My next guest who will be featured for an interview…

will send me the answers soon…so I am asking you to be patient…this person has made a name in the music industry and I am keeping the name secret for the moment…stay tuned…it is really worth it!

9 thoughts on “My next guest who will be featured for an interview…”

  1. So, how about that MTV stint with Sasha Cohen and Em? He looked pissed. I hope Em knows we expect him to get revenge on MTV (hopefully something political and entertaining).

  2. PLEASE – Like people are not going to comment on THAT! That was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – Karma is a b*tch!

  3. I’m confused – on one of your posts, I commented with the link to an interview Eminem did where he talks about Nick Cannon (the one in which he jokingly said, “What I meant to say was I wish them the best!”). You actually thanked me for posting that link, but it was completely unrelated to the topic on which I was commenting. Next time, would you want me to look for related post before commenting on it? For example, would you rather I had posted that link on a blogin which you mention Nick Cannon?

    1. who are you talking about you idiot? The REAL Dina Rae accepted my interview…i got her answers from her personal email box- so i think YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE AND STOP SPAMMING THIS SITE WITH WORTHLESS COMMENTS.

  4. i still don’t get why so many people waste their time on here posting stupid comments…i am a professional, i wouldn’t accept interviews from posers…i know how to recognize them…been confronted to them fakes so many times…as for idolizing someone…i am not idolizing anybody…i know you dumbass are probably thinking about Em, i have always presented the artist and the man in a very REALISTIC light, as a human being, not as person from Mars!
    Janelle- I’m sorry for this confusion, but usually i prefer people to post on topic…never mind, must be my fault, my bad:(

  5. Ok, so look. Would you , yes you SHANE!, accept an interview from a poser?
    Chew on it.
    Isabelle is a fucking professional. She wouldnt fucking waste her fucking time on a fucking poser.

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