Minority Soldiers: an interesting trip through German hip hop

As a German native speaker (most of you know me as a French citizen, yet I grew up bilingual near the German border, communicating in German with my grandmother and being introduced to German culture at a very early age), I am very pleased to invite my readers to a crazy verbal ride into German hip hop thanks to a group called Minority Soldiers.
Representing the industrial region of the Ruhr, actually hailing from Duisburg, Minority Soldiers are a dynamic group who perfectly know how to make astute wordplays in German.
With the Zeitbombe Jasko Majoe, Minority Soldiers will drop their rhythmic timebomb on the world. Escalating level after level, the skilled artists are ready for some serious musical competition.
A harsch electronic sound in the background reinforces the group’s battling mood. Minority Soldiers are taking over with an enthusiastic conquerror spirit, leaving a devasted landscape behind them.
You will probably enjoy the winner track.
A powerful violin background combined with some good drum beats lead you into the OP 48 song. What does OP exactly mean? Simply “Operation Deutscher Hip Hop”. The whole song is a dynamic anthem to German hip hop, that opens up on a new era for hip hop in Germany.
A good flow delivery makes the song very much enjoyable.
Am Start ( At the beginning) starts on a soft melodic background. Again, Minority Soldier will allow you to enjoy their verbal fluidity and creative skills in German.
Live out a hip hop that is inspired by heartfelt feelings.
More about Minority Soldiers can be found here.
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved