Detroit writer Contel Bradford reviews "Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene"

In an article entitled ” Hats Off to the Detroit Scene”, author Contel Bradford, of Detroit, gave ” Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene” a review.
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I sometimes call Detroit the land of the forsaken. It sucks more than it doesn’t, and to be honest, I can’t wait to leave. Having said that, I’ve lived here for like ever, so I can’t help but love it. This is why I used to get a little frustrated at the lack of Detroit’s presence in the rap game.
It’s nothing I get too bent out of shape about, it just seems like the presence is stronger in other cities, and Detroit kinda gets shit (shitted or shat) on. Then I’m reminded how we’re home to some of the greats in the game. Esham, Big Proof, and Eminem are among the greats that comprise the Detroit rap scene.
Speaking of Eminem and the Detroit rap scene, I’d like to introduce you to a new book, which happens to be called, Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid in a Black Music World. Sweet how I tied that in, eh?
All kidding aside, this book is written by Isabelle Esling, music journalist and a good friend from a distant land known to me as Isa. I can’t quite remember how we met, but it was online perhaps 8 or 9 years ago. Our connection was a shared love for D12. She told me how she was planning to write a book about Em and D12; I told her how I was just getting started as an author and had a book I was selling in Detroit.
At least this is how I remember it going down. Keep in mind I’ve lost countless brain cells since then.
Anyway, Isa was very instrumental in me establishing a presence of my own online. I let her read my first book, Dark Decision, and she loved it. She shared this in her circles and generated buzz that helped me sell future books such asThug Nation. Her support of my work also helped me connect with a long lost family member, who saw some of the reviews she wrote about my book, and build the credibility I would go on to use to start a career in freelance writing.
Aside from being a good friend, Isa is a great journalist who is passionate about her work, and that passion shines through in her extensive coverage of Eminem and other artists on the Detroit rap scene over the years.
If you want a candid look at Eminem, the underground rap scene in Detroit, or just want to read something fresh and interesting, I highly recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed.
You can learn more about Isabelle and her book, Eminem and Detroit Rap Scene, here (or there, the link, ya know?).

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