Facts about Hailie’s personality and education

We learn a lot about Hailie Jade from her proud daddy’s mouth :
“I just got off the phone with Hai Hai a lil while ago. She’s talking up a storm, she talks a lot. She loves to talk. She’ll say stuff out of the blue, big words that I didn’t even know she knew.”
Hailie seems to surprise her daddy day after day. Like many kids, she’s very talkative. Hailie seems to have an interesting personality. Maybe she is already conscious to be a little ‘ superstar ‘ :
“And she’s a character, man. She’s like me to the tenth power, she’s got such a personality. She runs around the house and she makes up little sayings and phrases.”
Of course, the little girl is conscious that her Dad is a famous person, but Eminem doesn’t want his daughter to be affected by his celebrity. Eminem doesn’t want his daughter to appear in each magazine. He wants her to live a normal childhood and he expressed his will to protect her from the media :
“Being this little, the only thing I want her to worry about is
playing ‘ What’s she going to play with today? Is she going to play
with dolls, is she going to color today?”

As he expresses it so well in ‘ Say Goodbye to Hollywood ‘, Eminem’s fight was to offer Hailie the life he never had. Of course, Eminem would like his daughter to be an actress, but not now.
He knows how much pressure is put on people in the show business ans he knows that would make Hailie’s life a living hell as a kid. That’s why he strongly disagreed with Kim when she wanted to find an agent for Hailie :
” Hailie is just a kid. She needs to grow like others her age and be in a place where she fits in and feels normal.J ust because her daddy is famous don’t mean shes got a one way ticket to stardom. Every seven year old wants to be famous, I just dont think Hailie’s old enough to make up her mind yet. She’s young and there will be time for her to act when she’s done with school.”
Eminem takes his role as a father very seriously. He is very cautious concerning the impact his music could have on his daugher:
“The more adult I’m becoming, the more I’m realizing that [my music]
might have an affect on her, or it might scare her, or she might hear
a word or a sentence that she doesn’t know how to take. I’d just
rather not even play it around her.”

That’s also why he made clean versions for her to listen to.
Eminem acts as a responsible father and wants to give Hailie the best education:
“I’m not as religious as I should be, but we do try and instill it in
our daughter. We try to teach her wrong from right, having been as
wrong as we’ve been.”

Marshall knows how much kids who surround his daughter may bother her, constantly trying to get in touch with him through Hailie:
“She has to have something normal in her life to help her fit in as much as possible. It’s hard for her because everywhere she is, all kids wanna know is can I meet your dad?”
This is an example of a typical day Eminem and his daughter spend together when her famous Dad is at home:
‘When I’m home, I wake her up in the morning, I feed her some cereal, watch a little TV, take her to school and pick her up. Lately, I’ve been taking her to the studio, because that’s where I spend most of my time. She has fun there, there’s video games for her and stuff. Coloring books and crayons – thank God for those. We watch a lot of movies, just typical shit. She’s real into The Powerpuff Girls and Hey Arnold! and Dora the Explorer — ever seen that one? It’s the same episode all week long because it teaches kids numbers and how to speak Spanish. By Friday, you know it by heart. I watch that with her, then I go listen to my songs over and over. I’m gonna fucking jump off a bridge.’
Eminem is so conscious that political tensions and dramas in the world can affect and our kids’ life:
‘I try to keep Hailie sheltered from most of the bullshit. When September 11th happened, I didn’t tell her that morning. I just didn’t know how to explain it to her. I switched on the TV and saw the second plane hit. She was still sleeping. I got her up and took her to school, and within a couple of days she heard about it there. Those are things that I have trouble with, explaining to her all the fucked-up shit in the world. I try not to drive myself crazy with what to say if she asks me certain things. There’s a few things that are going to be tough to deal with.’
Eminem’s attitude towards education is liberal. When she was little, the full mouthed rapper tried not to swear around Hailie, but he doesn’t forbid people to use them around her. He knows that sooner or later, she will hear some cuss words:
‘But, you know, Hailie listens to my music, and I go back and forth with myself a lot about it. When I was six, music flew by my head. But I caught it if there was a swear word. If I have a song that has a lot of swear words in a row, I make her clean versions and play those in the car. I don’t cuss around my daughter. If someone else is around and they say the f-word, she’s heard it before; I don’t say, “Hey, watch your mouth around my daughter.” That would be ridiculous. After all, I’m Eminem, Mr. Potty-Mouth King. I try to be a liberal parent and be open about things. If somebody is smoking a joint in a movie and she asks, “Daddy?” I say it’s a cigarette — a big cigarette if it’s a Cheech and Chong movie. She doesn’t know about drugs yet, and she’s not old enough for me to explain that they’re doing drugs and those are bad.’
Recently Eminem thought Hailie was old enough to learn some swear words from him:
“She’s going to hear it in school regardless, do you know what I mean. I would rather be able to educate her at home.
“If she ever has a question or something about a song, I try to explain it in the best way that I can, how she’s going to understand. She loves music, she loves hip-hop, and to me that’s a good thing.”

Eminem is so right about it: kids learn so many cuss words at school and my own sons have learnt their first cuss words at school.
J.R Watkins, the author of the ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ book can testify that Marshall is a dedicated daddy to his daughter:
“He’s a very good daddy. He’s trying to give Hailie more of a normal life than he had.”
The main reason why Eminem keeps working so hard for his career is for his daughter to be proud of him. One day she will understand why her loving dad spent so much time outside of their home:
“The awards will one day help me explain to my daughter, Hailie Jade, why he spent so much time during the past two years on the road and in the recording studio.”
“The main thing I started this whole career based on was acceptance and respect. So I guess if trophies mean respect or whatever, it’s cool. I’ve got this trophy case at home that I try and keep my accomplishments in, just so that Hailie can see these things when she gets older and realizes that daddy wasn’t just gone to be gone.”
To all of you who doubted it, Eminem takes his daughter’s education, her environment and her well being very seriously. Thanks to him, she has a fairly normal life and when she’ll be older she will realize how much her loving father has done for her.

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  1. I think it’s great that Eminem wants Hailie to have a normal life and stuff. And it’s good that he doesn’t cuss around her. Unlike him, my parents didnt have 2 teach me cuss words. they just sid them and still do say them n front of me. I grew up around cussing, so i got no problem with it. I cuss, just not n front of lil kids, altho theyll hear it eventually so wats the use…

  2. Eminem is amazing at everythang. Why wouldnt he be a great father?! and i mean of course! he didnt have a dad and that always have a big impact on guys. lil boys need a daddy. i love him so much. to bad they aint mine and his kids he was raisin so great lol 🙂

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