Kuniva/ Midwest Marauders/ mixtape review

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D12 fans have been waiting to enjoy Kuniva’s solo work…the amazing D12 artist is giving you all the wonderful occasion to enjoy his incredible skills as a solo artist.
After a short intro, Coming Home is mixing some cool, funky and soul vibes with Kuniva’s ill, devastating, stormy rhymes…how could one stay insensitive to this song? I truly loved it and I highly recommend it.
Another interesting Ghostface/ Royce da 5.9 collaboration is the song Nutmeg that fully enlightens the artists’ lyrical skills and flow. The melody is enhanced with some soft saxophone notes. Kuniva is truly killing it.
Like a menacing whirlwind, words are spit in every direction on a rapid, rhythmic melody. Over Da Hood symbolizes all the Detroit ghetto is about.
Musical contrasts, slow and rapid flute notes alltogether that are mixed up with keyboard sounds will create a surprising effect in That Shizzle. The hammering piano and the incisive electronic sounds generate insecurity around the listener while Kuniva is chanting in the background. You will truly like the innovative musical techniques.
Straight Outta…is embued with the cold minded, tough Detroit spirit. Rhythmic as well, it includes some very valuable Skrilla Gorillas collaborations. Ready to get shot by their lyrical bullets? Face their talent and…your demise.
Among the songs I really liked, I highly recommend Chalkit How I Talkit. Offensive on purpose, the song makes Kuniva’s talent shine.
Gun Shot is beautifully managed with its hot, cadenced beats, its great variety of instrumentals. Cold steel lyrics, verbal venom spit directly from a hip hop mastermind…this is how Detroit boys do it! The Midwest is present in each of the song’s dimension. Detroit hip hop lovers will be delighted!
Lose Ya Life will ridicule any enemies. Verbal mastery is so dope here. You gotta give this song a listen.
Love Dat Lifestyle astutely combines bells, violins, keyboards and Kuniva’s murdering punchlines.
If you ever doubted what D12 artists can do individually, I’d highly advice you to give Midwest Marauders a deep listen. I bet you will change your mind quite instantly.
Listen to the mixtape here.
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