An invaluable life lesson

Dear readers,
I would like to share a story with you about something that happened to me a year ago. It taught me to look at things in a different way.
We don’t always like what life is throwing at us, but sometimes, what we don’t like is as essential as life’s pleasures. On a very hot Summer day, after a long walk, I was sitting on a bank between place Pigalle and Boulevard de Rochechouart in Paris. All I wanted was to get a little rest and maybe a little cup of coffee afterwards. There was an elderly lady sitting beneath me, who was enjoying her place in the shadow as well as me.
Very close to us, a little misbehaving boy, around 4 or 5, whose mom didn’t seem to have any control of, attracted my attention. He was shouting loudly and running all over the place. But I was tired and suddenly, my mind was shifting away. I felt like I was going to fall asleep when, all of a sudden, a stone hit me.
” Ouch”, I said, trying to find the culprit. I looked a round and it seemed that the little boy was trying to hide from me a few meters aside. I was really angry at this moment.
” Did you see what that boy just did to me?”, I asked the elderly lady sitting beneath me.
-“no”, she replied, “Sorry, I didn’t pay attention. What happened?”
I explained her that this little unbehaved boy hit me with a stone…after a while we started a little conversation. She explained me that she was born in Montmartre. This Parisian area that she knew as a child seemed to be very different to our contemporary knowledge of the place. She described it to me as a “little village” into town, where everybody knew everybody. While listening to her, I also learnt a lot more about the French capital in general.
The time we shared was pleasant and I realy enjoyed it. I was now ready to leave. I thanked the nice lady for the conversation. When I was about to say goodbye, she told me :” Always keep in mind we met thanks to this rude little boy”.
” I will”, I said. I realized that every little detail in life has its importance. Don’t prompt to picture something as negative: there might be a hidden blessing in it.
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
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  1. i’m so sorry – truly – to watch you being not visible anymore. i placed a bet on you, i thought you were going to keep doing the things you believed in and i kindda hoped that money makers can not keep you to change yourself. i’m sosorry. we are still here and miss your energy. but it’s ok, we may not talk as loud as your money maker …. i am so sad to see you drown, hugs k

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