The Parrot's Theorem-Ein feiner Herr und ein armer Hund: two good Summer reads

Global rating of the products – The Parrot’s Theorem by Denis Gedj: 5 stars
Ein feiner Herr und ein armer Hund :4.5 stars
( A fine master and a poor dog)
Did you notice? Books never apear in your life by accident. They are here to teach you a lesson, or simply because you need them at this precise time of your life.
Funnily I came across two differents books, both articulated on a central theme around the French Capital, a town ( as most of you will probably know) I appreciate very much.
At first sight, ” The Parrot’s Theorem”, by Denis Gedj and ” Ein feiner Herr und ein armer Hund” by Aadrian von Dis don’t seem to have many common points. The main hero is nevertheless an animal- a parrot from South America and a dog.
Denis Gedj, an eminent Parisian University Professor, specialist of mathematical history, will lead you into the mysteries of mathematics, make you wander through the Abbesses quarter and the whole 18th arrondissement to the Louvre and other parts of Paris. You will also discover Manaus, in the tropical forest.
You will see how Pierre, an old bookshop keeper, a literary spirit, will sloly but surely open up his mind to the mysteries of maths in order to solve his friend Elgar’s murder in Manaus. You will understand the stories, the life and the background of most theorem creators.
With his fine, analytic spirit, Denis Gedj will manage to raise readers’ interests, allow them to understand the subtle difference between arythmetics, geometry, algebra, probabilities…The whole story is built on a suspense. Ready to travel through the streets of Paris? Go for a ride with Denis Gedj and you will never feel the same again….I recommend this book to any intellectually curious spirit. A great read!
Ein feiner Herr und ein armer Hund is written in a different tone. If you are fond of realistic stories, this book is really for you.
Mulder, a Dutch citizen is a rich man who inherited a fortune, so he could buy his own appartment in Paris. He is rich enough not to work. The man spends most of his free time wandering through the quarters of the French Capital. He loves walking and sitting and numerous cafes’ terraces.
An arson and a dog-two unexpected elements will change his life.
The dog that comes into Mulders’ life is used to help illegal immigrants. They even took it from Africa on a ship to Paris. Mostly thanks to the “poor dog” Mulder will discover the underworld of Paris and also his higher self-Nicolas MArtin ( aname he gives himself after a Resitance martyr who died on his date of birth, in 1943)
Nicolas Martin will start helping people in need, giving time and money.
He will be taught love by giving and even renounce love- for the good of two people who will be ready to start a happy life as a couple.
This book is untertaining, full of humor. Have a look, you will certainly enjoy it!
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