Bizarre/ So Hard/ video review

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
There is a major misconception about D12’s Bizarre: too many people-including fans- often think that Bizarre has nothing consistent to say in his music. Those whose knowledge of Rufus Johnson is limited to his mainstream songs often define the artist as a clown who raps about crazy things and whose music doesn’t make sense.
Little did you know about Bizzy if you’d like to summarize him to a kind of hilarious clown inside of D12 who can’t rap. One who has listened to Bizarre’s Rap Guys and to many of his other underground songs perfectly knows that this is totally untrue.
Today Rufus Johnson intends to introduce his viewers into the harsh universe of the D-town. He intends to communicate his passion and dedication to hip hop. Through the So hard video, the artist offers his viewers numerous flashbacks about his childhood and his struggle to make it in the music industry.
The video features local emcee King Gordy and an incredible vocal talent Monica Blaire who enriches the video with a wonderful warm and deep voice.
So hard is a subtle mixture of gospel and rap. Travelling through the past St Andrews Friday Night Sessions, the song revives the faith and the passion a dedicated artist put into his talent. So Hard shows all of us that talent alone isn’t enough: you gotta keep pushing on, no matter what. Only determined and perseverant are likely to see their dreams come true.
The price can be high, but behind each well earned success, there is a part of sacrifice to pay.
Travel through Bizarre’s childhood, be the witness of his Friday fishing sessions with his granddad, catch his words for Proof, Kuniva and Swifty.
The instrumental background made of catchy beats, claps, keyboard and piano sounds is softened by some intense vocals that will transport you into a godly universe.
If you love black music, you should definitely watch So Hard, a video in which Bizzy put his heart and soul.
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