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I am a music journalist and a writer. A lot of aspiring writers have been asking me that simple question: how do you become a writer?
My answer might sound simplistic to some of you, but you become a writer by writing. What defines you as a writer-no matter if you are a published author or not- is the ability to write.
One might be tempted to say: “Ok, then…anybody can write…no big deal!”.
Little do these people know: anybody can write, but not anybody can write with passion. To be passionate about a subject, you must love your stuff, know your topic and preferably become an expert on your subject (s).
So, how do you become an expert? Mostly by investigating your subject and by reading.
I am a very eclectic reader. Being a speaker of several languages, I often switch from one language to another. This is probably also what motivated me to write books in English, German and French.
There are several authors I would like to recommend: Contel Bradford, of Detroit, who is a contemporary hip hop fiction writer, excellent in his genre- Rhonda Byrne ( I recommend the Secret and the Power in particular), Arno Geiger ( an Austrian writer), author of ” Es geht uns gut” in German, Jose Cabanis, Le Bonheur du Jour, in French language.
So you want to be a writer? Find a passion, do some research about it…and start writing!
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