Nas/ Surviving The Times video review

This song is taken out of Nas’ upcoming “Nigger” album. I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I did:)
Global rating:5 stars
I guess no other emcee in the world writes black history as well as Nas does. With the poignant stories he tells, always true to his African roots, street disciple of America’s black ghettos, Nas is one of the most brilliant emcees hip hop can be proud of.
Nas’ music doesn’t always please ears who are used to more commercial tracks, but it contains treasures of black music influences and brilliant literacy.
When Nas describes himself as hip hop’s greatest poet, it is certainly not because he is too full of himself, like many of his contemporary fellow emcees. No. Nas is simply telling you avid listeners the truth. Since Illmatic, he has inspired the greatest, including Eminem…
Based on a beautiful rhythmic piano and keyboard background, Surviving The Times will bring your eye back to the dog years, in which Nas was starting to rap. Welcome to the NYC ghetto…let the piano notes unveil a world in which the main preoccupation is survival. Meet Nas and his fellows. Nas’ warm voice will lead you into a jazzy gospel rap atmosphere that raises faith in each man’s spirit. He recalls the times of struggle and offers the viewers some flashbacks about his story. Get musically hit by the drama on the block, Nas manages to make it feel real in your mind.
Meet a young man with a passion while he is writing his first rhyme.Yes, hear it from his mouth: he was only 9 and yet, a lyrical genius. Let the notes guide you into the harsh world of the music industry.
Watch a young artist who is always grinding on a negro spiritual intense background. Times of sweat, a pursued effort to get a record deal, a determined spirit to make it.
Meeting Mc Serch…getting signed…money slowly coming in like drops of rain…Nas recalls the times and the major diffulties he had to face.
Trumpet sounds fusion with the piano/ keyboard background in order to accentuate this fighting spirit that made the man Nas is now: a wonderful story teller and an emcee of great experience whose musical maturity should be a source of inspiration for many upcoming emcees.
In short, this video is a must see! Be on the lookout for Nas’ next album. It promises to be great!
Open your ears and eyes and watch it here.
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