Le Diner De Cons ( movie review)

Rating: 5 stars
Le Diner De Cons is certainly one of the best, most hilarious French comedies. Whether you want to be entertained or you’re feeling on the low, Francis Veber’s film will make you laugh from the beginning to the end.
Pierre Brochant, ( brilliantly interpreted by Thierry L’Hermite), who works as an editor in Paris, has one of the weirdest hobbies you could find: during his sparetime, he and his snobbish friends organize dinners during which a bunch of chosen stupid people expose their passions. Of course, the chosen “idiots” have no idea about what is going on. At the end of the dinner, the king of the morons gets ” crowned” by Brochant and his friends.
This is how Francois Pignon ( remarkably played by Jacques Villeret), an accountant of the finance ministry enters into Pierre Brochant’s life. He is the perfect ” king of the morons to be”, at least in Pierre Brochant’s eyes. His passions for matchstick models is supposed to entertain Pierre and his rich friends at an organized dinner, along with a whole bunch of other ” idiots”. But things don’t work out as expected…and Francois Pignon is causing more chaos than expected.
Enjoy the freshness of the comedy, the clever play of actors such as Francis Huster and Daniel Prevost, the touch of human drama with Alexandra Vandernoot and Catherine Frot, laugh out loud at Francois Pignon’s stupidity.
Don’t rely on the English translation ( it is full of mistakes), rather catch the comedy’s funny French spirit. My advice: watch the movie in French, you won’t regret it!
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