Same Struggle: Big A and Zhao-Ski introduce you into a Lebanese struggle ( video review)

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I recently had the chance to be granted an interview with Detroit emcee Big A who also happens to be deeply rooted with Lebanon, his country of origins. To fully understand the emcee’s pain and struggle in his folks’ names, you have to watch his Same Struggle video in collaboration with Zhao-Ski.
Sometimes raw footages speak louder than any words. Sometimes words are the metaphorical support to the deepest wounds that are reflected in the images shown in a video. My intentions as a reviewer are not to enter into a political discourse regarding the Middle East conflict and its consequences, or to reflect any kind of biased views on one side or the other, but rather to expose the pain and drama that are expressed through the music.
Today’s Lebanon is a broken country that is destroyed by war. It is also undermined by a huge political divide. Lebanon used to be a glorious and rich country. Lebanon is mentioned in the Bible 71 times and one could barely think about Lebanon without mentioning its cedars, as Psalm 92 enlightens it so well:
“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” (Psalm 92:12)
This biblical verse will make the reader want to wander through scented forest of huge cedars and just enjoy its olfactive benefits. But I digress…what I meant is that Lebanon used to be an admirable, wealthy reference country, but the war reduced it to destruction, drug traffics and ruins all around its magnificent landscape.
Big A’s musical background is introduced by monotoneous piano notes that are the prelude to the drama. Along with his fellow emcee, he will underline the Israeli government’s wickedness in handling issues. Love doesn’t know any frontiers: the Detroit based emcee is marching along with his folks and supporting their fight. Enjoy his way of telling the story and making words rhyme together in a rebellious way.
Discover Big A’s video here.
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