with a revoked driving licence in Harrisson Township. She had to face some felony charges in Court and failed to appear in Court several times. She even removed the tether that was supposed to monitor her moves out of her house.
On November the 10 th, she skipped a preliminary hearing in Court and suddenly disappeared without even Eminem knowing where she was.
Thanks to Todd Nelson, we now know that Kim wanted to commit suicide again in Cancun, Mexico. We also know that Eminem prevented her from committing suicide. Kim is a woman whose life has been far from easy and who needs to overcome a lot of instabilities and addictive behavior. Maybe she will manage to overcome those issues, since the Court gave her a second chance-at least for Hailie and Whitney-, her daughters.

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  1. kim mathers should be there for whitney and hailie her daughters. even if her ex- husband marshall mathers arent getting along and will remain divorced for the rest of their lifes.

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