The green eyed eternal youth and health elixir

The green eyed eternal youth and health elixir
Today I will share one of my most important youth and health secrets with my readers.
Green tea is one of the most affordable products on the market, yet it is one of the most precious and valuable drinks (besides mineral water) that mankind could find.
Drinking it in tea bags is NOT using it at its maximum efficiency, so if you really want to totally benefit from its favorable effects on your health and body, you definitely ought to use grains.
Although there are so many categories for the real connoisseurs (I leave that part to the green tea experts), I do use the more common sort of green tea you can find. It is produced in China and named Gunpowder. A big box of tea will cost you around £ 1.79 whether you live in the UK (buy them from the Turkish shops, they are cheaper here) or around € 2.50 elsewhere in Europe (you will find a great range of cheap, and various green teas in Paris, for instance, near Simplon- Porte de Clignancourt, at many Arab shops: take them from here, they are cheaper and those people usually know more about tea than the average European citizen).
So why is it worth to drink green tea on a daily basis?
The first reason is that it has an incredibly good and fine taste. It will warm you during the winter and cool you up in the summer.
The other reasons are numerous.
Considering green teas’ effects on your skin, no woman should hesitate in taking green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, so it combats ageing very actively. The more regularly you drink it, the better your skin condition will be. Some of you might not know, but you can use green tea on your skin. Take some luke warm green tea and apply it on your face: it will activate your skin’s natural collagen production (no need for artificial collagen injections any more).
Not only does green tea help you to keep young in your appearance, it is also a well known slimmer. If you wanna stay slim, drink your daily green tea amount, it will help balance you weight in any case.
Green tea also fortifies your bones. Its composition is so good for you that it protects you against memory losses, strokes and cardio vascular accidents.
Green tea is known for its great diuretic qualities. It will help you to protect your kidneys against bad infections.
Did I mention that green tea possesses strong anti tooth decay agents?
My advice: be a GREEN TEA TOTAL!
You won’t regret it. It will help you keep youthful looks and keep your body in shape.
Don’t follow our society’s trends, rather follow healthy habits that will do more for you than any ‘miraculous’ chemical formula.
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