Isabelle Esling interview, by C Mr White Cuatro ( a graphic designer and music talent)

1.What makes Isabelle..Isabelle? As a professional and as a person in general.
Good question! As a person, a good dose of enthusiasm, personal conviction, honesty and sometimes rage in specific situations. I try to always stay true to myself.
The same as above also applies to the professional person, of course. As a professional, I try to raise enthusiasm and interest and to share it with people. I am deep into what I am doing. I speak out my mind in any case, because I don’t say things to please people.
In general, people value that.
2.What is your profession and where do you think you stand among your competitors and or associates in your field?
I am a freelance music journalist. Along with this I am also a tutor of German and French. But let’s talk about what I like doing most, the writing thing.
Well, it is always difficult to situate myself in the business. All I can say is that I have improved my writing skills through the years and done some interesting interviews with artists such as Dirty Red ( who has known Eazy E personally) and Detroit emcee Dogmatic, a close friend of D12’s Proof…I’ve been published on some online magazines and written for Detroit’s ILL Mag too where I got the chance to interview Proof ( the interview got never published though), Purple Gang and Woof Pak…
It is really hard to emerge in this business, but I think I’ve done some good progress. I keep grinding, of course!
3.When did you decide to take on this profession and are you where you thought you’d be when you made the choice?
I decided to be a music journalist after writing an Eminem biography in 2002 ( kept in form of a manuscript till now), because I wanted my work to be known by people. But in the end, I find music journalism more interesting than authoring, because you are investigating even more. A journalist is a sort of detective, you know…but I love being a musical detective…couldn’t live without hip hop…
Actually Gavin Sheridan gave me my chance to prove my skills in 2003…
4.What drives you to wake up everyday and get out here and do what you do?
It’s the music and the determination to achieve something concrete in this field. One of my characteristics is a strong determination. I can get discouraged, I can feel disgusted, weak, I can fall, but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.
5.Who is your favorite Emcee, RnB Artist & producer?
I have a few faves. The old Eminem ( I mean what he did in the past influenced me for a great part and motivated me to achieve something in my life), the D12 emcees, Eazy E from the Cpt, Nas, Ice Cube, but I also love many underground emcees like Trick Trick or I-Mac…
I am not so much into RnB, but one name caught my attention…and it is Ron Patterson, he’s quite good at it.
As a producer, I find Denaun Porter really competent. He is so much underrated!
6.If you were to compare yourself to a successful business tycoon whom would it be and why?
It would certainly be Dr Dre…I admire his competence in beat makings and producing. He’s pretty cool too and seems to have stayed down to earth, despite his giant status.
7.What are your goals for the next 5 years and how do you plan to accomplish them?
My goals are to achieve something as a writer in the hip hop business. Either I will start my own business or I will try to get more connexions to become a well known hip hop magazine staff writer…I know I still have to define my plans more precisely, they are still in the works…In any case, I want recognition for hard years of work and I know I’ll have to sweat for it for a while…
8.Who is your favorite LOCAL DETROIT Emcee, RnB artist & producer?
Again, I could name several names such as Trick Trick ( I love his gangsta style), Dogmatic and of course Proof ( he was amazing), I like I Mac who renamed themselves I Dash, Mu, Journalist 103 and many more…but generally speaking and particularly on the Detroit scene, I like it raw and gangsta…
In non hip hop artists, I think that Monica Blaire is very talented…she deserves to be known better!
Again, I really value Mr Porter as a Detroit producer, but should i classify him as local or not?
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9 thoughts on “Isabelle Esling interview, by C Mr White Cuatro ( a graphic designer and music talent)”

  1. One day all your dreams will come true and you will write for that magazine you always dreamed about, but regardles how big or small your career is… we love you here at the Em Blog!!!

    1. thanks for the compliment…no i haven’t been able to watch it yet…many thanks for the link…i am sure i’ll have a lot of fun watching it…Eminem always acts funny on German TV…i had seen him a few years ago with Stefan Raab:)

  2. Your amazing n I would love to read your work. If you have myspace hit me up it would b such an honor. Best of luck n may yor dreams come true!! X0x0

    1. thanks…you can read my work at the Eminem blog, there is a big archive here, but i can give you some other links to some of my online published work…
      yes i have a my space, i added you:)

    2. thanks for sharing this….well yea Em’s recent album is not really good in my opinion…yes if you consider that he is back after all he went through, it is a miracle he is still kicking…but as a music critic i have to be critical towards his work if i don’t like it…gotta be honest with the artist and the readers about how i feel about the music…i really hope he comes up with some better, less commercial stuff…i think a part of him has gone a little bit too soft in rapping…
      hopefully he knows that some fans are feeling let down with Relapse…hopefully he will not only listen to the asskissers, but to the ones who really VALUE his music when it’s good…

  3. I agree Isabelle. It’s not his best record but I am glad to see him put himself out there again. I couldn’t wait to show my support and buy his album on day 1 and I will do the same for the next one. I consider myself a true fan. Not an “ass kisser”. I almost gave up on him during his last tour. He came to town and I paid good money to see him perform. (Money that really needed to go elsewhere) I was psyched but he was wasted and he barely showed up. I felt let down. I am proud that he has been able to find the strength to clean himself up and I am patiently waiting for him to fully emerge and show us again why some of call him one of the best lyricists of his time.
    I am not from Detroit. I am not a hard core rap follower and while that may discredit me in your eyes. I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed following your blog for some time now. I hope that you can achieve the success you seek.

    1. After making the effort to listen to the record more in depth, I actually managed to appreciate more of his songs…commercial crap aside, some songs i mentioned in my recent article seem valuable to me…and all in all, I am glad he is back-and sober:)
      Thanks, I really hope that I will get where I want with my writings…it is as hard as an underground rapper’s struggle…it is really hard to emerge in this business- but i won’t give up:)

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