Eminem’s next album

By the fourth quarter of 2003, Eminem’s fourth solo album was about half-way finished. But late last year, the majority of his songs such as “Bully,” “Come On,” “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” “Love You More” and “We As Americans” was leaked and made its way onto the Internet.
“I was about six to eight songs deep,” Eminem told XXL magazine. “Now I’m about three to four. It’s so painfull to have them things go; it’s all a work in progress. Choruses can be changed, lines can be changed, there are certain lines on the shit that I feel like I can hit better. Those [leaked songs] were a day in the studio, making a song, and you go home at night with it and that’s what you live with until you’re ready to mix it down. The mix from the rough version is like night and day.”
Eminem’s upcoming fourth album will along with 50 Cent’s second album be released in the third quarter of 2004. It features guest appearances from D-12 and G-Unit and production by Dr. Dre and Em himself.
“I really like Slim Shady,” Dr. Dre, who’s executive producing the album, commented. “I like him talking shit and pissing people off. That’s where he’s gonna go next, talking shit and raising eyebrows.”
“Eminem fans will not be disappoined,” manager Paul Rosenberg told XXL magazine. “He’s gonna have a lot of responses to everything that’s going on. No stones will be left unturned.”