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Any writer who would pendown articles about Marshall Mathers without mentioning his hometown or the Detroit hip hop scene would be in the wrong. Eminem is deeply rooted into Detroit. In his brand new video release, the brilliant emcee will take you for a walk at the Tiger stadium in the middle of demolition works. Now that it’s gone, Eminem’s video offers some remembrance to the outside viewers who didn’t have a chance to see the monument. With its loads of abandoned structures, its cement buildings and his manufacturing industries, Detroit might seem austere to the outsider. But one has to remember that the D-town is also the place of birth of Motown records and that its hip hop scene is pretty much alive.
Like the magical Phoenix, the town of Detroit has the potential to rise from its ashes.
A lot of groupies might be obsessed with his external appearance, but Eminem is taking you for a walk into a world in which only inside beauty matters. His universe is made of symbolism and metaphors and you listeners have to catch the meaning behind his words.
Like Detroit City, Eminem shows us how an individual can dig into his internal ressources in order to resurrect his personal treasures.
With the tornado of negative events that disturbed his life since 2005, and Deshaun Holton aka Proof’s death in particular, Eminem was drowning in his sorrow, he often felt like life wasn’t worth living and sought some solace in taking pain killers.
Pain killers didn’t help him soothe his daily spleen; they just took him a step closer to self hatred and doubts, to the hell of another near death experience. In short, Eminem had hit rock bottom once again- to the point he doubted his own rapping abilities.
Maybe he was about to retire, but the little flame that ignited his passion for rap music was still burning.
In the Beautiful video, Eminem gets very introspective, so introspective that he is not reachable. He crosses people on his road, but avoids eye contact and conversation. When you reach the depth of desolation, only God can listen.
At the time Eminem wrote his song, he was facing times of trouble in which the demons of the past would resurface.
To all of you who would be tempted to judge Marshall Mathers, the artist sends an insightful message: “walk a thousand miles in my shoes”.
From his unstable upbringing to his present life, you don’t really know all he has been through.
While being very personal, Eminem’s message is quite universal. It reaches out to a wide range of people of all races and from all continents. It could be summarized in one sentence: “don’t let them bring you down”.
Rather than wasting your time on the external beauty attributes, let your eyes embrace the universal inside beauty of mankind.
The way Eminem handled this video is impressive. It was very emotional to watch it from the beginning to the end. As the outstanding artist he actually is, he resurrected his craft from the ashes. Wow. Remarkable piece of work!
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