Unwrap Your Present, my second book, is now available on Amazon

What is Unwrap Your Present about?

In our hectic society, most people are so much absorbed by their speedy tempo and also so much worried about the future or depressed about the past, that they are forgetting and missing the beauty of the NOW. Only a better awareness of the present will allow them to live a fuller and richer life.
“Unwrap Your Present” is a self-help book that allows people to release stressful and negative thoughts through a better conscience of the now. My book is enriched with personal experiences, meditation and visualization techniques. Its aim is to allow the readers to develop a conscience of the momentum and to enjoy life to the fullest.
The market for this book would address to anybody who is interested in self-improvement and living life to a richer dimension. Readers of spiritual books, in particular, are targeted.
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