White chicks can spit (by me)

You doubt me ?
You disagree ?
Let me show you what
I’ma kick your butt
And your mouth will be shut
I’ma drive you nuts
While verbally kicking your butts
Your face I will knock
Round the clock
You’re unable to stand the shock
Who are you trying to mock ?
Look-you’ve lost your sock !
You cannot even walk
I’m breaking you down like a piece of chalk
You’re talking about color
My mind is multicolor
Who gives a fuck if I’m white ?
With me wanna start a fight ?
This is for you an invite
My words can bite
Like a mad dog
You remain hidden in the fog
I’ma make you swallow a Sad-Ham
While you’ll be dancing on my jam
With your fake words trying to spam
Don’t even try to slap me, damn
This is for you a preliminary exam
Don’t talk about uncle Sam
You’re so full of crack
Trying to knock back
Like if I didn’t know Tupac
You’re so gay
I love NWA
And even if my fave is Shady
Who happens to be a white MC
I’ll never forget about Public Enemy.