Diving into Dirty Water's music notes…

Have you ever heard about a hip hop group called Dirty Water? If not, I’ll offer you a little bit more insight into Joe D and Cool Cee Brown’s duo. The originality of the Washington Dc group probably lies in its astute instrumental choices ( an intelligent mixture of semi loud keyboard sounds and soft vocals). In addition, the clever artists allow the listeners to plunge into the darkness of the ghetto slums. Grimy and rough voices -that can also play it soft when needed- will open up the curtains.
The beauty of Love Style is indeed the combination of all elements mentioned aboved. Keyboards and female vocals will start your walk into Dirty Water’s universe. As you’ll progress in your discovery, the sounds get darker, the voice angrier as syllables decapitate any ghetto wannabe. I enjoyed the song to the fullest. Softness isn’t excluded from the song either. You are gonna like it- for sure!
Call Me starts on a soulful melody based on a short piano-keyboard background, while a male voice breaks out of the delicate atmosphere. Like a susurrous rustle, a boyfriend pours his heart out to his girlfriend. Nice love song.
TDK totally enlightens Dirty Water’s unbeatable’s flow. Let’s get intellectual, political and murder syllables. The artists excel at both. I loved the trumpet background.
Eat My Breakfast Alone: the instrumentals will remind you of some Barry White background. Sadness, bitterness emerge from the song that exposes a load of reproaches aimed a girl who seems to be some kind of gold digga.
A dynamic tempo made of electric guitar sounds introduces Make Me Feel Good. Again, Dirty Water excel at jungling with syllables. This song will rock you.
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