Eminem and The Detroit Rap Scene needs your reviews and ratings

Dear friends, dear Eminem fans, dear hip hop fans,
My aim is to make ” Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene-White Kid In A Black Music World” a huge success.
Today I am addressing to all of you who are interested in reading my book and to Detroit emcees in particular-apologies to the ones I haven t mentioned, the scene is huge- as it highly promotes Detroit rap as a whole.
You will also learn more about D12, the story behind the group, their solo work. I featured an exclusive interview I did with Big Proof in 2006.
It contains some exclusive material and some inside info that will certainly raise your interest and curiosity.
I wrote this book with a great dose of passion and I would be more than happy to have your support!
Be numerous to give it a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, British Hip Hop Co UK…thanks a million.
Your author,
Isabelle Esling