Confession Inachevee: the fabulous life of Marilyn Monroe

I recently came across Marilyn Monroe’s autobiography ( My Life) in the French version ” Confession Inachevee”, published by Laffont.
One can learn a lot by studying famous’ people’s biographies. I have always been fascinated with Marilyn Monroe. As a young girl, I wanted to be like her. In my eyes, she incarnated feminity and beauty to the fullest.
Norma Jean Morteson came from poor backgrounds, she has been from orphanages to orphanages, because her mom was unable to raise her. When her mom died, a friend of her, “aunt Grace” looked after the little girl and was officially her tutor. But aunt Grace didn’t have much money, so Norma had to go to different foster homes. In addition, Norma Jean had a a family history of mental imbalance. She never knew her father, who ( according to her), resembled Clark Gable ( Norma’s mom had a picture of her dad).
In the manuscript she left to Milton Greene, her friend and personal photographer, Marilyn Monroe depicts the world of Hollywood with a very analytic spirit and a lot of sincerity.
When you are changing your name, you are changing your destiny. Norma Jane was the symbol of unhappiness, being unwanted, being poor. Marilyn Monroe was the name of a glorious star.
What I have learnt from Marilyn’s words is that, no matter how our circumstances may look, if we keep our dreams alive, they will come true.
I have seen Marilyn in several movies. She had something more than sex appeal: she had a presence, something strong and emotional in her character.
Of course, she attracted a lot of jealousy. People are more less envious when you are ugly and intelligent. Beauty and cleverness combined scares them away.
She symbolizes beauty and wittiness. I recommend you her unachieved manuscript, because Marilyn will teach you a lot about life itself.
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