Eminem released a new video for 'We Made You'…

Dear readers,
Those of you who know me well also know that I never shied away from expressing my very honest opinion about an artist and his music. I have been a MASSIVE Eminem fan for years now, but I am starting to lose interest in his music with the current bunch of crap he is releasing.
I don’t think his video is funny. I don’t find it creative at all. I find it weak and ridiculous. Marshall Mathers is starting to resemble the pop stars he was making fun of in the beginning. To me he is now no better than Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears of whoever else…this isn’t rap, it is, mainstream pop music that pleases the masses. I am definitely not into that kind of crap, because I hate it, no matter who creates it, even if it is Eminem.
My opinion is, that if Eminem goes on like this, constantly dumbing down his music, he will only attract a 10-11years old audience and lose his REAL fan base, the people who happened to enjoy his lyricism and creativity.
Ok…no worries…I am still into hip hop…but I definitely want it to be of good quality!
You might not agree with me…you might hate me for what I wrote…but there is one thing you cannot change…this IS my opinion and I am entitled to it.
I am a music journalist, a writer, not a groupie. And I will tell things the way they are.

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6 thoughts on “Eminem released a new video for 'We Made You'…”

  1. you do know that his singles are always gonna be like that, if there is any goodness on the album, it’s def NOT gonna be released as a single until after the cd release. same thing happened with My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, Without Me, and Just Lose It. They were all the first singles, and they were all pretty fucking corny, am i wrong?

  2. The other singles were creative and the music didn’t suck as much as it does in this one- with an exception for Just Lose It. In Just Lose It, the music did suck as well.
    It looks like Eminem fell off and definitely lost his edge. I am VERY disappointed:(

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  4. Thank you for being honest! I’m glad you’re actually being critical instead of forcing yourself to like a song just because it’s Eminem who made it. If I were an artist, I would want more fans like you to let me know where I’m at.

  5. Thanks, Carol, for your input…I truly appreciate it:)
    Yea, i definitely gotta be honest on that one…it is not because Eminem did a song that I shall automatically praise it…if i consider it to be bad, i’ll point it out…

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