My name is Isabelle Esling. I live in Metz, France. I teach English and German at public schools. I am also an Eminem biographer and a freelance music journalist. I’m a single mom of two kids.
I have a real passion for rap music and foreign languages.
Black music and black culture have influenced me for a large part.
My long term goals are:
-to meet Marshall Mathers and thank him personaly for he has changed my life positively
– getting my book published- possibly with Eminem’s authorization
– emigrating to an English speaking country
– getting a deal with a rap magazine as a freelance music journalist
Thanks to all the people who support me.
Contact me at: mathildeesling2000 AT yahoo DOT com

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  1. please review my album dark cloud and let me know what u think..if u like eminem then you will probally like my album…u can find it at facebook itunes reverbnation or just google it..thanks …
    al babblez

  2. i LOVE eminem and NOT THE FAKE LUV the real LOVE i feel the same way about yelawolf (michael wayne atha) but i LOVE eminem (marshall bruce mathers III)even more not to be mean yelawolf but its hard finding your phone # and it took two hours to find eminem and i still cant find yelawolf but i still like yelawolfs tatoos

  3. Hi Isabelle,
    I am the creator of a tv show called FANtastic. It is a showcase for fans of all people and things to have their dedication and devotion put in the spotlight. We will be producing our first episode in Detroit. We are looking for true fans of Eminem, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Jack White. DO you know any fans of Eminem who might be interested?

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