Discover hip hop breathing Dymez outta Philly…

Dymez is not your average underground emcee: he is very passionate about composing his music. When you will enter his hip hop universe you will enter a new, refeshing oasis in which only good music matters. His rhythmic, innovative use of his instrumentals combined with a good dose of ghetto rage and hip hop dedication will allow you to share his enthusiasm for the music.
Hip Hop: in his song, the Philly artist will convince you that the art of hip hop is pretty much alive. Softness, rhythm, a rough spirit matched up all together make Dymez’ originality. Hip hop is something he lives out day after day. Be sure of it. He’ll manage to transport you into his musical universe.
Make It Work: the girly song is not really my cup of tea, though.
Raised In Da Ghetto: move along to the swinging song. You are going to like Dymez’ ghetto anthem. Drums and vocals enhance the euphoric spirit of the song, that reaches its culmination while combining soulful female vocals to the chorus.
I’m also very enthusiastic about the very well handled drum beat in Yung Stunna. Dymez’ flow delivery takes you by storms while he drops his sharps words. Well done:)
Goon 2 A Goblin carries that rough, ghetto spirit. Catch the scary atmosphere, get surrounded by the repetitive vocals that create an unsafe, creepy atmosphere, while screaming violins will cut into the darker keyboard sounds.
Discover an outstanding hip hop artist who masters his art here.
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  1. The Official Dymez, the real Dymez is the one the author refers to. I agree with everything Isabelle said about you cuz, You’re brilliant as a producer and an artist. I’m always gonna be a fan.

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