Kimberly Mathers in Court for Sentencing

Eminem’s ex-wife was back in court to receive her sentence on drug charges:
Kimberly Mathers’ legal drama has been dragging on since last June, and this is due in part to the actions of Kim Mathers, herself. There were a couple of instances when Mathers didn’t show up for her court dates, and one point when Mathers removed the electronic tether that the court has put on her to monitor her whereabouts.
These are all circumstances that the judge will consider in determining if Eminem’s ex-wife should serve prison time or probation.
Action News was the only camera rolling in the courtroom. Judge Servitto told Kim Mathers, “The media would suggest that you should be treated harsher, that’s not the case in this court. You will be treated as anyone else in this court.”
Kim received two years probation for cocaine possessions and failure to use due care in passing an emergency vehicle, which are charges stemming from a tragic stop last summer.
The prosecutor dropped charges against Mathers for driving with a suspended license and maintaining a drug house as part of the plea agreement.
Judge Servitto warned, “If you screw that up however, it is automatic that you go to jail. Do you understand that?”
Mathers replied, “I understand that Your Honor.”
The judge wrapped up the sentencing by calling the probation an opportunity for Mathers, which he encourages her to take advantage of. The sentence allows Mathers to keep her driver’s license and if, at the end of two years, she follows the terms of her probation, her conviction could be sealed or expunged.
you can watch the video here:

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