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Gangsta rap godfather Ice Cube hasn’t lost his edge, unlike many of his peers who started rapping at the same time. Full of justified ghetto rage, Ice Cube introduces you to a grimy and very descriptive song based on hardcore, dark instrumentals. His impressive verbal elasticity, his sharp- edged words allow the talented emcee to go straight to the point.
Gangsta rap’s wildest opponents still don’t get black people’s rage. A person of my entourage once told me that rap music was only noise and shouting to his ears. Yeah, right. Noise and shouting, but good and justified “noise” that carries out the symbolism of black folks’ fight through the centuries. While some people might still ask themselves why black people are so much angry, I’d like to oppose a rhetorical answer: aren’t 400 years of slavery and discrimination in America enough for somebody to feel anger and discomfort? Let me make you feel even more discomfort through my surgical words. Let my pen stab you like the sharpest knife if you’re not willing to hear.
Aren’t they a heavy enough burden for people to stand up against the American government’s everlasting imperialism? (on a sidenote, I salute Iraqi journalist Mr Zaidi for throwing a pair of shoes to Mr Bush- he fully deserved contempt for years of oppression in Iraq).
That’s why Ice Cube shows some gritty teeth towards any kind of governmental abuse. Ice Cube’s powerful and ruthless agression takes some colorful dimension in the first verse. The repetitive, hammering musical background accompanies the listener like a heavy rain cloud, symbol of the upcoming hurricane:
I got King Kong in my trunk,
King Kong in my doors
My nuts play ping-pong from the noise;
you can hear me from a block away
Im sitting next to your ass and cant hear what you got to say
My shit is loud, my ears is ringing
My paint job is wet
My chrome is gleaming
I feel like a vet ballin’ on these rookies
An old-school bully, you must have played hooky
I bring it like a bookie,
My aggression is depressing
Don’t give a muthafucka time to learn his lesson
A lunatic, y’all know what I represent
The only rapper that wanna fist-fight the president…”
Picture Ice Cube in LA with his buddys, getting physical against racial discrimination from the police. A war against the bullies has begun. Destruction in on its way, cars are burning.
Ice Cube stays true to himself, to his ghetto roots and to the spirit of his music. Acting like the leader of his folks O’ Shea Jackson has this amazing ability to captivate hardcore, gansgta rap hip hop lovers. You gotta love the hip hop giant’s video. Watch it here.
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