Watch Eminem's 3 AM trailer

As much as I disliked the song, this little video managed to raise my interest. There is a little The Exorcist 2 touch…looks like an introduction to a scary movie. Thumbs up on that one!

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  1. I saw it… it’s good! He’s changed a lot. He lost a lot of weight and I like his dark hair… changes or not, he’s still as sexy as hell!!!
    I heard on the radio, the whole video will first appear on Cinamax… due to it’s content. I have to admit it raised my interest!

  2. I like it, cant wait for Relapse. I think it will be better than Encore and other albums(except MM LP). Maybe 3 AM is not so good but Crack a Bottle and We Made You are incredible.

    1. i might be wrong, but i doubt it…Encore wasn’t that good, btw…but some very good songs like Mosh really saved it, to tell the truth…

  3. It’s on Cinemax… Saturday, May 2, at 10 p.m. right before The Strangers.
    I honestly don’t know what to expect from Relapse. I honestly don’t like the 3 current releases… although I will give him credit the video looks quite interesting.
    I was hoping for the return of his nasally voice… angry temper … and hardcore lyrics… back in the Kim days! I LOVED the attitude he had and the temper and tone that graced him on the SS LP and MM LP… to me that was the TRUE defination of Eminem.
    When he was at peace with Kim he was good, but when he was angry in their relationship, he was better! The anger he felt for Kim brought out this untouchable presense and defined him as an artist. I miss those days… that attitude was what I expected from Relapse! I didn’t expect for him to change his voice, attitude and lose his edge.
    I guess only time will tell when the entire album is released… if I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it!!!

  4. In case you didn’t catch it on Cinemax:
    The song started to grow on me. I still don’t like the accent, there are some parts in which the assonance is brilliant if you just read the lyrics by themselves: “You’re walking down a HORror CORridor, it’s almost 4 in the MORning and you’re in a nightmare, it’s HORRible…I’m just a hOOligan who’s USEd to USing halLUcinogens causing ilLUsions again, brain contTUions again, cutting and bRUising the skin.”

  5. Assonance is brilliant couse Eminem is genius in phrase. His ryhming is wonderfull. I know that and you know that.

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