Swifty Mc Vay: offensive lyrical player hater

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Overshadowed by Eminem’s success, vaguely melted into the D12 group in many people’s minds, Swifty Mc Vay has probably been underestimated by many. But those who know his work in depth perfectly know that Swifty allies an impressing explosive lyrical craft with a powerful instrumental creativity.
On his official website, Swifty will reveal some of his tracks out of his Underestimated CD. If you listen to D12’s lyrical bomber, you sure are gonna remember him. Let’s explore Swifty’s brand new work.
Violin and piano sounds corroborate in 2 Late in a very symphonic way. Swifty exposes wankstas in a very merciless manner. Vengeance is his: observe how he tears fake emcees off lyrically.
Scared is an invite to follow men on the run. Its dark vocal tones, its lyrical slugs will slaughter D Twizzy’s opponents.
I Don’t Care features King Gordy. A harsh instrumental background is the key to Swifty’s nightmarish lyrical composition. He told you that he doesn’t care, so watch your backs. Nobody’s safe in front of the Detroit ghetto player haters.
You Ant Hard enlightens Swifty’s various instrumental compositions that unleash an incredible lyrical power too. It’s an explosion of words, metaphorically speaking it is like the artist’s pen got outta control. Swifty will smash your brains in consciously and mercilessly.
Blow Up is fulfilled with filthy details accompanied by some hot scratches sounds. Amazingly, the club song totally fits into the context, unlike many other club songs.
Crazy exposes loads of insane details. Swifty Mc Vay’s lyrical creativity and speedy flow delivery need to be underlined in any case.
Hood Legend is built on a dramatic chord and symphonic background.
The incredible rhymer Swifty is comes to shine in Diamonds. The rhythmic, musical background reveals tension and danger.
Life features King Gordy again. Toughness and softness alternate.
Don’t ignore the talented emcee, rather check his music here.
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