Adults express about Eminem

Adults express thoughts about Eminem
Many people wondered how I could be an Eminem fan, being an adult. I’ve been asked so many times how somebody of my generation could love ‘ such kind of music ‘ and how I could appreciate a ‘ women hater ‘ and a ‘ dumb guy ‘ such as Eminem’
Most of the time, people who ask me those questions are totally ignorant of the artist and just repeat what they have heard from the media.
This is a typical comment of a mom against Eminem that I found on a ‘ shut up Slim website ‘. But this person is the one who needs to shut up, because her comments are really pointless’
“As a mother of two teenager’s I hate mather’s music because it is so vulgar. I don’t think even savy adults can truly understand the insipid, pervasive message of hate Mathers is cranking out. As a citizen, I appreciate the artist’s right to free speech. Some of his lyrics are viable but they are so apprehensible and sound so terrible, I can’t listen to him.
When I went on the web looking for info on Eminem, mostly I found homogenous product- meaning the spin machine is plugging up the world with another hunk of garbage that the masses are supposed to swallow. (There are not many anti-Mathers sights or objective sights. I went looking for sociological studies on Mathew Mathers-nothing!) Mathers is not saying anything new, he has big corporations kissing his ass and pushing his crap down our throats. It is the modern version of the Emperor that Wore No Clothes. He can’t sing, he can’t dance. Does his music have social and political value? Is it art? What is he trying to communicate? That the World revolves around his problems and attitudes? Is his message viable? To some extent, but “in your face music” shuts many off, especially those who are intelligent to know that people who are usually screaming about issues are ignorant and do not know enough, feel enough, or wise enought to make a social/political commentary. There is no realism in Slim Shadys life.” – d
First of all, I’d like to state that I am not the only adult Eminem fan. And sorry to disappoint this person, but I’m a graduate with a master’s degree who happens to enjoy and to fully get Eminem’s dark sense of humor. I have met some adult fans, among them students and educated people.
This mom makes me laugh : she went looking for what ? Sociological studies on ‘ Mathew Mathers ‘ ? Who is ‘ Mathew Mathers ? ‘
Sorry, but I only know about Marshall Mathers.
And yeah, Marshall’s music has a social and political value : it is related to Black people’s history and among many rappers, Eminem raises social and political issues. She did not even have the curiosity to look for the artist’s right name. I usually allow myself to criticize a subject I really went deep into. He can’t sing ? Haha, Eminem is no singer, he is a rapper and sorry to disappoint you, he can rap and has a high level of skills. He can’t dance ? He’s an expert breakdancer and in my opinion he dances well. I love the way he moves on stage.
But the dumbest sentence is to come : ‘ There is no realism in Slim Shadys life.’ ‘ No realism? What do you want more from Eminem who nearly exposed his whole life details in their roughness in his albums?
Go back to your studies…study Eminem’s lyrics and then come back to talk about him…Because you really have no idea about what you’re talking about!
But somebody else expressed an opposite (and much more positive) opinion on Eminem:
‘ I am a caring, understanding, compassionate ADULT (30+) who enjoys Eminem. His work is art because it makes us think, and shows us all how screwed up this world really is.
I find his music to be comforting, that I am not the only one who is frustrated with the reality of our society and I wished I could yell “Wake up!” to the world myself.
Sodomy and “Defense of Marriage” laws do more damage than Slim’s violence but you don’t hear this kind of outcry against Focus on the Family. ‘
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Despite the fact Eminem’s music is aimed at an adult audience, many kids belong to his fanbase.There is nothing wrong with it and I think most of the kids are able to get his jokes.
Talking about the underage Eminem fans I have been in touch with, they are normal people ( underage Eminem fans are often described as crazy).
Some of them are experiencing serious problems in their homes and Eminem’s music has been a real therapy to them. The major danger comes from closed minded suburban parents who consider Eminem as the devil and who reject him systematically. It’s easy for their kids to misinterpret the rapper’s words, because they are far from the ghetto reality.
I myself have discovered the talented artist thanks to my son in 2001 and his music has operated miracles in my life.
Parents, all you need to do is to open your mind !