Listen to Backpipes From Bagdad ( Hip Hop Galaxy) out of Relapse

This new Eminem song, that happens to be a Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon diss, was leaked on Hip Hop Galaxy.
I admit that I had a lot of fun with that one…particularly after the load of crap Nick Cannon said about Eminem.
My word to the song? Fuck that fake Mariah doll and her husband !
It is so true that we should try to walk just one mile in a person’s shoes before making any anticipated or wrong judgment…

9 thoughts on “Listen to Backpipes From Bagdad ( Hip Hop Galaxy) out of Relapse”

  1. How can you diss We Made You for it’s content and enjoy this peice of shit? He’s still doing the same celebrity dissing bullshit.
    And for Nick Cannon. Race card aside, the guy had every right to diss Em. The guy dissed his wife and you seriously expect him to not retaliate?

    1. I enjoyed it because I don’t like Mariah Carey and her fake ass husband…anyway, i am entitled to my opinion…i have the right to like and dislike whatever I want, damn!
      Mariah Carey is a cheap ass bitch and a liar…plus a big attention freak…I’m glad Eminem dissed her. Thumbs up on each Mariah diss he did, does and maybe will do in the future lol

  2. As for the race card, it is the cheapest kind of diss one can use against somebody…based on somebody’s race or origins…being a racist is barely a sign of intelligence…Eminem’s whole life proves he is not a racist. No matter what turn his music takes, I will always defend him on that particular one- anybody calling him a racist doesn’t know what he/ she is talking about. I mean it.
    Fuck Nick Cannon. Fuck his dumb wife.

  3. I respect you Isabelle, really. Personally i vary like this album, you got courage to say “i dont like it”. But I still dont know what you dont like in Relapse:)

    1. just me…what i don’t like at the moment in Eminem’s music are the lyrics, his accent and mostly the way he appears in those videos…i really hate Crack A Bottle, that’s the lowest effort he ever did…unfortunately, even Dre is weak in that song!
      But these remaks beside and whatever people might think ( i don’t care), I will always respect Eminem for he influenced my life in a positive way in the past, that’s a matter of fact…however, I allow myself the right to be critical towards him in ANY case.

  4. “Mariah Carey is a cheap ass bitch and a liar…plus a big attention freak…”
    Couldn’t you say that, though, about every celebrity he dissed in “We Made You”? I don’t think that 187NotGuilty was saying (nor even implying) that you don’t “have the right to like and dislike whatever [you] want,” I think s/he was just saying that it’s contradictory for you to dislike the content of “We Made You” yet like the content of “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” But I understand that you’re like it when Eminem’s dissing a celebrity, as long as it’s a celebrity you also dislike.

    1. well you are right about it, Carol…it pleases me when he disses a celebrity i deeply dislike…

  5. Ive been a massive Eminem fan for years and have continued to defend him when people tried to criticize him,but ive now lost all respect for the guy.
    Dissing celebrities is now all he can do to get people to listen to his music because its gone downhill.crap songs.
    He used to be my number 1 rapper,but now hes just become a moron.
    Mariah is 10x the artist he will ever be.
    This new song and album is awful,complete and utter rubbish.He should have stopped at Encore.Nobody is finding his songs funny anymore,just immature attention seeking and quite frankly pathetic. Grow up Eminem.

    1. thanks for your input, Alex…I too have been disappointed with Eminem’s work lately and I do consider most of his new stuff as crappy. However, I don’t forget the good times I had with all of Eminem’s good music and the way he influenced my life positively through his lyrics…I think that drugs must have to do with Eminem’s current music…he has taken too many of them and his health obviously suffered from it.
      I still think that he is an outstanding person, i just don’t like what he does right now, like some of you readers would respect my global work as a writer and dislike some of my articles…even if Eminem never does anything good, I think that he has some masterpieces at his active…I don’t forget some great songs like Biterphobia, Infinite, Drug Ballad, The Way I Am, Mosh and i could go on…
      yes Alex, you are right…maybe he should have stopped at Encore and enjoy his retirement…but excuse me, Mariah Carey has zero talent and even Em’s current crap surpasses her so called ” musical work”, sorry…

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