Russian Rap/ Murder On My Mind/ mixtape review

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Russian Rap’s my space account.
Eddie aka Russian Rap, a cyber friend of mine, released a brand new mixtape. Welcome to a killa agenda of an emcee with creative, story-telly murderous rhymes. What makes Eddie stand out in the numerous crowd of underground emcees? Eddie is a Russian born guy who relocated to California. His music has the subtle taste of his obvious Russian influences mixed up with a good dose of West Coast hip hop sounds. Like Eminem, Eddie has this story telling gift that makes his music interesting for the listener’s attentive ear.
Blood On My Mind softly introduces the listener into the drama that splits Eddie’s mind into two different personalities. The attentive ear will certainly appreciate the soft oboe notes and the rhythmic instrumental background. Rapid drum beats resemble crazy heartbeats pumping inside of a ruthless criminal’s chest.
Xylophone and keyboards reinforce the “disruptive harmony” generated in Me And I. Eddie works on two different voice registers- which makes the song particularly interesting. “Me” and “I” appear to be total different entities.
Conquerror harpsichord notes in the background mark the artist’s will to make a difference in the world of rap with his Rap And You track. Violins, drumbeats and oboe assemble the elements that will reveal Russian Rap’s perverted mind.
Hard To Find exposes the artist’s personal drama. But he begs to differ from Eminem: his personal drama has nothing to do with karma. Based on a piano background, the song reveals all the lies a man went through in his love life.
I Do What I Do is motivated by a hustler spirit. The song is embued with an euphoric spirit. Here is somebody who is determined to succeed in the rap game, period.
Breathe is a rhythmic track. Symbolically, it offers a huge encouragement to anybody who struggles in the game. I loved the rhythmic wordplays.
From a constructive critical point of view, Eddie needs to work on his vocal chords in order to improve his vocal power. Russian Rap’s assets, however, lie in the originality of his instrumental use and his inventivity, which allows him to offer a unique composition of his own to his listeners.
Globally speaking the Murder On My Mind mixtape is definitely worth your attention. Check it out!
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