Exclusive Gee Unite Us release: Music Gets Me High

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I am very pleased to review a brand new, yet unreleased song by Detroit underground hip hop group Gee Unite Us, Music Gets Me High.
You are about to discover an ingenious track, produced by Gerald Bouey, CEO of Gee Unite us in collaboration with
Katari Feat. Dylan Dilijah, Jacka, and A.G. Tha Ryda. Katari is Afeni Shakur’s nephew he will be the first artist signed to Amaru Records.
The musical background is a mixture of soft instrumentals mixed up with some slight, hammering piano notes. The trio astutely inserts some soft yet contrasting vocals into the instrumentals. The spirit is nostalgic but uplifting in its general message. The song took some inspiration from Tupac’s Betta Days.
It reminds us that an artist’s life is not only projectors, acclaim and glitter. It is made of sacrifice. However, a dedicated artist manages to sublimate this harsh aspect of the music industry by being one with the music, uniting soul and spirit to create some harmonic magic- a magic that he shares with the public.
In high school, our music teacher once asked us: ” What is music?”
Somebody answered: ” a succession of sounds”. He looked then a little bit disappointed. I then waved my hand and said: ” Music is a succession of harmonious sounds that pleases the ear.” He then looked satisfied and congratulated me.
Music is a wonderful way to find harmony in our lives. When you are the creator of the music, you are even more conscious of that specific element that makes us feel and live out to the music we love. Music manages to makes us feel happy, it erases our pain.
As the song is advancing, the melody becomes more rhythmic. All artists have a beautiful, dynamic flow.
Check out the song as soon as it comes out!
More info about Gee Unite Us can be found here.
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