Watch Eminem's 3AM video

Here we go.
I didn’t really enjoy the 3AM song, as most of you would know. While I still think that Eminem’s accent here really sucks on here, I think that the video has some interesting material that I’d like to comment when I’ll have time.
The lyrics combined with the video are actually worth a look…I’ll let you know what I think and I’ll stay honest about how I feel in any case, whether my impressions are positive or negative…stay tuned, folks:)
Anyway, I do think that Eminem himself would appreciate if his fans were honest about his music IN ANY CASE. “Ass kissing” isn’t a good policy in my opinion.

10 thoughts on “Watch Eminem's 3AM video”

  1. So, what can i say about this video. I think it’s interesting, gloomy of course. Like it, song is okay but i wont say it’s good. I wondering what do you think about this song Isabelle, so say what do you think, share your opinion.:)

  2. “Anyway, I do think that Eminem himself would appreciate if his fans were honest about his music IN ANY CASE. “Ass kissing” isn’t a good policy in my opinion.”
    I agree. I especially hate it when people say that you aren’t “a fan” just because you don’t like something he does. And a blog that consistently liked everything wouldn’t be interesting at all.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to read your thoughts.

  3. I forgot to add, there was a webpage with a screencap of his wristband. The number on it included D12 and 051909. I thought that was an interesting Easter egg.

    1. sorry, but this song sucks equally…i definitely HATE that stupid accent!

  4. This accent reminds me of the talking dog “puppet” he used in the song “Ass Like That.”
    I read several articles where music critics are NOT liking his new style, either, so I guess I’m not the only one!!!
    I’m starting to think, if Marshall farted on a track, people would buy it and call it a work of art, just because he’s Marshall Mathers.
    People are forgeting what real hip hop is all about!!!

  5. I don’t see what having an accent has to do with “real hip hop,” but I agree that “Old Time’s Sake” sucks.

  6. I will share my thoughts with you all as soon as I can…i promise:)
    And Donna, Eminem already farted ad puked on Encore lol and some people were calling that great…like I said, some good songs saved Encore, but songs like My First Single are crappy…

  7. LOL… I forgot about that!!! I think I actually heard a skit of him dumping in the bathroom:)

  8. Carol,
    In my opinion some of his new work appears to be mainstream. He is beginning to sound like the people he is making fun of. How is his new tracks or NEW voice saving hip hop?
    To me hip hop is about one’s struggle… raw and edgy lyrics. I know the difference between lyrical and creative… and the commercial crap he is now releasing!!!

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