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Dear readers,
I have been advertising my book „ Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene-White Kid In A Black Music” a lot. The reason is that I want more and more people to know about the existence of my book.
Like I said it numerous times, a writer is nothing without his or her readership. I love writing.
As most of you would probably know, I have been a music journalist for a decade now, expressing mainly on hip hop related subjects. “ Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene” is the fruit of a decade of work during which I gathered a lot of information about Eminem as a person and an artist and about the boiling Detroit rap scene that is so full of many talents. While I couldn’t t expose everybody, I did my best to make some great local talents shine
I would like to share this info with all of you, Eminem fans, Detroit rap lovers, hip hop lovers or with anybody that is just curious about my book.
Today I am addressing to the people who acquired a copy of my book or to all of you who intend to buy it in the future. While I am encouraging you to write some reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I would also be keen to expose your review on my media, especially the recently created “ Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene on Blogger.
Id feature your review, place a little photo of you and give a little presentation of you on my different websites. Interested? Get back at me RIGHT NOW and let s go ahead this venture together!
Your author,
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