Street Novacane, Part 4, by Street Child

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
If you never heard of him, Street Child is probably one of the illest Virginian underground emcees. His fully mastered verbal fluidity will take your ears by surprise. Virginia’s modern griot perfectly knows how to captivate his listeners because he is telling you the truth, nothing but the truth about the street with the brilliant literacy that is so typical to the emcee.
Street Child ‘s brand new mixtape (that will probably enchant you as much as it did for me) features great names in hip hop such as Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J and many more.
I Got The Hammer On Me is softly started by some female vocals. Don’t let yourself fool by Street Child’s soft voice in the beginning, his introduction is just the prelude to a devastating verbal storm.
Get You Some Freestyle features The Game and Dubb. Slight cythar notes seem to reinforce the bullets threat that hangs on people s head. Street Child operates like the sharpest surgical knives with a wonderful confidence and offensive spirit.
Can’t Forget About You: rhythmic drum beats and distorted scratches sounds will invade your space while you will walk with Street Child into his ghetto world made of tensions and cool moments, reminescing of a sweet girl’s hugs on the Unforgettable theme.
Talk About Me defines Street Child the way he is on a subtle piano background. The story is to be continued in I Am From VA in which Street Child will tell you about Virginia on a monotonous violin background. The track utters some melancholic thoughts on purpose, plunges you into the roughness of the gutter. Walk with him and get to know him better.
Just Getting Warm featuring Busta Rhymes and LLCool J will rock your world with its rapid, electronic musical background. Again Street Child and his accomplices are taking the city by storm. Street Child flows with authority, taking over anybody on his way, with his lyrical inventivity. Artistic creativity and gift work together for your ears’ best pleasure.
Don’t let the soft female vocals of Tough Luv fool you: here comes Street Child with a raw conquerror spirit. You gotta love the richness of the instrumental background that totally enhance Street Child’s know how.
Blow is imbued with that sinister, dirty Death Row spirit. Keyboards, rhythmic drums, vocals that will remind you of soul music, a frozen, chilly atmosphere, some gritty voices, everything will let you walk into a cloudy, dark and threatening universe.
What I’m Gonna Do features Nate Dogg. Built on catchy drum beats, the song is beautifully enhanced by Nate Dogg’s participation. The sense of rhythmic is totally mastered, plus the richness of the vocals is very much enjoyable. Chill out with both artists and dance to the music.
I recommend you Just Like Music featuring Marvin Gaye in which Street Child excels, once again.
My advice: cop this mixtape. It is really worth it!
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