My book´s perspective and why it is definitely worth your attention

If you are fond of Eminem, you probably read a lot of books about the talented artist.
Some of them might be quite interesting and also deliver a lot of info. However, a lot of Eminem biographers seem to miss an essential point: a lot of them tend to separate Marshall Mathers from the context in which he grew up into: the Detroit scene.
An understanding of the Detroit rap scene is vital to understanding Eminem as an artist and also as a human being. He is not just some random white guy who is making black music; he actually grew roots in black America.
My book offers a good understanding of the rough, original context of Detroit City, its boiling hip hop scene. It features numerous local Detroit artists that I have interviewed and whose music I have reviewed for years…some of them, like 5 ELA are the original hip hop pioneers of the D Town.
I gave voice to most of them, and also featured opinions that were not in favor of Eminem s artistry.
With its global overview of the Detroit hip hop scene, its history of the D12 group, the precise info it contains about Eminems career and life story, it will certainly raise your interest and give you a new perspective of rap mogul Marshall Mathers aka Eminem.
My book is available directly on amazon and on Barnes and Noble. Please be numerous to review it, as I value your feedback. I wish you all a nice and pleasant read!
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