Positive Vibes, by Jericho and The Eburneans (live concert DVD review)

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*April the 26 th, 2008 at Belleville, Paris, 35 bd de la Villette Paris
*September the 19th, 2008 at l’Inattendu, 20 rue du Pré St Gervais Paris

Jericho and The Eburneans do cultivate a positive life philosophy: it is called regg’apt (for reggae aptitude). Jericho’s positive, down to earth attitude is visible in his every day life.
In fact the musician resembles very much the man I encountered in Paris last February, he’s no different: an artistic soul who loves life in its various dimensions.
Not only do Jericho and his fellows teach you a positive vision of life, the talented artists will also recall the African diaspora’s history.
A short introduction allows the viewer to focus on the 5 musicians
Jericho and The Eburneans DVD is made of three songs:
-A Tes Côtes (At Your Side) is based on a trumpet, drum, keyboard background. The song is an emotional lesson of black history that any white man of good will should accept to listen to. As painful events of racial discrimination, deportation, humiliation are mentioned, an intertwined black and white history reveals the scars of a black diaspora that was forced to abandon its culture and traditions to be accepted, intregrated into a society whose wealth comes from their sweat and tears.
You don’t know. Only Jesus would know what balck folks have been through for centuries.
-Madame is a good rhythmic sounding track. Despite its humorous accents, it also point out real social problems, like the obvious difficulties of a jobseeker in a mondialized world. Like it or not, mondialization has an impact on a country’s economy.
-Moultry is a very cadenced track that totally enlightens the drummer’s talent. Follow Jericho’s gangsta tale…feel the emotions of a man on the run.
If you like reggae music, Jericho and The Eburneans are exactly what you need. True fighters with a positive spirit, skilled musicians, Jericho and The Eburneans will probably manage to captivate your attention.
Don Marques’ good bass play needs to be underlined too. The blind musician manages to enrich the group with his specific touch.
What else could I say? Come and see Jericho and his crew live in Paris!
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