Thoughts on happiness

When I grew up as a little child, I thought that most of my happiness depended on external objects such as teddybears or other kind of possessions. As an adult, and although I explored and tried to focus on spirituality a lot, I thought that person and external events were responsible of my happiness. When I felt unhappy for whatever reason, I used to blame it on different persons or on my personal circumstances…Little did I know about happiness by then…I actually had to go a long way and take a trip to my inner self to eventually realize that whoever is trying to chase happiness won’t find it at all.
But let me share a great secret with all of you: if there is no way to happiness, it is simply because happiness is the one and only way!
My point is, you have to make the decision to be happy first, as you are in charge of your own happiness. If you must make this decision to see some good changes in your life, it clearly means that you must be willing to change the way you think and get rid of the ” garbage thoughts” that don’t serve you (like complaints), you will find happiness everywhere. You will see it in your neighbor’s eye, it will be reflected in the waterm in a bird’s song, it will become a genuine part of yourself,
Goethe, one of Germany’s greatest poets and thinkers used to say: ” Weisst du worin der Spass des Lebens liegt? Sei lustig! Geht das nicht, so sei vergnuegt”
( Do you know where the fun of life lies? Be happy! If this doesn’t work, then be delighted).
If we take Goethe’s advice seriouslyand start being happy, regardless of any external circumstances, then we will get some real insight about the true beauty of life.
Every morning, when you wake up, make a committment to yourself: ” I choose to be happy” and stick to it during the day.
Some people would object that genetically we are not equal regarding happiness, that some people have happy genes while some others don’t. Personally, I’d strongly disagree. I consider that anybody can be happy. While I admit that some people might have it easier with their happy go lucky mindset that goes back to childhood conditioning, it is up to any of us to make the right choice.
You choose your attitude towards life freely. If you think that life is easy and that you are indeed happy, life will bring good things to you. Begin with appreciation. Appreciate each thing, list all good things you have, you will be amazed to discover how much you have been granted.
Life is all about chosing the right path. If you allow youself to focus on the good instead of the bad, you will see many blessing appear into your life.
Have fun, don’t worry, seize the day and begin to be happy once for all!
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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on happiness”

  1. The EYE is the house of pain, unhappiness, and deception. Let it destroy the image it has created. Peace of mind comes from the east.

  2. Hey i just never thought that you went through so many problems as a child now i know that you need the support of your fans. There are times that I think that there is a War going on inside of my head. The thing that you said on November 16,2011 “Peace of mind comes from the east.” I think that is the way that the peace of mind comes from.
    Love, Becca
    P.S.- Becca is another way of saying my name.

  3. To eminen, second best? That’s a joke. Right now your on the top you just don’t realize it. Listen to your music, you have amazin lyrics great stories to your songs ands insperational . Get your shit togeter not only for your crew but for your fans. For the money you would have had.. You know what I’m talking about… Find a good song with good lyrics that are in sink with the words your words. Dam guy. As a fan de fans of your music are half fakes. You can do better then what your doing. I’m missing biggie and PAC, their music flows. But fuck it. Your now one of the only living ledgends of rap alive. people owe you the world guy, and no thingss more dealer then you and your life style.. Put music in history so future generations will never forget you.

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