7mile D*A: taste some 7 Mile raw, hardcore hip hop

It’s your Detroit boy D Weez’e from the West 7 Mile area who will take you by surprise with his explosive, hardcore musical backgrounds. He is full of that raw energy, keeping up the grind in the darkness of the zone.
Getting Money is built on a noisy background. Although the theme is quite recurrent in hip hop, D Weez’e ‘s gritty voice and determined spirit manage to offer the listener some new perpectives on the cadenced musical background.
Risk Hold 18 takes you deeper into the Detroit slums; its dark musical environment makes you feel the numerous, surrounding dangers. Follow D Weeze’e into his crazy ride. The repetitive musical background emerges from a cloudy chaos that creates mental dizziness. Here comes the trouble: be prepared for it. D Weez’e handles the track with the mind of a ghetto fighter.
Ice N A Watch will allow the listener to fully appreciate D Weeze’s lyrical style. His stormy flow delivery totally matches with his musical inventivity.
If you like real life stories, the typical 7 Mile wickedness, D Weeze’e s music will be delight to your ears.
Listen to the Iced Out Entertainment artist here.
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