7Mile MOB emcees take over their scene by storm

A good dose of well placed ghetto rage, a hardcore electric guitar background, a well handled keyboard, hammering drums: welcome to 7 Mile Mob’s artistry.
Discover some dedicated emcees with a determined mobbing spirit.
Buttons Up is astutely constructed on rhythmic a piano-keyboard background. It unveils the doors to the 7 Mile MOB crew that takes over with lyrical confidence.
Haters And Bustas must be ready to get lyrically and instrumentally by a talented crew.
As the repetitive chorus “We don’t fuck with you haters”, the menace grows like a dark cloud in the sky. 7 Mile Mob are ready to pour out their rage on very rhythmic, well handled lyrics.
I recommend the song to Detroit hip hop lovers, because it truly represents the Detroit hood.
Black J’s slowly starts on claps, dark and deep rooted keyboard sounds. 7 Mile Mob’s flow amazing flow delivery needs to be underlined in any case.
I enjoyed the raw reps, the harsch attitude and the scurrilous atmosphere of the song.
Although Cutie Pie is a softer song, I think it is worth listening to, because of its swinging accents.
It has a beautiful funky flavor. Again, you will be amazed by the nice flow delivery provided by the talented 7 Mile Mob emcees.
Check them 7 Mile hip hop representatives here.
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