Ice T/ Gangsta Rap 2006/ CD review

Global rating of the product: 4 stars
Ice T incarnates gangsta rap. His voice is linked with bad guy thrillers. How many of us have enjoyed Ice T’s OG song?
The master’s raps have inspired the greatest. You can find a touch of Ice T in the Slim Shady LP’s I’m Shady song…
Tracy Marrow’s unique, dark vocals, his rhyming schemes will allow connoisseurs to enjoy the musical ride into “Iceberg’s” wicked musical world.
The Gangsta Rap song equals reality check. So many emcees are running their mouths, so many suburban guys are posing as ghetto acts. Ice T gently reminds all those people what the streets are all about: guntalks, homies getting wounded or killed, Word up to all of you rich suburban girls who are strangers to pain and who tend to romanticize rap music: this ain’t no game. You dreamers need to wake up!
The streets got Tupac and Biggie killed. The same streets left Obie Trice (luckily alive) with a bullet lodged in his brain, deprived us of Bugz and Proof, Soulja Slim and so many more…The streets are the harsh mirror of reality; dramas happen day after day. It is the theater to daily drug deals and prostitution. So, still wanna be “ghetto?”
Riding Low features Feddi Demarco. An astute piano-drum-trumpet composition allows the listener to enter the dirty-filthy drug deals world. Ice T plays with words like a gifted guitarist would play with his chords. You will enjoy the rhyming master with his unique style.
New Life is wonderfully handled-instrumentally and lyrically. The rapid cadence of the track will make you feel tense situations. Contemporary emcees, be ready to face some criticism from a rap godfather. Well done.
Dear God Can You Hear Me is a question many of us have probably raised in our lives. More strikinly, when you’re living a thug’s life and facing life-death situations, you probably feel the need to call for help from Above.
The streets are closer to hell than to heaven. When you’re feeling mentally and physically isolated, when your heart perfectly knows you can’t trust anyone, when you’re in a constant run, God seems to be your only ressource, the Only One who can save you.
Among Ice T’s must hear songs are Walking In The Rain and Code Of The Streets.
Walking In The Rain is based on soft female vocals. The light chorus contrasts with Ice T’s bare honesty in his love relationship. The song is rhythmic, it mixes up feelings of hope and sadness. Penetrate a gangsta’s heart who plays it hard in the street, but who nevertheless needs a female companion.
Code Of The Streets: with the powerful lyrical sword of the truth, Ice T will bash fakeness among emcees and reveal the laws that he abides in the streets. The rhythmic, fast piano background totally matches with the song’s spirit. Internet gangstas get ridiculed. Hear it from a true OG’s mouth who places loyality on a high scale.
Globally speaking, Ice T has some nice skills to offer to gangsta rap lovers. Although I am much more fond of his former tracks, Gangsta Rap 2006 still reflects Ice T’s inventive lyrical skills. The artist hasn’t lost his good flow delivery either. I recommend Gangsta Rap 2006 to all hip hop lovers.
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